Loving Ammah

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Chapter 14

Ammah's POV


"Are they here yet?" I asked Humaira for like the tenth time now and she sigh watching out the window.

"No" she replied and I grin. Ya abba just called me that Faisal has been released and he will be coming now to meet me in the hospital. Yes, they still haven't discharged me. I breathe in and out trying to calm down.

"They are here!" Humaira exclaimed

"Really? O - M - G!" I squealed clapping my hands together and the drip dangling under my left hand. The door slowly opened and ya abba entered with Faisal behind him. He was wearing a black v neck T-shirt and sweat pants that hung his torso. His right eye is black and he has a scar under his left eye. Under his lips there is faint scar and he smiled at me my eyes filling up with tears.

Humaira and ya abba leave the room leaving us alone. He walked to me and sit on the chair near me.

"Hi" he whispered

"Faisal" I said and I hug him crying. He let me cry on his shoulder soaking his T-shirt with tears as he rubs circles on my back.

"Shh Ammah look I'm okay" he convinced as I pull away from the hug.

"No your not. Why did they kidnap you?"

"That's a story for another day. Tell me how are you feeling?"

"Please tell me"

"I'll tell you when the right time comes, I promise" he said and I nod my head not wanting to pressure him, he will tell me at his own convenient time. His phone rings and he picked it up, I take the opportunity to take a good look at him. His hair was ruffled and he talk in his phone dimples flashing from both cheeks. His eyes met mine and he smiled ending the call

"I forgot Ameera, Amnat and Safinat are waiting in the car" he said scratching the back of his neck

"They came to see me?" I asked in awe

"Yeah, they should be here any minute" he replied and my face glee in excitement. We talk for a while before the door opens and the three come in with ya abba and Humiara. Ameera hugged me and she kiss me on my cheek, she gave me flowers and Amna bought me a cake that says 'get well soon' while Safinat bought a big packet of Oreo and KitKat.

"Oh guys you didn't have to go through so much trouble either ways thank you" I say keeping the stuffs on the table beside me

"Ammah please get well soon then we can play with my dolls, ya Faisal bought me new ones yesterday when he came back from his trip. I was crying cause he didn't tell me he was leaving and when he came back he got injured terribly" Ameera said innocently

"Sorry princess you know I had to travel for an important meeting and I fell on my way home" Faisal said and she pout

"Ameera I told you we are never talking about that" Amnat said as she walks to Faisal and hugged him "See he is alright" she add crying silently and he console her

"Amnat control yourself I promise I'm fine" he said

"Yes Amna your brother is absolutely fine" Ya abba says as she wipe her tears and smile. It's so cute how they care about Faisal and also how he cares about his sisters. It's really matured of him not to tell Ameera about the kidnapping stuff she is still a kid

We chat away for a while and the bossy nurse came and informed visiting hours is over. They all bid goodbye and leave but before leaving Faisal hand me a beautiful bracelet with the letter F and A and in between them was a heart. It was covered in diamond and pearls as it shinned, It's beautiful.

"Faisal, I'm speechless" I whispered and he smile

"I'm glad you like it"

"Rephrase that"

"Um, you hate it?"

"I mean I love it"

"Thank God"

"Thank you so much, I appreciate it"

"I should be thanking you for caring so much about me"

"Well you care for me too" I blush

"Please take care"

"You too" he replied and I watch him walk out. I watch my bracelet in awe as I hold it close to my heart grinning so wide I'm afraid my mouth will tear.


"WELCOME HOME!" Humaira, adda and mama yelled as I enter with ya abba behind me.

"Aww. Thank you" I said hugging everyone.

"Come have lunch autan mama. Look she made all your favourite foods" Humaira said as she hold my hand helping me to the dinning table. I look at the delicious foods lay on the table: lamb tomatoes and green peas rice, roasted chicken with vegetables saffron rice, Saudi rice with beef and potatoes and Saudi shish Barack with noodle soup.

"All this? Mama your the best" I said hugging her

"Anything for you my love"

"Now eat" Adda command and I chuckle serving myself, everyone sit down and we eat together. The food is delicious not like the one in the hospital, mama made a cold Zobo which was out of this world.

After they made me eat all the food, I went to my room to rest but instead I start watching the series I missed for the past few days. My phone rings and it was Faisal, I smiled picking the call.

"Hi" I chirped

"Hey Ammah. You home?"


"Okay amma and I are coming to meet you"

"Okay see you"

"Bye" he said and I end the call. I inform mama and told her I was going to have a quick shower. After scrubbing my body from the hospital germs, I changed into my blue floral sleeveless gown with my black boyfriend Jacket. I pack my hair in a bun and wrap my matching scarf on my head.

The door bell rings and I hear voices chattering away, I walk downstairs only to be pull into a warm hug by aunty Hawwau.

"My dear Ammah, how are you feeling?" she asked

"I'm fine"

"Oh my love, sit down" she said gesturing me and I sit near her. We talk for a while until they had to leave.

"I'll pick you up by eight don't worry abba agreed" Faisal said as everyone was outside biding goodbye to aunty Hawwau.

"Where are we going?" I asked surprised

"Some where special" he winked

"What I'm I suppose to wear when I have no idea where we are going?" I asked pouting

"Wear something warm" he said and his mom called him "See you soon" he add and walk away.



I look at my self in the mirror and the girl standing wore a blue jeans, top that says 'hug me', a brown jacket and some high heeled boots. Her scarf is around her head tightly as her makeup was light: eye lined eyes, mascara and a nude lips. Purrfect. I sprayed my Night Oud perfume and grabbed my phone walking downstairs.

"Be safe" ya abba chirped and I smile at him walking to Faisal who was waiting patiently in his car. He is wearing a buttoned up white shirt neatly folded up to his knuckles, his hair is ruffled clearly stating how he has been pulling his hair with his fingers in frustration.

"Hi, you look pretty" he comments as I buckle up

"Thanks. You don't look bad yourself either" I said and he chuckle, an awkward chuckle. What's up with him?

"Where are we going?" I asked

"My cousin recently opened this restaurant 'Red chillies' that's where we are going"


"Yeah it's really cool they have this 'wish water' you grab a paper, write your wish, make a boat out of the paper and let it float in the water, people believe your wish comes true"

"Wow. Have you tried the wish thing-y?"


"What did you wish for?"

"I can't tell you it's a secret"

"But did your wish come true?" I asked and he keep quiet before smiling and looking at me.

"Yes, it did" he replied before returning his attention to the road still smiling. We arrived shortly and the restaurant is spectacular, we were shown our reserved table which was outside instead of inside (cause the outside is more amazing) we sit down and a waitress gave us the menu.

"Hi guys, I'm Selena I'll be your waiter for the day. What will you like to have please?" a blonde girl asked wearing a black skirt and white shirt tucked in, her hair is in a high ponytail as she holds a notepad and a pen in her hand.

"I'll have the usual, Phat tai, the one that consists of fried noodles and bean sprouts, peanuts and lime juice" Faisal read from the menu and she write it down

"Should it be spicy?" she asked

"No, and a cup of water please"

"Still or sparkling?"

"Still" he replied and she look at me waiting for my order.

"I'll have Indian chicken biryani, lamb kebabs and a cup of iced orange juice"

"Okay, I'll be back in a while with your orders. In the mean time go through the deserts menu" she said giving us each another menu and we smile watching her walk away.

"This restaurant is very fancy" I say to Faisal as I go through the desserts menu

"Yeah. So Ammah I want to tell you something really important promise me you won't freak out" Faisal said with a serious expression in his face

"Umm" I think as my hearts beat fast against my chest. I love surprises but I hate the one that's gives me a heart attack or leaves me heartbroken.

"Must I promise I won't freak out?" I asked him pouting

"Yes" he replied and I think again.

"Okay fine, I promise I won't freak out" I said

"The thing is that-"

"Here is your food, and what will you like for dessert?" Selena cut him off as she lay the food on the table

"I'll have the chocolate cake with strawberry garnish" I said and she write it down.

"Same" Faisal said and she walk away

"What were you saying?" I asked him looking down at my dish

"Let's eat first" he said and I nod my head. We eat in silence, mostly me trying to make a conversation but for some reason it's awkward. Selena brought our desserts a awhile ago and now we are done. We walk to the wish water and people were grabbing a paper and pen from a man and writing their wish before making it into a boat and letting it go.

"Before we do the wish thing I want to tell you something" Faisal said as we walk far away from the wish water, by the bridge were the stars shine brightly in the sky.

"Tell me" I say facing him

"I'm leaving the country today" he whisper

"Is everything okay?" I asked calmly

"I guess, I don't know. They are still trying to get their hands on me and Uncle Yakub and my dad are sending me to this 'safe place' for a while"

"Where are you going then?"

"I have no idea, London? America? Canada? China? I don't know honestly all I know is that I'm leaving today"

"I-I" I stammered

"I know, you don't have to say anything. I promise I don't want to leave but I have too, Now listen to me you have to be extra careful cause they saw me with you actually they've been stalking us. Uncle Yakub will send four police officers to guard your family until I'm back. Ammah please take care of your self, I personally hired two body guards to follow you everywhere and keep you safe cause we can't take any chances. This people are dangerous" he explained as tears fill up my eyes

"But when will you come back?" I choked my words out

"First August"

"Ya abba's wedding?"

"I can't miss my best friend's wedding not in a million years"

"I'll miss you" I whisper and he smile wiping the tears I didn't know escape my eyes.

"I'll miss you too" he said and we look at the stars lost in our own thoughts.

"Meet me under the lights of a thousand stars" he sing and I chuckle "First August midnight. This same spot we shall meet" he add

"Yeah, we shall" I replied hugging him. We walked to the wish water and grabbed a paper each, he look at me and smile before writing his wish. I smile at him and hands shaking I write down my wish:

"I wish I'll be able to express my feelings to Faisal when he is back"

We made a boat out of the paper and let it go. We got in his car and he drop me home, after one last hug I watch my Faisal drive away forever until time jumps to first August.

Insha Allah we shall be one then.


A lot of people have been asking why Faisal and Ammah won't just confess their love for each other already but then what fun will it be when they meet, confess their love, date, blah blah and marry? seriously we need to spice it up a lil bit😉 that's why I love taking things slow and adding DRAMMMAAA....

I believe you all agree with me, huh?

Tell me what you think, TA-DA.

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