She's the CEO✔️ [Being Rewritten]

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Sloane Killan isn't ordinary; at twenty five years old, she isn't drowning on debt from student loans. She's not serial dating, or hooking up. She's not agonizing over her quarter life existential crisis. She's not trying to settle down, or wonder why she's still alone.* No, she's much too busy running her multi billion dollar company, being a single mother and checking her phone to see if her grandfather's croaked yet. ∆ Maximus Kane isn't a typical 26 year old billionaire. He doesn't fuck everything in a skirt. He doesn't like plastic barbies. He doesn't party and drink excessively. He doesn't secretly wish for a family of his own. No, he's quite content being alone, and children, well, they freak him out. Maximus is cool and collected; a businessman to the core. But when he offers a deal with Killan Corp, he gets shaken. He expected a cut throat businessman, but what he finds is even worse. A curly haired ginger with a baby in her lap waiting for him in the CEO's office. The worst part? She's the CEO.

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#1 She's the CEO| Completed|intense editing| if you have read this story, you may want to reread, because things may change.

#2 She's the Boss|Completed| edited

#3 She's the Baddest|Coming soon|Teaser Available|Slow Updates

#4 She's the President| Coming Soon|Teaser Available|Slow Updates

Important note:
She's the President and She's the Baddest are simultaneous, so you can read together, in which ever order you want.

Check out my book Possible Upcoming Stories for updates on new stories in this series.

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