Loving Ammah

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"Baby girl, I can't promise you the moon but i can promise to kiss you under the lights of a thousand stars."

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Oh er yarinya na. My baby, my sweetheart, my darling, my sunflower. I can’t believe my auta is getting married today, oh how time flies. I clearly remember the day you were born, I was still traumatized over my sister’s death but as soon as I set my eyes on you I remembered ‘Indeed Allah does everything for a reason’ he took someone very close to me and in return gave me an angel. When your father died I vowed to never let you miss your father and I bet I achieved my aim. Ammah you are the most close to my heart out of all my kids, I believe I have installed my values and morals into you and groomed you into a beautiful patience lady. Always remember mama loves you and I’ll always be right here forever and always. May Allah SWT bless you with lovely children and bless you both, Ameen”

Mama finished her speech and every one awwed. I was crying heavily that my body was trembling. Faisal scoot closer to me rubbing soothing circles on my back. After everyone was done with their speech, mama motioned for me to follow her and she place my hands on Faisal’s dad’s hand.

“Amana. (promise)” she said and she turn around with a heavy heart and leave.

“Mamaaaa!” I cried.


Who said marriage is easy?

Who said there are no obstacles in love?

Well for sure life is not marrying a beautiful young girl and living in a two bedroom apartment with two adorable babies.

No, there is much more to that.

Follow Ammah and Faisal on this romantic journey.

It’s not your expected love story...

“Baby girl I can’t promise you the moon but I can promise to kiss you under the lights of a thousand stars”

-Faisal Dahiru Ringim💕

Playlist: Thinking out loud, Ed Sheeran💕

Warning; you might fall in love with Faisal or another character in this book😏😉

Let’s not forget the drill: vote🌸 comment🌸 and share🌸

Much love..Ammah💕💕

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