Loving Ammah

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Chapter 15

Ammah's POV


It's been a month since Faisal left and to say I'm missing him will be an understatement. Nothing much has being going on, well except for ya abba's wedding arrangement which is around the corner. It's exactly one month, thirty days, ten hours and ten seconds for Faisal to return. Yeah I'm that weird. I haven't heard about Faisal nor was his phone reachable, I sometimes go to his home to visit the twins and Ameera and while chatting I'll bring up his topic and ask if they've talked to him or know if he is okay but they don't know anything, they are equally as worried as I am.

So basically studying was the only thing to do to take my mind off Faisal. My exams are starting on Wednesday and I have to make my family proud.

I walk inside the house only to see adda, mama, Humaira and ya abba cleaning. Mama was yelling from the kitchen telling Humaira to hurry up and dust off the console, ya abba was vacuuming the house and adda was moping.

"Um, hello weirdos" I say out loud and they look at me

"Good Ammah your home" adda said handing me the mop

"Your never excited I'm home what the tomatoes is going on?" I asked and she blush.

"Well my sis here is so eager to get married to her lover that she won't wait until I get married to start her own preparations" ya abba teased

"I'm still confused" I said sincerely as mama entered the living room

"Abdalla's family is coming over to see your sister" mama said

"What? I mean when? Like the Abdalla in her office? I'm so happy"

"They will be here in two hours hours now everybody sharp-sharp" mama claps her hand

"I'll go get ready Ammah mop" adda says as she run upstairs.

"What is going on in this family?" I asked pouting

"Ammah freedom. Ya abba and adda will be leaving the house only for us to parrrtttyyy" Humaira squealed

"I'm standing right here" ya abba said waving his hand

"I know" she shrugged off. I mop and before anyone could assign me any work, I rush to my room and take a quick shower. I dressed up and walk to adda's room where she was dressed in an Arabian lilac dress with mama pinning her veil carefully around her head. Humiara was doing her makeup and she was sitting on the chair impatiently.

"Are you done?" she mumbled

"Adda stay still" Humaira scold and I walk to her "Gosh why can't you keep quiet Abdalla is not going to run anywhere?" she add and she smack her.

"Here, I'll do it" I offer and Humaira smile, i did her makeup and she thank me putting on her shoes.

"They are here! Mama!" ya abba yell from downstairs and adda start to panic. Mama rush downstairs leaving Hummy and I with a panicking adda.

"O Allah. What if they reject me? What if they hate me? What will happen then? What if-" adda ramble and I cut her off

"Nothing such will happen. Think positively, now I need to go help mama" I say

"Me too" hummy add and we leave her alone. We walk downstairs and take the tray of snacks and drinks to the guests in the living room

"This is Ammah and Humaira," mama introduce and I look up to see a woman, who I'm guessing is the mom. The dad and Abdalla with a younger girl who looks like Humaira's age and a guy who is about my age (he looks familiar)

"Salam" Humaira and I greet

"Walaikumu salam" they all replied

"You look familiar" 'the guy' said "Ammah?" he asked and I nod my head sitting beside ya abba who was giving me the do-you-know-him look.

"Ahmad?" I asked

"Yeah we have the same class on Thursdays. Wow your the girl that won the best mathematics student in the whole uni, I'm-" he rambled

"Ahmad" Abdalla hiss

"Oh sorry" he replied sheepishly and we all laugh.

"I'm Yasmin by the way"

"Humaira" hummy replied and they start talking like long lost friends.

"Okay we've met everyone except our darling Afra, where is she?" their mom asked and Abdalla blush

"Ammah, Humaira, go and get Afra" mama said and we nod our heads rushing upstairs where adda was listening to music on her phone.

"Are you for real?" hummy asked her

"Music calms me down" she defend

"Whatever, they are asking to see you" she replied and she drop her phone, she put another layer of lipstick before taking a deep breath and we walk downstairs with her head hung low. Oh so now she is behaving like an innocent girl? *smirks*

"Masha Allah. Afra your more beautiful than the last time I saw you" their mom said as she hug adda

"Thank you" she replied and I stare at her shocked. Is this really my older sister? I mean she is so, so, nice, gentle and calm. Woah if in laws got her doing all innocent cutie then trust me they should be with her all the time.

She sits down in between mama and their mom as they talk. After a while everyone decides Afra and Abdalla should talk things alone so they walk to the garden. Ya abba being the overprotective brother he is kept eyeing the garden snooping around the two. I nudge him on his arm and he gave me the questioning look.

"Take a break" I huffed under my breath

"They've been out there for a while now don't you think is time for them to head inside?" he asked worriedly

"Uh puh lease leave the love birds"

"Uh no, not on abba's watch" he said and before I could replied Ahmad start talking to me.

"So Ammah we should really get to know each other since we are going to relatives now" he said

"Yeah but the elders haven't said anything though"

"It's a yes from our side for sure"

"Well then" I reply and adda and Abdalla came back.

"So it's a yes from us Afra what is your answer?" his mom asked and she blush

"Do you need some time to think it through?" ya abba asked her

"No. It's a yes if mama is okay with it" she replied shyly.

"If your okay with marrying him then why should I have a problem?" mama asked and we laugh

"Congratulations but we have one request please" his dad said "you know Abdalla is moving to America cause he got a job offer so which means Afra will be going with him. Can we have the wedding as soon as possible, I mean if your okay with it"

"You know her brother is getting married soon so I don't know if we can handle two weddings" mama thinks

"Well then it doesn't have to be a grand wedding, just family right Afra" Abdalla asked

"Yes just family" adda replied

"Okay then" mama agreed

"Next week Friday will be the engagement which will take place here.." ya abba said

"and then the wedding will be on Monday at our house" his mom completed

"And then they leave for America on Thursday" his dad add

"Is that okay with both of you?" mama asked

"Yes" they both coursed

"Congratulations everyone. We should better get going now, take care my love" his mom said to Afra hugging her and they all stand up

"Thank you so much, it was nice having you over. See you at the engagement party" mama said

"Insha Allah" and after goodbyes and all they left. Adda was blushing profusely and everyone was hugging her saying I'll miss you and all

"Ammah won't you miss your sister?" mama asked and they all look at me. I let the tears fall down my cheeks and I run to my room falling on my bed.

I know I should be happy for my sister but I'll miss her so much even though we don't get along. The door opened and ya abba comes in

"Ya abba" I cried as I hug him tightly "What is happening, we are all growing up so fast. I'm I that annoying that you and adda want to leave me?" I asked

"No baby" he said as I soak his shirt with tears. "Just because Afra and I are getting married doesn't mean we are tired of you, it doesn't mean we don't love you"

"I'll miss you both" I whisper

"We will miss you too and hey It's not like I'm dying or something my house is just a twenty minutes drive from here you can come anytime"

"Show off" I huff "But adda is going so far"

"There is something called technology Ammah" he rolled his eyes and I pout standing up.

"Where are you going?" he asked

"Adda is not going anywhere without answering my questions"

"What questions?" he asked confused and I ignore him walking to her room. She was already changed into her night gown and was sitting on the floor crying and looking at baba's picture.

"Adda" I chocked my words out and she look at me. Ya abba lock the door behind him and I kneel in front of her

"You can't leave without answering my questions" I said

"Which questions?" she asked as ya abba watch us

"Why do you hate me?" I asked

"I don't hate you"

"Your lying. I don't know what I ever did to you and you just won't tell me. You always scold me when I do something wrong instead of correcting me. You never appreciate what I do. I remember baking you a cake on your birthday and you didn't even taste it instead you threw it in the dustbin and ate the one mama bought, you think it I didn't see you throwing it? I saw you and it shattered my heart into thousand pieces. I remember offering to help you cook or something but you pretend I don't exist. I was always close to you yet so far, you never ask for my opinion or help instead you ask Humaira and it hurts me even though I pretend I don't care. You love Humaira more than me and I don't know why? You always take her shopping or you guys have a sleepover or something leaving me alone. You guys sneak to the movies or a concert and leave me out and you think it doesn't bother me? Why do you do this to me? I don't understand why and I'll never unless you just tell me. I try to talk to you about my problems but you always push me out saying your busy or something. Please just tell me why?!" I cried and she cry along with me.

"I could ask you the same thing you know? You think it doesn't make my heart ache when you and ya abba hang out leaving me alone?" she asked

"We never leave you alone?" I whisper

"Yeah right. Before you were born ya abba and I used to do everything together, we used to be best of friends until you came along. Being the baby of the family everyone love you and I was okay with that cause I love you too and I was so excited to have a baby sister who I can do all the girls stuff with, go shopping, gossip about boys, cook, watch blah, blah but then you and ya abba stated hanging out leaving me third wheeling in everything you do. You became his favourite and mama's favourite too, and then Baba died and I was so lonely. I-I" she stops and take a deep breath "When Humaira came I started doing all the girly stuffs with her, ignoring you cause I was so mad at you for snatching my brother for me I know it was very silly of me to do but yeah whatevs. Just so you know I never hate you, I love you so much and I wish you guys never leave me out in everything you used to do and will do in the future" she finishes and I hug her tightly crying.

"I am so sorry" I cried

"Me too Afra, I am so selfish. I was just doing to this pampering Ammah here and there cause she was the last born and you know she grew up without her father and I never wanted her to miss him" ya abba choked and I notice he was crying "I'm the worst brother ever, I'm so sorry" he add and she hug him

"It's okay," she said as we pull away from the hug. "Now stop crying you both I'm getting married" she squealed and we laugh.

"Can I sleep here tonight?" I asked

"Yeah" she replied

"Goodnight girls" ya abba said

"Goodnight" we chorused and he leave the room. We lay on her bed and I hug my sister crying silently in her arms.


"So how was the exams?" adda asked as I get in her car

"Good Alhamdulila" I replied as I buckle up. "where are we going?" I asked

"Shopping duh, my engagement is in seven days"

"Oh-kay" I replied as I watch back to see the two body guards Faisal hired before leaving get in their car and following us.

"Isn't is awesome that we have body guards following us to the mall? I mean I know I'm that popular but shut up!" adda being adda felt like the most important people in the world.

"It's annoying to be honest"

"Ammah darling I know your not used to being popular but at least don't be a weirdo when your with me" she said and I sigh. She park in the parking lot and we got out for the shopping of our life. Yeyyyy *note the sarcasm*

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