Loving Ammah

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Chapter 12

Ammah's POV


I slowly opened my eyes and gave Faisal the questioning look but he just ignored me and get out of the car. After spending the weekend in Jos we are on our way back to Abuja today. I turn around to see Faisal grab something from the trunk and he shove it in his pocket before I could bring my self to see what it is.

"Ammah get in the back seat" He said as he enter the driver's seat

"Not until you tell me why?" I said stubbornly

"What is happening? Why did we stop? Are we in Abuja yet?" Humaira bombarded us with questions as she wake up from sleep.

"Ammah please get in the back seat!" Faisal commanded

"No. Tell me why first?" I asked and he sigh heavily.

"Put on your seatbelt you too Humaira" he said and we did as told. He put his seatbelt too and recite his duas blowing it over the car. He grabbed his phone and called someone.

"What is going on Faisal?" I asked scared

"I promise you both will be okay" he ignored my question and he start driving. Humaira and I shared looks as Faisal speed up. The road was deadly quite and we were the only ones driving.

We heard a boom sound and Faisal's grip on the steer wheel tightened as he speed up.

"Ammah turn around, do you see any car?" he said his eyes focused on the road and I turn around searching.

"No one is behind us" I whisper

"Then they are coming from our opposite angles" he said to no one in particular

"Who?!" Humaira yelled

"They are after me, well they've been after me for years" he muttered

"Faisal please stop talking in riddles and tell us what the hell is going on" I say as he slow down and shushed me.

"Duck!!" he yelled and Humaira and I bend and a bullet flew beside our car. Faisal speed up and I could hear the sound of bullets. Faisal use his right hand to reach out to his pocket and he brought out a gun making me shriek in fear.

"I need you to shoot them" he said to me

"Are you crazy? No way! I can't" I cried

"Ammah" he called and I shook my head. No way! Before he could say anything two cars appear from our opposite angles and he speed the car. The cars follow us as they shoot our tires with their guns. Faisal curse under his breath handing me his phone

"Call the commissioner of police" he says and I nod my head searching through his contacts. I finally lay my eyes on the number and I called him putting it on speaker so Faisal can talk to him. He picked up immediately and he told him our situation.

"I told you it's risky, you know they have been targeting you for years then why give them an opportunity to nab you?" the commissioner scold, I have a feeling they are pretty close.

"Uncle Yakub please" he replies. He is his uncle?

"Fine. I'm coming there with my team please be safe and use your gun" he said ending the call and Faisal take a second to look at his back, the cars were trying to keep up with us as he drive faster.

"How can you be texting when we are in these disturbing situation?!" I asked Humaira

"Idiot I'm typing my will" she said and I roll my eyes at her

"We are not going to die, right?" I asked Faisal and he nod his head

"You both are not going to die, I promise" he said

"What of you?" I quietly asked and he keep shut. I didn't say more cause one of the bullets hit our tire severely and the car came to a halt.

"New plan. Remove your seatbelt and run" he yelled as we got out of the car

"What about you? We can't leave you here" I cried

"Ammah go with Humaira. You guys should run"

"I am not leaving without you" I said stubbornly. He walked to me and hold my hand in his

"Please Ammah, go!" he whisper and kiss my hands. I grabbed Humaira's hand and we ran away to keep our selves out of danger but I left my heart behind and he is surely in danger..


I panted heavily tears streaming down my face. I open the door to the police car and the police surround me attempting to keep me safe.

"It's been five hours since we've been asked to wait in your stupid car please tell me where Faisal is" I chocked my words out

"Ma'am please cooperate with us. I told you the commissioner himself is handling this case and he is on the look out for Mr Faisal" one of the police men replied

"I know but you have to update me on what's going on. Tell me is Faisal okay?"

"They kidnapped him" he breathe out and I gasp losing my balance and falling on the ground. "Please ma'am control your self just so you know we are trying our best to find him"

They kidnapped Faisal? It's all my fault. I know I shouldn't have left him alone. Who the hell does he think he is by saying he will handle everything. He is no super hero so he shouldn't act like one? Why didn't he just run along with us? He thinks he can handle those goons all by him self? Why doesn't he understand I will never forgive my self if anything happens to him, why doesn't he understand I can't live without him, I can't bear to see him in pain, I can't bear to be away from him, I can't bear IT cause I care for him so much.

"Ammah?" someone called and I look up to see the commissioner.

"Where is Faisal?" I asked standing on my feet

"They kidnapped him" he whispered

"How? I mean why did you let them?" I cried

"They had already planned it out and I care for Faisal as equally as you do. He is my nephew, what will I tell my brother? That I watch them take away his son right before my eyes and I couldn't do anything?" he asked and I keep quiet

"What will happen now?" I asked

"I'm sure they will call demanding for ransom or something"

"Why are they after him?"

"I believe that's a question for Faisal to answer himself. I promised him I won't tell anyone. Come on now we need to get you two home" he said and my whole body came crashing down and darkness took over.

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