Loving Ammah

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Chapter 11

Ammah's POV


I stare at Faisal digesting the reply he gave me to my question.


The password to his laptop is my name. My freaking name. Or maybe there is another Ammah. Not possible, the name Ammah is very special that's why not everyone is named Ammah.

(sorry peeps)

But why?


Oh Allah...

What is happening.

I decide to close my mouth and clear my throat. I type the password and it open. I enter YouTube but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything except stare at the screen.

What should I say to him. Nothing? Or should I ask him why my name is the password to his laptop? No that will be pretty awkward

"Good morning guys" Humaira yelled

"It's four o'clock" Faisal said

"Thank you clock man" she replied and he laugh

"Ammah autan mama missing momma already or what?" Humaira asked shaking me and I chuckle nervously.

"What's up with you?" she asked

"Nothing, I'm just tired"

"Okay. Hey what are you watching?" she asked gesturing at the laptop

"Haven't decided yet..."

"Baby girl let me decide for you" she said and I hand her the laptop. She type something like that and hand me the laptop. I didn't bother asking which movie it was cause my mind was so not there. I need to talk to Faisal alone. The movie start playing and I steal glances at Faisal who was driving. He is acting like its no big deal to put a girl's name as your password. Seriously I don't know if I'm over reacting but I need to know WHY? Everything is happening so fast and I want to take it slow. I know I sound so cliché but hey, a girl is a girl and feelings are feelings.

"Ammah!" Faisal yelled

"Yes?" I asked

"You okay there?" he asked

"Yeah, why?"

"I've been calling your name since"

"Dummy" Humaira muttered.

"Sorry I didn't hear you"

"I need the address"

"Okay" I sheepishly grinned and pull out my phone, I gave him the address Safiya's sister sent to me and he read it. Safiya has no idea we are coming. It's a surprise.

"Got it" he said smiling to me as he gave me my phone. Why is he acting like everything is cool.

Cause everything is cool dummy!

My subconscious said and I roll my eyes at no one in particular.

"Take a chill pill Ammah" Faisal whispered and I smile.

Yeah Ammah take a chill pill and let everything roll.


"This is the house!" I yelled and Faisal park. We stand in front of the door and I press the bell.

"Coming" Safiya yelled.

After a few shuffles with the door knob she opened the door and shout until she ran out of breath and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back as tears stream down to my cheeks. It's truly said you don't remember how something is important to you until you lose it.

"Ammah is this really you?" Safiya asked in between sobs

"Yes baby girl, it's me" I replied and she let go of me. I stare at her and see her cute baby bump

"Hows my baby doing?" I asked

"Doing good" she replied

"Um, hello we also came all the way from Abuja to Jos to meet you show a little generosity" Humaira said and she hugged her

"Humy love, how are you?" she asked

"I'm fine"

"Oh, um, Safiya this is Faisal, Faisal my best friend Safiya" I introduced the two

"Hi there" she said


"Oh where are my manners? Please come in" she said and we all enter. She brought us drinks and we freshen up before we ate dinner.

"It was all Faisal's idea by the way to come to Jos" I said

"Omy God, thanks Faisal" Safiya said

"Your welcome. I should get to bed, I'm so exhausted" he said

"Yeah, goodnight" we all reply. He look at me one last time as if he wants me to follow him and he walk away.

"Um, I be right back" I said to Safiya and follow Faisal to the room he will be staying.

He stop in front of his room as he look at me

"I am so sorry" he said "If you don't like your name as my password I promise ill change it right away" he said

"No. I mean it's okay. I love it when people use my name" I joked doing a lil crazy dance and he laugh "I know I'm different, I'm special" I add still dancing. I know I look like a fool but I don't mind cause I managed to make Faisal laugh.

"Please stop" he said in between laughs

"I will on one condition"


"Promise your laptop password will always be my name"

"I promise"

"Alright then kiddo, goodnight"

"Goodnight baby"

Did you guys hear that? He called me baby!!


"So spill, what's going on between you and Faisal" Safiya said as we enter the room me and her will be sleeping for the mean time.

Humaira was staying in another room so we get the night to catch up with each other.

"Nothing much" I replied jumping on the bed

"Don't lie. I saw the way he was looking at you"

"The password to his laptop is my name" I sigh smiling

"Really? Lucky girl, trust me he loves you so much"

"He doesn't, he didn't say anything. It's not a big deal for him"

"He just hasn't realized it yet but trust me you two are made for each other"

"Okay cupid. Forget about me let's talk about you any cute guys here?" I asked and she blushed

"Well there is this guy, Faruk. He is a nice guy" she said

"Oooh nice you say"

"We went on a date last week and were just getting to know each other"


"Yeah and the best part he knows I'm pregnant well its obvi and he accepts me for who I am"

"O my, I'm so happy for you bestie. When is the wedding?" I joked

"I could ask you the same question you know?" she smirked

"Talking about wedding, ya abba is getting married"

"What? Ya abba? When is the wedding? Who is the girl?"

"Chill. First august is the wedding and her name is Yesmin she is from kano"

"I'm so happy for him"

"Yeah, I know" she said and the night went on like that two best friends catching up with each othe

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