Loving Ammah

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Chapter 9

Ammah's POV


I walk inside the house with some of my books in my hand and my veil loosened. I am so tired wallah. I run to my room and drop my book on my study before taking a long refreshing shower. I changed into a simple black and white zebra pattern simple dress and wrap a black veil on my head.

After making sure I was presentable enough to step out of my room I made my way downstairs. I decide to make lunch since I was the first to come home today. Making stir fry pasta was easy so in no minute I finished.

The door opens and in come ya abba and Faisal. Best friends things.

"Hi cupcake" ya abba chirped


"Hi Ammah.." Faisal also chirped


"You guys hungry?" i asked

"No, we just had lunch" ya abba replied and i nod my head. They settle on the couch with me as ya abba changed the channel from food network to some football channel like that.

"That's so rude!" I state

"chill" he replied

"Abba it high time you show us the pre- wedding pics now" Faisal said and I choke on my food.

"Pre-wedding what?" I demand

"Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, Yesmin and I did some pre-wedding pics back in Kano"

"Ya Abba it's high time I kill you" I joked

"Show us the pic dude" Faisal said and he pull out his phone.

"Oh you guys look so cute" I gushed as we look at the pictures. "this is my favourite, send it to me" I said to ya abba and in no time my phone beeped and I gush at the picture.

"She is so pretty" I said

"She is mine Ammah back off" he said sternly and I give him the wtf look.

"We will see about that after all she is my sister in law" I said and he chuckled

"ANGO TINZ (groom things) your already being overprotective, that' so cute mi boy!" Faisal said in a complete different voice and we laugh.

"Adios amigos! (goodbye friends)" he said as he stand up

"So soon?" I asked pouting

"Yeah I'm taking Amma shopping" he replied

"My regards to her, Ameera and the twins. bye!"

"Okay baby girl, bye" he said looking at me in the eye as our gaze meet for what seems like forever before he smiled and left. Ya abba gave me a what the hell was that look and I blush running to my room before he ask me anything.

Ya Allah why is this boy having this kind of effect on me?


"What?" I asked ya abba as I looked up at him. I was in the kitchen making dinner when he just walked in and clear his throat

"Why were you and Faisal looking at each other like that?" he asked and I wish the ground will open up and eat me up. Although ya abba and I are pretty close he is still my brother and talking about this is so awkward. I wish I was having this talk with adda but the girl's hatred towards me is too much for her to look at me

"Ammah I asked you a question" Ya abba said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Like how?" I asked

"Like you were communicating through your eyes which is weird but cute"

"Your just worrying about nothing"

"I'm not twelve Ammah"

"I need to finish cooking dinner before mama wakes up from sleep" I said totally avoiding his eyes.

"Stop avoiding my question"

"If you want to know so badly why don't you ask him, why bother me? Besides he was the one that started looking at me" he said

"I'm keeping an eye on both of you"

"Dude go make preparations for your wedding and leave my dear life"

"I'm serious"

"Why put on the overprotective brother mask, your much fun when your my friend" I said pouting

"Deal with it baby" he smirked and with that he left the kitchen


"SAFIYA!" I yelled through the phone

"Ke do you want to break my eardrums?" she asked

"Sorry I just need your attention"

"And I need you to give me a sec to change. The clothes I'm wearing is so uncomfortable" she said and I end the call frustrated.

I feel a lump in my throat and I swallow it holding back the tears. Ever since Safiya moved to Jos our friendship seems to be falling apart.

My phone ring and it was Safiya I decline the call and walk outside the school building looking for a cab but a black tinted Benz park in front of me.

The window roll down and Faisal smiled at me.

"Baby girl get in" he said

"What are you doing here?" I asked frowning

"Taking you for lunch isn't that obvious?" he asked

"I'm so not in the mood" I said as I walk to the passengers seat and sit down.

"What's wrong?" he asked rolling his window glass up as he drive away. I was about to reply when Safiya called again, I decline the call and sigh heavily.

"Safiya" I mumbled

"Your best friend?" he asked

"How do you know her?" I asked

"C'mon Abba is my best friend he tells me everything"

"Oh" I simply replied and he park in front of cold stone parlour.

"This is not lunch Ammah" he groaned and I laugh saying a quick okay. We entered a ordered two big cup of Ice cream and it was heaveeennn!!

"Ammah let's go to Jos!" Faisal said out of the blue and I choke on my ice cream grabbing few soviets to clean my mouth.

you couldn't be more embarrassing you Ammah of a girl.

My subconsciousness spoke and I ignore it looking at Faisal who was ginning like a fool.

"Are you for real?" I finally asked

"Baby I'm serious. A road trip will be fun AF and Safiya will be happy and you can sort out your problems" he said and I laugh so hard my side hurts, Faisal frown and I realise he was serious.

"Oh are you serious? I mean ya abba won't agree, mama maybe but ya abba will NOT agree" I said

"Leave abba to me" he said smirking

"Faisal two months till my final exams and your here planning a road trip to Jos"

"Take a break beautiful" he said and I stick out my tongue for him in which in return he roll his eyes at me.

"I promise it will be fun" he whispered as he take my hand in his.

"Come baby girl, I have to take you home" he said and I smile down at my hand which fits perfectly into his like a missing puzzle.

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