Loving Ammah

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Chapter 10

Faisal's POV

"No freaking way I'm letting you and Ammah go on a road trip to Jos alone" abba said as he put two pack on skittles in the shopping basket.

"Geez mom what are you high on?" I asked sarcastically and he search for sour cream and onion Pringles.

"I do not trust you a bits when your with Ammah" he said

"Ouch dude, I'm offended" I said in a joking manner

"Sorry bro but your a handsome guy and she is beautiful lady and its just no gonna be okay to leave you two alone" he said

"Nothing will happen" I assure him grabbing two bottles of apple juice and putting it in the basket.

"Ever heard of temptation..when the hormones -"

"Shut the fuck up guy!" I yelled and he laughed as I go far away from him to the other end of the supermarket and grab a cake, ice cream and two lollipops, make that ten, Ameera loves this lollipop of a thing.

I walk to Abba and glare at him to show him how mad I am cause he won't let Ammah go to Jos with me.

"Stop being a big baby if one of the twins was to go to Jos I'm sure you will make a mountain out of a molehill" he said as I give out my ATM card to pay for the stuff

"I won't if I know she is going with my best friend" I mumble grabbing two bags and leaving two for him. We walk out of the supermarket and enter my car as we drive to his house.

"Okay fine, she can go but only if my personal CCTV camera goes with you" he said and I frown

"Fine. Install the CCTV in my car later" I said happy

"Oh no, Humaira is my CCTV" he said and I smirk

"Jos here we come!!" I yelled and he laugh. Ammah will be over the moon.

Ammah's POV


"I don't understand why I have to go" Humaira groaned

"I'll give you ten thousand" Ya abba said

"I want no money I want a new phone" she said pointing at her iPhone five her ex boyfriend gave her (the rest still think ya abba gave her the phone and he thinks mama gave her the phone) Humaira is a riddle wrapped inside a mystery in a bitch.

"Which phone do you want?" he asked as he throw me my black wedges and I thank him packing it in my bag.

"IPhone X" she said smirking demanding the latest Iphone.

"No freaking way!" I said shocked at what humy is demanding

"Okay fine, but it will take a while" ya abba said

"Ya Abba...." I cried

"Sorry Ammah, not everyone is as lucky as me" Humaira said and I glared at her. She laughed and leave my room to pack and I fold my hand across my chest

"I want IPhone X" I said "lemme rephrase that, I need iPhone X" I add

"Keep dreaming" he said laughing

"I hate you"

"I love you too" he said leaving the room.

I am so annoyed.


"Safe trip guys and Faisal if anything happen to this two I will personally castrate you and you will no longer be a man" ya abba said and Humaira and I laugh

"Dude this is so fucking embarrassing" Faisal muttered as he walk to ya abba. They start to talk in hushed voices and ya abba hand Faisal something in which he hide it in his bag in the boot.

"What was that?" Humaira asked me

"I don't know" I replied sincerely. After muttering a few words among themselves. Faisal enters the car and sit down in the driver's seat and ya abba bid us goodbye for the last time before we begin our journey.

"What was that?" I asked Faisal

"What was what?" he asked innocently as he focus on the road



"You guysss" Humaira said and we all laugh. Faisal stop at a supermarket and buy us almost everything we will need throughout the journey. Pringles, lays, chocolates, ice cream, orange juice, even packaged friend fried with chicken, salad, fries, yoghurt, meat pie, burger and what not.

"Faisal your a sweetheart" Humaira said from the back seat

"Agreed!" I said munching on sour cream and onion Pringles.. Its the best!

"Anything for you girls" he said and I smile.

This is going to be the best road trip ever.


I slowly open my eyes as Faisal took a rusty turn.


"Sorry, stupid bumps!" he said and I turn around to see Humaira asleep.

"How many more hours?" I asked

"About four or five"

"Oh God"

"You bored?" he asked and I nod my head

"here, you can watch videos on YouTube" he said handing me his laptop.

"Aren't you the best?" I gushed collecting the laptop

"Say that hundred times" he joked and I laugh. I grab two packet of KitKat and offered one to Faisal.

"No thanks"

"You didn't eat anything since we left Abuja"

"Stalker much. I ate food at home"

"Still, eat something" I command

"I'm not much of a foodie when I'm on a road trip"

"Are you sure you don't wanna eat anything"

"Hundred percent sure mummy" he joked

"Okay son" I joked back and he laugh.

I open his laptop and ask for his password and he keep shut smirking

"Faisal, what is the password?"


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