Siren's Call ✔

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Eternal silence of the sea, am I breathing? Alive?
—Alan Walker

I TAKE my time going up to her.

We're staying in a secluded area of the estate; one no one has access too. We'll all move here after the brief honeymoon.

Apollo is staying with Isadora, and I have no doubt he will be cared for.

Which leaves...

My pulse thrums, my body hums.

I shrug off my coat, lay it over the couch and head up to her.

I wonder what she will be like in my bed? She's passionate, I think that'll bleed through.


I open the door, close it, lock it.

"Delphine?" I don't see her.


I smirk, unable to resist the urge. "Not yet, but we'll get there!"

I hear her faint giggle.

This will not change us.
This is not allowed to change us.

She parades out of the walk in closet, in nothing but panties and a bra.

They're demure but somehow, that makes it all the more enticing.

I beckon her to me and she obeys.

I think I will dominate as I do with any woman, but she takes me by surprise.

She straddles my lap, wrapping her hands around my neck loosely.

"Let's get something straight, Salvatore Gambino," I lift a brow at her tone.

"If you touch me, I will be the only one you touch. So before you go happily fucking me, think about it,"

Her lips are brushing my ear, so that I can't think about it.

"You do this, and you're mine. I may not have your heart, and frankly,"

She kisses my neck. "I don't give a fuck. But I will own your body, and should you give what belongs to me to someone else,"

She grabs my tie, bites into my neck, so viscously, but the pain turns me on almost as much as her words do.

I give her access, moaning.

"I'll kill you. So... What shall it be? Freedom? or Me? You can't have both."

"Does this go for you?" I say breathlessly.

"I'm not hypocrite. Nor am I a whore. So yes. It does."

"And you belonging to me, does that mean I can have you when I want?"

"As long as I don't say no. Same goes for you. When I want it, you give it."

She tugs at my jeans.

"Do you agree?"

"I agree."

"Swear on your life. Because that's what's at stake. "

I look into her glowing brown ombre eyes, looking so alive. This is only time I see her like this, due to me.

"I swear on my life."

She opens her mouth to swear as well, but the fact she was going to, means I forgo hearing the actual words.

Delphine is not the type to cheat anyway.

So instead, I roughly push her down, putting her between my legs.

Wordlessly, I tell her what I want. She complies, unbuckling my belt, dragging down my pants, boxers, at the speed of light.

My cock is rock hard, throbbing painfully.

She looks at me in innocent question.

Has she does this before?

A thrill of pride goes through me, knowing I'm the first and the last.

I bring her closer to me, tapping my cock on her lips. "Open."

Her sinful red lips part, as she glances up innocently at me.

I watch my cock disappear into her warm mouth as I feed it to her.

My head sags, the pleasure too much to do anything else but feel.


Her tight, warm, hot, wet little mouth squeezes my cock as she takes me further down her throat.

"Good girl," I groan, pushing her head down further on my length.

Mentally, I pat myself on the back for marrying her. Even if it isn't forever.

My wife starts to gag, reaching her limit, and being the more than slightly sadistic fuck I am, I grip her dark hair and hold her there, feeling her throat clench and unclench around me.

Roughly, I let her go, the force causing her to sprawl out breathlessly in front of me.

Her eyes are wide, her chest heaves deliciously, and a wicked smirk overtakes me.

I slide down crawling over to her body. She tries to back away, but I grab her ankle tugging her to me.

She may have conditions, but I have my own.

"Where are you going, baby girl?" I mock her with a smirk.

She whimpers, pressing her thighs together.

Gone is the confident little vixen who had control of me. This woman is submissive, and she loves it.

"Nowhere," she whispers.

I lay my body slightly over hers, her whimpers of pleasure and confusion bringing me glee.

I part her legs, spreading her to my delight. I stroke her panty clad pussy, her wetness coating my fingers.

"This pussy is mine, yes?"

"Y-Yes," she moans. I lick her slit in reward.

"Mm. Here are my terms, Wife: I own this pussy; I own you. I will have you how I want, when I want,"

Shoving her panties aside, I watch her pretty pink pussy dribble on the floor as her arousal gushes from her.

Her sweet scent fills the air, begging me to stick my tongue so far in her pussy she'd think it was my cock.

"I will tie you up, spank you red, make you cum, blindfold you, choke you. I'll pound your pretty pussy when I see fit. If I wake up hungry, I will come and feast on your pussy until you cry and scream."

Pushing my finger in, I lick her pulse.

"I may come into your room in the middle of the morning and pound into you ruthlessly, relentlessly. I'll fuck your ass, fuck your mouth, and of course,"

She moans when I cup her pussy, making me smirk at how wet she is.

"This beautiful pussy. Because they belong to me. Can you agree to that?"

She nods, eyes closed, back arched, lips parted. Such a sexy sight.

"Words, baby girl."

"Yes!" With that, I ram my cock into her dripping pussy and fuck her into oblivion.

I don't mean to, but I fall asleep with her in my arms. Her warmth is so comforting, her smell is so homey.

But never again....
Never again.

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