Crawford CEO

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A new set of rules

It seems Drasko, like the player he is, just clouded my mind entirely. I am trying my best to focus on the task at my hand at work but my mind is still at the fact that I will meet the real Mr. Crawford tonight. With my experience with him, I know I will hit it right on because we managed to get along pretty well during phone calls. But what keeps my mind off, is what Drasko said, about the gentle thing... Fuck it! Now I have to start over because I lost count of the numbers... And I did that, for about another 2 hours. My phone rang and I quickly grabbed it to see a text from an unknown number....

“You will pay for what happened Slut! I know who you are.”

Since it is an unknown number, he or she might have taken the wrong victim here, I haven’t done anything to upset anyone.

“Who is this?” I quickly replied

“Your worst nightmare!”

“Don’t get me wrong, I think you got the wrong number...”

And after another 2 painful minutes, I got a reply....

" SLUT – So Liusaidh used to be ”

And in that particular moment, I was scared.... Why would anyone want anything with me?

I couldn’t reply to the last text and honestly, I didn’t need any more thoughts to run my mind. I should get this offer finished and head home... It was almost 5 0′clock and at 7 I am supposed to go to the Crawford home. Once I reach my apartment, I quickly got in the shower.

I forgot about all my worries while the water gently touches my skin.

I quickly finish my shower time and get to the closet. I have to keep it simple, casual, like I was told.

I dig deeper into my closet and grab a black dress which is a little wavy under the hips. These will look spectacular with some black stilettos. I quickly get my winged liner and put on some simple make-up. Since it’s almost November outside, the weather is particularly colder so I grabbed my coat and hat and of course, nothing can go wrong while I have my wonderful bag. It’s an office purse, simple, leather, as a gift from my mother. So this is my favorite accessory I need. I quickly go in front of my apartment building to wait for the car to pick me up, it’s almost 7 sharp so it doesn’t hurt anyone if I am being a little early.

Wow, a black limo pulls in front of my house, this should be my ride. Why I am sure of it? Simply because Crawford INC is something big, and they must have the required money to get their selves limos and drivers and that kind of stuff. The driver stops and get out of the car.

“You must be Ms. Condie, right?”

“Yes, Hello!”

“Nice to meet you ma’am. I am your driver for today, if you could please follow me.”

And without questions I followed him. He opened the door for me and I quickly got inside the beautiful limo. The drive over there took 30 minutes and I was sure that I was approaching the house we arrived at some big gates. They opened and we followed a single road with trees on each side. The view was mesmerizing, even though it was already dark outside. We stopped in front of an enormous vila and there I saw both Crawford brothers waiting on the stairs...

The driver quickly opened my door and I was welcomed by both of them. Drasko firmly got his hand for me to reach, while Ralph, well, Ralph simply rolled his eyes in disgust.

“Welcome to our humble home Ms. Condie!” Drasko states

“I am glad to be here. Thank you for inviting me and having me here”

“The pleasure is all mine” and he leans in closer, silently whispering in my ear “could you be a kind little princess and put a good word for me with your friend? Please? And also pretend now like I said something funny and chuckle”

His voice is so demanding. Of course I listened to him and chuckled and also this got a reaction from his big brother.

“Could you please stop doing that? Stop laughing like that because I can’t stand it!”

He was anger. And I was instantly hurt.

His brother let go of me while he gestured for me to enter the living room. While I tried to contain my posture, I stumbled at the door and I was ready to face the floor. And while I got myself together for the greatest fall of my life, I hit the floor. I tried to stabilize myself with my hands in front of me but no success. And now my wrist hurts.

“Oh my god! Ms. Condie, are you ok?”

“Liu! ”

“You stupid headed...”

And that is when I looked up, I saw my bosses face. He grabbed my arm roughly and just dragged me to the bathroom.

“Get your fucking ass over” he stated while he still dragged me ruthlessly.

“What the fuck were you thinking? Watch where you are going. You are stupid or what?” and he stares at me with eyes full of black circles... I think he is angry. But wait, why should he be angry? I was the one that fell!

“What do you mean??? Ha?!” “Ouch!” and my wrist hurts a lot. I watch closely as he puts clear water over my wrist. And in this moment, he seems so tender and almost... human.

“You should watch where you are going from now on! You could get yourself hurt!”

“You shouldn’t yell at me for something that isn’t my fault!” I yelled back at him

His anger is deep, he must not be accustomed to someone yelling at him ...

He took my other wrist and turned me to face him fully. He was full of anger. He trapped me in front of the sink with both hands on my sides.

“First of all, little princess, you will never yell at me, because – he is smirking – I will make sure to make your punishment worth the final crime. And second” and my phone started to vibrate in my dress and he was stopped mid sentenced. He looked at me trying to get to the bottom of that sound.. he quickly found it and grabbed it from me. His pure touch was sending shivers down my spine. He just answered my phone! Oh my god! He is an absolutely and completely asshole!

“Hello, Mr. Crawford speaking! Who are you and why are you calling Ms. Condie?”

“Aham, so Paul, her boyfriend you said... thank I am deeply sorry to inform you Mr. Paul that your girlfriend, or whatever you call her, is no longer available since she is trapped under me as we speak”

And with that, he closed my phone and I was at a complete loss of words

“What the...”

“No swearing! As I said, 2nd of all” he leans in and inhales my hair and while his face is up again, I look up at him and all I see is lust in his eyes “you will go back in there and end any friendly relationship you have with my brother! You are fucking mine so act like it!” he kisses my neck so rough and I am again with a dysfunctional brain!

As he said that, he left the bathroom with me still staring blankly in front of me.

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