Loving Ammah

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Chapter 13

Ammah's POV


I open my eyes and blink trying to adjust to the unfamiliar surrounding. I look around the white walls around and the door slowly open and ya abba entered with a nurse. I want to yell his name and ask him if they found Faisal but I couldn't talk. I try to raise my hand to motion him to come closer but my head aches when I move. The nurse walks to me gave me an injection which made my eye lids heavier. Ya abba smile at me and I watch his mouth move in different directions stating he was talking to me but I couldn't hear him. He kiss me on my forehead and blow a raspberry before leaving the room. Slowly my eyes gave up and I drift into a slumber sleep


"Doctor it's been two days and Ammah is still unconscious are you sure she is okay?"

"She is absolutely fine, she is just too weak to open her eyes and talk, it's normal. I've given her pain killers she should wake up any time from now"

"Thank you"

"It's my pleasure"

I hear the foot steps walking away from me and I try to open my eyes. I peeped to see a fuzzy shadow in front of me and I immediately close my eyes scared. What if my condition worsen? Someone hold my hand and kept whispering soothing words in my ear that I can do it.

"C'mon Ammah, you are a brave girl. Open your eyes" I couldn't bring my self to know whose voice it was so instead I try opening my eyes. I opened my left eye and closed it, I opened my right eyes then closed it also. One, two, three, I flip my eyes open and look at the person holding my hand. It was ya abba. He smiled at me and I smile back causing my head to ache terribly.

"Ya abba" I whisper and my jaw hurts when I talk

"Ammah" he replied

"Faisal, is h-h?" I asked but keep shut cause my jaws and head didn't like the idea of me talking.

"Shh, don't talk okay. Faisal? Faisal is fine" he said and I could make out by his voice he is lying. Tear escaped my eyes and ya abba quickly wipe them off. "Don't cry please" he plead.

I want to ask him more questions but I can't. I'm afraid I will worsen my condition and then how will I find my Faisal. The nurse came in and changed the drip, she asked ya abba to leave cause I need to rest.

'Excuse me young lady, I've been resting for five days I don't think I need to rest anymore I just Faisal to be alright' I want to yell at the nurse but instead I shot her a glare. I watch as ya abba slowly stand up and leave.



Faisal yelled my name and I try to detect where his voice is coming from.

"Faisal? Where are you!?" I cried walking around in the devastated forest. I yelled his name but I got no reply. Tears streaming down my eyes as I run here and there searching for him

"Over here!" he yelled and I turn around in a swift moment to see him tied to a chair. Blood dripping from his mouth as his left eye was swollen red. I gasp loudly as I rushed to him. I cupped his cheeks in my hand as I cried.

"Baby girl run" he whispered on my face and I shook my head negatively being stubborn as usual.

"Please Ammah run" he plead and I hugged him tightly. Someone gripped my neck tightly throwing me on the ground as I bruise my elbow and knees. Faisal growled at him commanding him to let me go but he wrap his hand around my neck choking me. I couldn't see the man's face cause he was wearing a black mask, pants and shirt.

"If I let her go will you take the pain for her?" the man asked and Faisal nod his head. He let me go and I gasp for air before I could stop the man he pulled out his gun and position it at Faisal. BOOM! The last sound I want to hear in my life went straight into Faisal's heart.

"Noooooo!!!" I yelled as I put my hands over my ears.

"Nurse! Ammah are you okay?! Doctor!" mama shout beside me and the doctor came in with the nurse trailing behind him. He made me lay down and checked my pulse, he asked me to breathe in and out and asked the nurse to check my blood pressure.

"All good, just relax. Nurse get her something to eat" the doctor said and mama nod her head. They leave the room leaving me alone with mama who was holding my hand and smiling at me.

"Mama did they find Faisal?" I asked

"Keep quite Ammah and take care of yourself" she scold

"Mama please tell me"

"They will be releasing him today, they collected about five hundred dollars" she said as the nurse came in. She brought soup, slices of apple, energy dink, and some mashed potatoes. Eww. I hate hospital food.

"I am not eating that" I said

"You have to eat it, I'll be back to take the empty tray out in a while" the nurse said as she leave the room

"I hate her" I breathe out and mama scold me saying she is just trying to help me. She forced me to eat everything on the tray and then pat me on my head until I start to feel sleepy. I pray to Allah to bring Faisal home safely as I shrug off the dream I had earlier.

"Mama will Faisal be okay?" I asked in a sleepy voice

"Insha Allah love" she replied and I slowly drift into sleep thinking about my one and only Faisal.

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