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SALVATORE WAS more than just a little out of his element.

He was built like a killer; he moved like a killer. Thought like a killer. Killed like a killer. He had no idea how a killer held children, but judging by his men's faces, it wasn't like this.

It was almost comical watching such a huge man, holding the small child so delicately. None of his men had ever seen Salvatore do anything gentle.

From cooking to fucking it was all rough with him.

But then again, no one had ever seen him hold a child. He never had, and though, ideally he'd always wanted a family, he concluded he never would. Dominik held back a snicker when Sal shot an acidic glare.

"Dom, if you don't shut the fu--"

All eyes shot down to the boy, who was now wide-eyed.

Sal smiled tightly. "Do you know Italian, Apollo?"

The wide-eyed boy shook his head.

"Good," Resuming his withering glare at his best friend, "Dom, Sta 'zitto prima di mettere un proiettile attraverso il cranio."

(Dom, Shut the fuck up before I put a bullet thru your skull.)

His best friend merely chortled, shaking his head in amusement. "Alright, Daddy Dearest."

"Ho intenzione di ucciderti, Dom. Lo giuro."

(I'm going to kill you, Dom. I swear.)

Dom shrugged, not concerned. Sally was his best friend, more like a brother to him. An older brother with a bad temper, a mean right hook and an evil left one.

Salvatore took Apollo upstairs, mentally running through just how bad of an idea this was. Still though, he laid the child on his bed, told him to take a shower, put on his shirt and wait until he came to get him.

Apollo nodded, before pausing and sitting beside Salvatore, who was a giant beside him.

"What do you do, Mr. Salvatore?"

Salvatore smiled faintly, looking down at him. "For you, I make bad people go away," He said.

For everyone else, I am the bad people.

He kept that part to himself.

SALVATORE stirred the Minestrone soup.

He'd been cooking for almost an hour, the dish was almost done. His men cleared out after he shot Dom in the shoulder for jeering and calling him Daddy Dearest again.

It was just him in the kitchen, a peaceful air around him. He hadn't cooked since his mother was murdered. That was a twenty long years ago.

Turing the stove off, he took the pot off the eye. He called for Apollo, almost instantly hearing a stampede of elephants hurtling down the steps.

Apollo zoomed past Salvatore, a huge childish grin on his face. Salvatore smiled back unwittingly, before shaking his head.

As sternly as he could he said: "No running in the house Apollo."

Apollo sheepishly grinned, causing Salvatore to roll his eyes.

He put a bowl and spoon in front of him, gave a glass of water, and roll to eat.

Apollo readily complied, digging in.

"What's this?" He asked, soup rolling down his chin.

Sal chuckled wiping his mouth.

"It is called Minestrone. It is from my country."

Apollo glances at Sal in awe. "What's your country?"

"Italy." Apollo nodded sagely, as if he now owned some great wisdom.

Sal grinned, ruffling his dark hair. Dom stormed on a grave look on his face.

"Don," Sal looked up with a frown.

"What is it?"

"Trouble on the east side," he glances at the boy, who seemed to know what was going on, "Personal trouble."

"Come personale?"

(How personal?)

Dom cleared his throat ready for the following explosion. He could see his best friend was already very attached the little one, and the following demand wasn't much better.

"Essi chiedono il ragazzo."

(They are demanding the boy.)

Salvatore's blood pressure skyrocketed instantly. Why do they want him? What will do to him? Nothing good, that's for certain.

That's an automatic no.

Besides, no one demands anything of Salvatore Gambino.

No one.

"What aren't you telling me, Dom?"

"They say... you have a woman in your care. They want her as well."

Woman...they must mean his Siren.

"Dom, I'm going to give you a very valuable job," he says slowly and deliberately, "If you fail...Muori."

(You die.)

Solemnly, Dominik listened to his friend and boss as he gave him orders.

He was scared. Many a man wouldn't admit, but he would. This is something he couldn't get another shot at. This is something that his best friend rights would not cover.

"On it, Don."


Dominik nodded, hopping into his fortified vehicle following the red dot.

Apollo knew this was all his fault. He just wished he could be normal. He just wished they would leave him alone. He didn't even know why they were chasing him—but it's all he'd been doing his whole six years of living:

Running for his life.

Salvatore was going into near cardiac arrest. This side of the estate is practically empty most times, because it was his and only his.He couldn't leave Apollo alone, he couldn't not deal with this... issue either.

"Cazzo," he sighed, resting his head in his hands. The best he could do, was get them both here.

She could handle it, he knew.

He hoped.

But he knew she wasn't afraid to die, so that was an advantage. It also worked against him. People with nothing to live for have everything to die for and have no qualms about doing it.

"Sal?" A small hesitant voice asked.

"Yes, Apollo?" Salvatore sighed.

"I'm sorry." he whispers.

Salvatore hauled the boy onto his lap.

"It is not your fault, little one. I will fix it."

"You will?" he asked hopefully.

"...I will try my best."

"And then, can you adopt me?"

Salvatore smiled softly, ruffling his hair. "Yes. Then I will adopt you."

SALVATORE gripped the sink, hanging his head. Hair fell over his forehead, hiding his mismatched eyes. He hated them' despised them. Reminded him of his father. Ever since he was ten, he wore contacts; he'd do anything to rid himself of any semblance of likeness to that monster.

He was a lot of things; he was a murderer, he was cruel, he was borderline psychotic at times. He was utterly twisted and completely sick. But there were boundaries even he wouldn't cross.

Things he wouldn't do.

To most, he'd appear heartless.

But most have never met Benito Gambino.

That was heartless.

He had an empty hole where his heart should be, and he loved it. Salvatore was a lot of things, but he clung to the belief that he was not evil.

Not like him.

No, heartless is killing for the hell of it. Because your favorite color is red. Heartless is murdering your wife in front of your son and laughing. Heartless is using kids as human shields in war, killing pregnant women as a combo deal, selling children, babies to child molesters, that is heartless.

That is Benito Gambino.Not him. Salvatore was a lot of things, bad things, but he wasn't heartless.  

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