Siren's Call ✔

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capitolo uno

Esperanza took to her alley.

Sooner or later she'd have to leave. But for now, she sat down against the hard brick wall of the condemned building, the asphalt it connected to just as harsh.

She smiled.

Smiled, let the tears roll down for thirty seconds.

Then, she simply smiled.

She always smiled. If she showed any emotion, she'd smile. Her stomach ached and groaned, her body protested her refusal to steal again. She was getting weaker, and soon, she knew, her tired body would stop—.

And an alley would be her final resting place.

She smiled.

There was no reason to smile, far from it, but she did it. The wind blew into the crevice she was hiding in. Fall was getting closer, which meant winter was creeping up which meant she was one season closer to death.

Her lungs were weak. So was her immune system. She danced, but she didn't eat, which made everything worse. Her bones were beginning to brittle and ache, her heart fluttered. Not because of a crush; because it palpated.

It was a draw,really; what she'd die from.

Could be that someone would kill her before her body gave out. Everyone gave up on her; her mother and Father died. Her grandmother decided she was cursed, and abandoned her.

And now, even her own body decided enough was enough. She was fine with it. She agreed.

Enough was enough. She wouldn't take her life, but she wouldn't save it either.

Salvatore combed the streets. He raked every alley, for months. He didn't find her, but he didn't quit. He'd rather find her body than nothing at all. Two months later, he got a call.

"We think we found her."

Rushing downstairs to see her, but found no one but his men.

"Infirmary." his second in command said.

Salvatore looked down, nodding.He walked into the infirmary, spotting her right away.

What he saw nearly killed him. Her hair was dull, her face was ashen, she was skin and bones, hooked up to more machines than he'd ever seen in his life.

This was his fault. He did this to her.

"What's wrong with her?"

The doctor looked at him like he was mad for a second before explaining.

"She's dying, Don."

Sal glared sharply at him. "What of?"

"Malnutrition, she's got pneumonia, her lungs are damn near shot. Her heart skips more beats than it takes and...her body is giving up, Don. She knew that. From what I can see, she made no effort to do anything to stop it. She accepted it."

"Good thing she's not the Boss. I don't accept it. Fix her."

"Sir, I can't stop her from dying–!"

"Well you better start praying for a miracle, then."

Sal didn't bother finished his threat. He didn't need to.

The weeks that followed were stressful for everyone. Doctor Alex was trying his best to revive a corpse at the expense of his life. The Family was subjected to Salvatore's foul mood; even more than usual.

He was trigger happy and not happy at all, which wasn't a good combo.

His club got raided, and he went ape shit— killed a hundred people. Twenty of them—were his own employees. He didn't even notice.The woman's health was not improving as he'd hoped, and his guilt was not subsiding.

Some nights, he'd just want to kill her for making him feel this way. But that thought sent him spiraling into a mental scolding mainly consisting of, you already did.

He never thought about it again.

Esperanza awoke with a gasp, her eyes bulging wildly. Poring over her surroundings, she noticed she was in an infirmary. Based on the equipment, an illegal one.

Her heart monitor went out of control, no doubt alerting the staff of her consciousness. She couldn't have that. But she knew a flatline would be worse. She calmed her heart down, looking around for exits.

Whatever these people wanted her for, she wouldn't let them have it. She noticed a window and smiled. She had about a minute window to get out of there. With reinvigorated strength, no doubt from the IV, she ripped the heart monitors off, ripped out the IV.

The sting felt good.  She knew she had to go: the machine registered her lack of vital signs and started beeping. So, she sprinted, opening the window and jumping before the doctor could see her.

She'd escaped. Both the infirmary and death. Being that they both found her, she knew she couldn't outrun either of them for much longer.

Doctor Alex pissed his pants in fear. She was gone. The woman was gone.

Salvatore flew into the infirmary, hopeful, only to encounter an empty bed.

"Where is she?"

Alex stammered, tripping over his words. "S-She- She,"

Salvatore roared. "Get me the camera footage."

That woman, the Siren, she was slippery as an eel. For Alex's sake, she'd better have escaped.

Otherwise, his head would be on a golden pike by sundown.

Someone showed him the footage.

They put it on the big screen, all of them watching in disbelief as the small woman awoke from the dead, looking around. Her eyes darted about, thinking of a plan. Within a minute, she'd perfectly executed her escape, only after signing thank you to the camera, with a smile as she launched out of the window.

They continued to watch in mingled fascination and horror as she landed on her feet two stories below, dusted herself of and disappeared. Salvatore smirked at the footage. She was a Siren, if anything. He'd have her. He had to.

"Find her," he said with a smile. "And be careful she looks like she'll be expecting you."

Walking out shaking his head, chuckling, he added. "And I don't expect she'll come peacefully."

His men were nervous, but for once, he didn't comment. No one has escaped his estate; ever. Especially not from an infirmary, with heart monitors that were damn near louder than earthquakes.

She was definitely a Siren. She was lethally beautiful. And far more than she seemed.

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