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There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for.
-Panic! At the Disco

SLEEP DOESN'T come easy but it comes. I doze; all I do now. All I'm permitted.

I'm reminded why when my door opens and locks behind the intruder.

A weight settles on my bed, shifting. I catch his scent, but it doesn't quite put me at ease.

"So beautiful," I hear him whisper, his accent caressing the words like it was forbidden fruit, his hands caressing me in the same manner.

He presses a kiss to my collarbone, and I begin to wonder if he's simply going to take me in my sleep.

"Wake up Delphine," I nearly sigh in relief, but groan in faux exhaustion instead.

"Wake up, baby girl. I need you tonight."

I let my eyes flutter open, and catch his.

"I'm up."

He devours my lips, sucking and biting at them.

Before I can kiss back, he's under the covers, ripping off my underwear.

"I thought—"

I don't finish what I thought, because he practically swallows my pussy whole, licking the length of my slit over and over again.

Wildly, I buck against him, trying to subdue him, trying to force him to stay where he is, where my body deems he belongs; with his head between my thighs.

Fervently his mouth worships me, with reverent nips and sucks just for my pleasure send shocks of gratitude through my veins.

"Please! Please!"

One orgasm turns into two which rolls into three until they all blur together.

It's unbearable, the pleasure, but he's relentless; merciless.

He's taken my ecstasy and turned into a torture device.

Over and over, I beg for him to stop, but he won't. He keeps eating and eating, devouring me, and I realize; this is for him.

Something has happened, and I am his sexual outlet, his vessel for relief from what aches him.

Even though I agreed, I can't stop sobbing, pleading, begging, beseeching him to give me a break.

He doesn't even come up for air; how is this relieving for him? How is making me cum so hard, so many times I don't want to cum anymore, do anything for him?

He gets lost in my pussy, drowning in me, not hearing, seeing, aware of anything.

I try and scramble away from him, and that snaps him to action.

He hauls me back, his face glistening with my juices, a small sadistic smirk on his face.

Now I know. That was his version of inflicting pain. An overload of pleasure.

The look in his eye makes me uneasy; he is not himself, and he's liable to do anything.

He seems far away from me, but he's close enough to hurt me, and I want to get away.


But I know better than to move. I know better than to disobey.


And dazed as they are, I have to focus on his eyes to avoid being sent back.


Salvatore ducks under the covers once more, a malicious grin on his face. His hands rove my body, but I can't see him.

I can't see I'm not there.

Still, I try and hold it together. I don't want to be punished.

He feasts on my nipples, biting then without mercy, sucking with relief.

"Please, Salvatore! No more!" I beg.

"Shh, baby girl. Just take it. Tonight just take it,"

I whine but I allow him to do what he wants. He is in control enough to know where he is, who he is with and why.

In my experience, that means anything that happens next, while he is still conscious, is something he wants to do, and would have eventually done anyway.

"Please, please fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me hard;"

Now, it may seem sick to use the same terminology that traumatized me, but it is my way of coping. He won't hurt me, most likely.

So if I replace him with the man who left me clinging to life for the hell of it, it will ease the fear. It will ease the memories.

"Hmm, baby girl. Daddy will give what you want. Anything you want."

I sense a condition, but I wait it out. He shoves himself into me, making sure to hit my cervix with every deep short thrust.

He lifts my legs high in the air, spreading them far apart. By doing this, he managed to hit every spot I have.

I scream and yell and shout, but this time in pleasure. Well, pleasure and pain, but less pain than last time.

He pounds into me hard and deep, his grunts of pleasure, the sound of his balls slapping my ass, filling the room. I scream loudly when he digs into me one last time, hitting a spot that sends me into an instant seismic release.

Salvatore slaps my clit in reprimand.

"Quiet baby girl, our son is next door,"

I bite my lip, my head tossing and turning, writhing in the sweetest pain.

And that's when things change. That's when I question everything Salvatore Genovese ever told me.

He holds my legs up high, sinking his whole length into me, stiffening, and before I can ask where the hell he left his brain, he cums inside me, exploding with a mighty roar.

He fills me with his seed, doesn't move, let's his cum sink into my womb.

He pulls out with a smile, still holding me in place. I'm so shocked, I can't even protest.

"Let us hope I got you pregnant, my wife. I want you swollen with il mio bambino very soon,"

He grins wistfully, touching my belly as if he can already imagine it.

"Our Apollo will need a playmate soon,"

My mouth stays shut. He lets my legs down, satisfied that I've 'absorbed every chance for a baby' and collapses on top of me.

He sighs in content, his arms wrapping around me, burying his face between my breasts.

Salvatore snuggles closer to me, moving my hands into his hair.

I roll my eyes, silently obeying his command. Tangling my fingers in his dark locks, I let myself sleep, his warmth and strong arms comforting me.

I feel drops of water, feel my body shaking a bit when I realize.

"Mi dispiace tanto mi amore," He sobs into me, "I'm so sorry my love,"

"I forgive you, Salvatore,"I whisper in his ear, smoothing his messy hair. "Sleep now."

He sniffles, snuggling even deeper into me, melding, fusing his skin to mine.

Then his contented smile returns, and he mumbled something interesting happily before passing out.

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