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Be Gentle With Him

After the little incident, I can`t seem to get myself back to normal… Maybe it`s the alcohol or just the fact that I was truly scared. This man, Mark, was like a guardian angel to come when he came but still, one playboy for sure.

I came back into the dance floor to search for Leslie, but she was nowhere to be found. I check my phone since I heard it in my pocket, one text from my bff… “Hey dear, one awesome hotie just grabbed me out. Sorry for ditching you, I have a steamy night waiting for me. Kisses!” and I felt lonely in just an instant.

I got myself a taxi and went back home. Seems that my fun night, was official over. And tomorrow I should get back to work.

As a new day starts, I am eager to be more efficient today.

I got to work, and step into my new office. Just to be greeted by a pair of gorgeous eyes.

“Hello there princess! I was wondering if you would like a coffee” and he gestures to a cup of coffee on the desk

“Hello Mr. Crawford, yes, I would. Thank you!”

“So, to make myself very clear to you… we will be working together and you are not allowed to call me by my fathers name. I am Drasko!”

Such a dark husky voice…. Of course I should try to be friendly and go on a firs name basis with him.

“So, if you are wondering what I am doing here, first thing in the morning, let me stop your waiting phase” Whaaaat? I wasn`t wondering, I was just taking in the view, my little voice inside my head states.

“Aham, ok… Go ahead Drasko” wile a smile widely, because his smirk is funny and he knows how to use it.

“So, dear Liu` I guess? I think that`s how Leslie calls you.”

“Wait right there, how do you know Leslie???”

“Dear, LUX Club? Anything? I kidnapped her last night and she talked a bit about you….” I just stopped thinking. How come, since this city has a lot of boys, she manages to get this one? Ha?

“You were there????”

“How else would I know how your BFF calls you? Ha? Don`t worry, I really liked her, and I will sure see her again” he said, smiling.

“I hope you do, otherwise, you will face my wrath mister!” My defense for my bff is endless as you can see… “Oh, so you are the main responsible for me being alone ha?” Now it makes sense she disappeared like that, with such a gorgeous body and face. I am still thinking inside my head when he interrupts me again.

“Ok, so I will spare you the details about last night but I just wanted to talk to you to see if you are ok…”

“Uhmmm” How does he know about the incident? Les` doesn`t know so? “What do you mean by ok? Why?” my curiosity stated

“Well, I talked last night with your friend. She told me you know my father, and she also told me about my brother who manages to get your nerves racked from day one in this company”

“Of course she told you, she can`t keep her mouth shut…. Obviously” I roll my eyes, which makes him laugh a bit.

It`s not a surprise for me that Leslie and Drasko spent the night. Mostly because the club was indeed for high class people and also Leslie is a great woman, with a great body and mind. So no surprise here. Surprised only because he is friendly with me, maybe because of her….

“I know Ralph can be a bit of a handful sometimes. But you have to trust me. If there are any similarities in my family that is that my brother is like my father at a younger age. Don`t get me wrong but have patience with him. With his forced marriage and bad publicity to ruling such a company, you don`t have your humanity at a high range…”

Forced marriage??? What on earth is he talking about??

“…. Forced Marriage??” I managed to talk, at least.

“Ops, I shouldn`t have mentioned that. Please Liu`, just forget about it. You shouldn`t know that and my father and brother will kill me if they knew I told you…”

“Ok…. No problem, I won`t tell a soul… But why?”

“It doesn`t matter why, just remember. He is human and we all make mistakes. Be close to him Liu` because only you have the opportunity to get his soul out…”

I started laughing of course. This man, he doesn`t know who he is talking about.

“You got to be kidding me!” I stated, still laughing “Your brother, don`t get me wrong, will never want me close to him! If I may use his words –I am inexperienced and unprofessional and my sense of clothing sucks- so, bad luck I guess.” Still laughing…

“Dear Liu`, it seems you don`t know the whole story but, be gentle with his soul. He is hard at the exterior, but who knows what you will find inside?”

“One rotten soul I will find inside” my eyes starting to burn with rage. Mainly because this man is the main character who destroys my self-esteem, low as it is.

“I have just one thing to add dear princess. Everything is not as it seems. You think you know my brother but not all that is public is truth. My father on the other hand, I heard that he really likes you. Which brings me to the second reason why I am here, this morning, bribing you with coffee.”

“And what may that be?”

“Tonight, 7 sharp. Be ready because my father has instructed me to get you at our house for dinner. He want`s to meet you since he actually got you this job. Casual attire. The driver will pick you up from your address. “

“I don`t think I can come, I have work and things…”

“You will come! There is no refusing here, do you understand?”

“Uhm ok….” It`s still strange. His cellphone rings in the next instant.

“Hello! Yes, she will come. You`re welcome!”

“Was it your father?”

“No. And also, not your business”

And with that, he exited my office.

-Be gentle with him – as if! That`s the only thing that I could remember all day at work.

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