Siren's Call ✔

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capitolo cinque

I STORM his office, shoving guards out of my way.

He won't hesitate to murder me, nor I him. He hates that I am not him, I hate that he even exists.

Let alone contributing to my DNA.

I burst into his chambers finding him with his leather shoes propped up on his desk, a cigar in his mouth and a smirk.

"Che sorpresa! Come stai, figliolo?"

"I am not your son," I hiss, "And you know damn well why I am here."

I can tell he wants to play mind games, and I'm no mood for it.

I want to go home.

"Oh, you mean the orphan and the puttana?"

I grit my teeth and nod. It's bad enough I showed I gave a fuck by coming here.

If I erupt, tell him she's not whore, that Apollo has me, he's not an orphan and then proceed to bang his skull against his twenty five thousand dollar desk, that would cement their fate.

"What do you want with them?"

Benito hides his eyes from me. The only thing he hates as much as I do about our uncanny resemblance, is the eyes.

He has the same condition, only mirrored. It's like looking into your literal reflection.

I only take out my contacts when I have to deal with him.

"Nothing. They belong to a client of mine,"

"Well, you tell that client they now belong to me. Both of them."

Benito leans forward, sensing a weakness, but I prepared for it.

"Do they matter to you?"

"They matter to my money. To my business. That is all. Whoever it is, tell them to stop, or they will answer to me."

"And if I don't?"

Fast as lightning I have him pinned by the throat.

He's strong, built like me, but his age is catching up to him, and so are his enemies.

If it's one thing Benito is good at, it's making enemies.

"Do not test me. I am not afraid of you. You are not what you used to be Benito,"

I let him drop with a smirk. "I may not be you, but I'm no angel either. And I'll kill you."

I leave, satisfied for the moment. I have to hurry and get things in order.

I can slightly protect them from other families by Mafia law, but I have a
feeling this originated from Benito.

He doesn't understand what a law is.
He has no concept of boundaries.

I leave as hostile as I came, driving home.

My mind wanders. Delphine... I love it. It suits her. It suits her and my last name, perfectly.

I feel the car veering, so I pull off to the side of the road. It's about one am, and I still have so much to do.

I cannot even drive, though. Not with the memory her velvet lips on mine, soft and sweet.

Groaning, I bang my head on the steering wheel.

I can't do it again. Kiss her. I can't take her out and show her off. Can't take her out at all.

I can't take Apollo to school, or the playground or Chuck E Cheese, where apparently, a kid can be a kid.

I have what I have prayed for, but I cannot enjoy it.

Not until Benito is dead.

Clearing my mind, I race back home.

Just once. Once more, and then I will do what I have to.

I barely stop before I hop out of my car, unlock my door. I race up the stairs, unlock my estate and skid to my room.

Apollo's head rested on her chest, her arms around her.

I smile softly at the scene. She's a natural mother; so caring and attentive.

My mind wanders to Apollo getting some siblings, and how they'd get there.

The mental image of filling her with my seed, of her belly swollen with my baby nearly knocks me over.

I let out a quiet groan, before approaching.

I steal a little kiss from my Delphine, kiss my son on the forehead, and leave.

I will protect them. At all costs.

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