Siren's Call ✔

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capitolo quattro

DELPHINE DIDN'T scream. She smiled at her captor, and allowed him to talk her.

Dominic was ill at ease at her smiling, calm demeanor, but was under strict orders 'not to let her creepy smile deter him from doing his job.'

Much easier said, than done.

"So, what's your name?" Delphine quipped cheerfully.

"Dom," he grunted.

"Hm, Dom," He tried not shift in his seat. She said his name like she knew him better than he knew himself.

He mashed the accelerator.

"You work for Salvatore, I'm guessing, merely because of your uneasy demeanor. He must have warned you. No one else would know to,"

Dom, slightly frightened for his life on both ends, sent a live feed to Salvatore, so that he knew she was safe, he wasn't doing anything, and, in case she should kill him, he'd know she did it.

Sal raised a brow at the incoming feed but listened.

It was a much better, far more amusing alternative to watching his reflection and hearing his thoughts.

"I'm also going go a calculated limb here, and say your his...underboss? Second in command probably. You grunt like goon, but I have a feeling you just think I'll kill you,"

Sal chuckles, relaxing at her voice. She was something alright.

He was also learning how she ticked, what she knew.

She knew a lot.

"Which is a valid concern, I'm known to be quite unpredictable. I once shanked a guy with a Bobby pin, and lemme tell ya," she chuckles, "He did not predict that."

Sal looked over his shoulder, seeing Apollo half sleep curled around him.

"Okay, enough about my violent escapades and more about my psychoanalysis of you, Dominic Mendoza."

Sal frowned. Knowing his name is one thing; everyone knew his name.

But Dom?

He could hear poor Dominic trying not to jump out if the car.

"It quite alright, Dominic. I don't know you for your affiliation with nosy Sal. Wimp move, by the way, the feed. Anyway,"

This woman was getting curiouser and curiouser.

How can she possible know all of this? Perhaps she's a spy for Benito?

Or...? But no, why would he ask for her, if she was on his payroll?

Then again, as she said, she's unpredictable, and so is he.

"No, I had a run in with a Cuban Cartel, the princessa over there, Melanie, she was a doll. Loved her to death. Anyway, I helped her out right about the time you joined ranks. Hence why I know you."

So, then perhaps she's a mercenary? Or a contract killer. Or an assassin.

"Salvatore caught my attention because two years ago I was going to murder him,"

Dominic coughed, Salvatore choked violently.

"Excuse me?"

"You are excused," Salvatore could hear the smile in her voice and was rethinking whether or not he should leave her with his boy.

"Someone close to me was brutally murdered, a hit by the Gambino. Now, by trade, I stay out of their way, they don't know I exist,"

I sure didn't, Sal thinks.

"But when this...friend shows up at my door in pieces with a love, Gambino note written in their blood, I figured friendly relations were over."

Sal frowned for sixtieth time today.

"Now, originally, I thought Salvatore had done it, he had just taken power. I set to off him, when I realized, hey! He couldn't have done it."

Yes, I probably could've. I just probably didn't.

"See, I watched dear Sal for a while and noticed some things. He has heterochromia for one,"

Another choking fit on both sides.

"Two, he hates his father. And three, he's nothing like him,"

That put Sal at an odd peace, her knowing that. The conviction with which she said it.

I am nothing like my father, he said to himself with smile. For the first time, he believed it.

"No, Sal had to much...what's the word... Ah, humanity. Benito however,"

The disgust in her voice was palpable and poisonous.

"He is a degenerate. He has no morals, no principles no boundaries. There is nothing he wouldn't do. So, I set my trajectory for Benito. Unfortunately, I got...sick. I was unable to move, unable to do anything. During that time, some people... got to me."

"I didn't have enough strength to kill them, only to get away. And it only got worst when I did. Summers were harsh. Winters, brutal. And here we are. And that Sal, is why you have a bullet free cranium."

Salvatore's mouth was dropped open, to the floor. The door opened, revealing a horrified Dom and a smiling Siren.

"You're welcome." she grinned.

Casting her gaze over to the small figure on the bed, she rushed over to him.

This boy...this boy she knew him. They were related somehow, she knew it.

"Where did you get him," she whispered to Salvatore, stroking his soft hair.

A small smile appeared on his sleeping face.

Salvatore watched on in awe at her. She was so motherly. So beautiful.

"Leave us."

Standing, Salvatore stood directly behind her.

He pressed his front to her back, his arousal hard against her.

Tiny prickles of awareness flooded her skin.

"He was at the park, the last time I saw you,"

She nodded absently, now stroking his face.

"I am going to adopt him, when I come back."

She smiled. "You are,"

He nodded, knowing she could feel his movements.

"We have to talk when I come back, moroso."

Salvatore turned her to face him swiftly, his muscular body providing no escape routes.

His Siren wasn't physically stronger than him, not a bit. But he had no delusions as far as her strength, cunning, and metal defense.

He never saw her as weak. That was a mistake Salvatore never made regarding her.

Crushing her into his broad chest, Salvatore, lifted her chin, looking directly into her eyes.

She stared right back, her lips slightly parted. His eyes were beautiful. One was green, the other blue.

Salvatore knew he didn't have long, and the way she was staring at him was tearing him down.

He captured her red lips, sucking her plump bottom lip, invading her mouth with his tongue. He left no room for error nor air and she didn't mind it a bit.

All too soon, it was over. "Take care of my son, moglie."

She nodded, dazed. He pecked her once more, a sort of familiarity present.

Sal kissed Apollo's forehead, instructing Siren that if he wakes up, and asks for him, to call.

Siren nods. With one more frantic peck, Salvatore headed out.

Delphine felt like she should give him something. She had nothing and he, everything. Everything but....


He glanced back. "My name is Delphine."

Grinning, he blew her kiss.

"Sono contento So che il nome di mia fidanzata di allora."

Sal faded into the night, leaving her with the memory of his brilliant mismatched eyes.

She snuggled in with the child, and, not knowing what else to do, slept.

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