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Family movie night scene from chapter thirteen

"Apollo my son, must we watch this?" Salvatore cringed as the chorus began.

Apollo, already engrossed with the second song, nodded absently.

"Yes, Papà. Now shh," Apollo waved him off.

Persistent to end the melodious hell, he would not let up.

"Can you not watch something less...musical?" He insistented.

"Perhaps, the Godfather," Delphine glared at him in mingled amusement and disapproval.

Her feet lay in his lap like a queen awaiting peeled grapes, and Apollo sat mesmerized by the screen, squished in between the two.

"Really Salvatore," she murmured in his ear. "The Godfather?"

Salvatore shrugged, purring in response. "He did ask what his Papà does."

Delphine outright glared at him, holding nothing back when it came to her son.

She would openly defy him if it concerns Apollo, and they both knew it.

"He's six Salvatore," she hissed. "He'll be introduced to the family business soon enough."

Salvatore frowned at the truthfulness of her words. A pang resounded through his chest, knowing that his son would not be allowed to enjoy Frozen bliss for long.

Soon, he would be expected to become a man, when he had not yet finished becoming a boy.

And for that, he endured the horrendous movie.

Delphine watched on in amusement as Salvatore's eyes misted when Anna and Elsa's parents boat capsized.

She tried her very best to contain her laughter, but the pure heartache on his face made it hard.

When a small chuckle escaped her, Salvatore narrowed his eyes at her. Watching the screen, he put his hands between her legs, silencing her laughter.

Stroking her, he smirked at the TV.

"I do not appreciate getting laughed at, dear wife."

Her breathing hitched, and she clamped her thighs together in a pathetic attempt to still his wandering fingers.

"Apologize," he ordered softly.

Stubbornly, Delphine bit her lip, trying joy to openly display her agony.

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