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capitolo nove

Everybody on this island has a role on this island, so maybe I can roll with mine.
— Moana

THE COLD bed makes me internally flinch, but it is to be expected.

As is his cold demeanor.

He walks in, towel around his waist, his dark hair slick with water, droplets falling down his chest.

His face is closed off, and I steel myself.

I am a robot. I cannot feel—

"You will occupy the room next to mine. Should either of us require... satisfaction we will convene in the room next to that. This will not happen again,"

If I cannot feel, I cannot hurt—

"Otherwise, stay out of my way. A tutor will come in for Apollo at—"

"I can do that myself."

If I cannot hurt, I can survive—

"You have credentials in teaching?" He inquires flatly.


His gaze burns through me for a moment, but I let my eyes glue themselves to the floor.

And I will survive—

"Bene. You will teach him five days a week. Capisci?"

"Yes, Salvatore."

Again, quietly he watches me. He sees through me, I feel his eyes inside me, scrutinising me, inspecting me for cracks and fractures. For weaknesses.

And I have far, far too many.


"Buono. Leave." He grunts.

Immediately, I comply, wrapping the sheets around my naked body.

It's funny how I'm married to the man, and I still feel like his whore doing the walk of shame back to my quarters within his harem.


I have half a mind to ask where my payment is, so I can complete the outfit. That'd make me a certified whore— which is what I feel like now.

Shame manifests itself in the form of goosebumps on my skin, making me feel cold, making me fold in on myself, put my head down, wrap my arms around myself to cover me.


And I can't help but wonder once more, if life is worth living if you never live life.


I still haven't found an answer.

ISADORA BRINGS Apollo back to us as ordered by Salvatore.

He bouncing into the Estate happy as can be. He shoots me a smile when he sees me, running up towards me and hugging my legs.

"My new Mommy!"

I smile, the role sinking in my heart. My smile breaks, but not on the outside.

This precious boy doesn't know it, but he is prolonging my misery.

Giving me something to live for when I all want to do is die.


"Where's my Daddy?"

I smile shrugging. "He had work, Apollo. I'm not sure if he'll —"

Just then, Salvatore strides in with all his glory. Upon seeing Apollo his face brightens, his pink lips curl up into a smile.


"Mio bambino! Come here little one!" He holds his arms out and Apollo leaps into them.

Salvatore mocks stumbling from his weight, making him giggle.

"What did your Auntie feed you? Bears?"

Apollo shook his head, grinning. "No, Daddy. Except gummy bears."

Salvatore keeps Apollo in his arms, and I turn away from them so as not to catch his eyes. I continue making breakfast like a good one night stand/wife should.

Bending down, he plants a kiss on my lips. "Good Morning," He mumbles.

"Morning," I mumble back, as if I had not been kicked out of his bed the very same morning.

"Are you eating breakfast?"

Salvatore shakes his head, indicating I'm interfering.

"No, cara. I have to head to work now. Son, give Daddy a kiss and hug, I gotta go,"

Apollo squeezes his neck, nearly choking him to death(the Apollo version of a hug), and gives his Dad a kiss on the cheek.

Salvatore kisses his little head, puts him down and turns to me once more.

He takes my hand, guides the pan I'm holding onto the stove, spinning me around.

Grabbing my waist, he pulls me closer, bending down once more.

He put his soft lips to mine, pecking me twice, but then not moving.

"Stay in this house today," he says into my mouth, his words kissing me, "Or I will spank you until you cannot get up."

I nod, clenching my thighs in shame.


"Yes, Salvatore,"


His eyes drag up from my lips, gazing at me, which seems to happen every time I say that phrase.

He pecks me once more, before relinquishing my body from his hold.

He moves away from me like I've been set ablaze, I have—

—My skin feels hot, my pussy drips, my breathing is off.

He buzzes around the room, opening a safe I never saw behind the TV, getting a gun and a clip.

He tucks it in the back of his suit.

"Apollo, listen to your Mother! I'll be back!"

And then, he's gone.

I feel the ghost of his lips, the fire from his threat, this cologne, his touch.

But not him.



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