Loving Ammah

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Chapter 16

Ammah's POV


Today is Adda's engagement and to say the house is a mess will be an understatement. Everybody is yelling here and there looking for his or her shoe, bag or phone.

My aunty from Kano, Aunty Umma came over for Adda's engagement/wedding with her three children.

Her elder daughter: Rabia with her son Fahad. Her younger son, Radeel with his wife Amani and daughter Inam and her youngest son, Khalifa.

Apart from them, we invited Faisal's family so basically the twins and Ameera are in my room getting their makeup done by the makeup artist. Safiya's family were also invited. Her sister Safa was chatting away with Humaira while aunty Asmau was dressing Adnan. (Safiya so badly wanted to come but she couldn't due to some reasons) nevertheless, she will be attending ya abba's wedding Insha Allah.

So basically this is mama's idea of just family. (I wonder what Abdalla's family will think when they see our Idea of 'just fam')

"Ammah, where have you been?" Rabia asked

"Downstairs with the guests" I sigh heavily, I'm so exhausted.

"Okay now come on, get ready" she pushed me inside my bathroom handing me my light blue heavy embroidered mermaid gown. I lock the bathroom and quickly change into my dress. I step out from the bathroom and everyone kept commenting on my dress and how they love it and I gush them with aw-s and thanks.

The makeup artist grumpily asked me to sit down so she can do my makeup (she is rude but I don't blame her she has been rubbing makeup on people's face since after fajr prayer and now it is noon). After rubbing quite a few unknown and known substances on my face, she was finally done. I look at myself at the mirror and Masha Allah I looked beautiful, I wasn't quite expecting myself to look breath taking since I'm not the bride.

Rabia helped me wrap my matching veil around my head and I thank her. Mama came inside my room and kissed me on my forehead saying I look beautiful she was dressed in a lemon green expensive lacy blouse and wrapper and even her makeup was done.

"Mama, you look amazing" I said

"Thank you darling" she blush "Now everybody go downstairs quickly the groom's family will soon be here" mama push everyone downstairs and I take the opportunity to check on adda. No one has been allowed to see her cause she wanted it to be a surprise.

"Sorry miss you can't enter" A girl I didn't recognized stopped me from entering her room

"She is my sister" I hissed

"I don't care, I've been given strict instruction not to let anyone in except the makeup artist and Aunty Umma" she said and I frown at her.

"Ammah!!!" Ameera jumped out of nowhere and I hugged her, she was wearing a light pink balloon gown and she looks so cute. I picked her up in my hand and I kissed her on her cheek.

"Ameera love, you look beautiful"

"Thank you. You look beautiful too" she replied "Amma is looking for you, let's go downstairs" she said

"Okay" I replied leaving the stubborn girl to guard Adda's room. We walked downstairs and our living room is no longer the same, the couch has been moved backwards creating a spacious space where a red carpet lay. There is an elegant bride and groom chair sitting on the very end of the carpet, cushions were lay at the bottom of the chair as kids sit down chattering away and eating the snacks that was on the table. Ya abba really did a good job by decorating the living room, the theme is red and black and I'm guessing Adda's dress is red (yes, none of us have since the dress yet).

I snapped out from my thoughts when Ameers squealed pointing at where her mother was standing with mama.

"Salam aunty Hawwau"I greeted dropping Ameera safely on her feets

"Ammah? My darling, you look beautiful Masha Allah" she gushed hugging me tightly

"Thank you. I can't find the twins?"

"They must be with Humiara"


"The groom's family is here!" Ya abba yelled and everyone was trying to get a glance at the groom. Music started playing at the background as the groom's family entered. Abdalla was wearing a black shirt and red tie, his Armani suit and pants. They entered and mama introduced them to everyone. I notice Ameera was long gone and so was her mum as mama drag her to introduce her to everyone.

Before I could move an inch, Ahmad came and start talking with me. (this boy sure is a chatterbox) he commented how I beautiful I look and I comment him too and It didn't take me long to regret commenting back cause he started his story on how he bought his clothes last minute. Oh Allah help me! And he did, Alhamdulilah. Mama called me and asked me and Amnat (since she was the only girl we could find in the crowd) to get adda. Abdalla was sitting on the couch with friends and family surrounding him.

We both push our way to adda's room and the so called guard girl could not stop us from entering cause we need to get adda downstairs. I smirked pass the girl and push the room open. Adda was dressed in a red, half cut lacy dress that flow beautifully. It was a high low dress as the back was longer than the front, a black belt with sequence that made a big bow at her back brought the designs structure well. Her makeup was done perfectly and she had fake eyelashes, mascaraed eyes and shaped eyebrows. Her hennaed hands was adorned with bangles and here neck was wearing a gold necklace. She wore black high heels and black scarf that was tied around her head securely.

"Wow!" I finally breathe out "You look beautiful just like Cinderella" I say and she laugh

"Thanks" she blush

"Ammah everyone is waiting, let's go" Amnat remind and I nod my head. Adda grabbed her matching purse and Amnat and I stay on her sides, respectively right and left. We slowly walk downstairs and when we reached everyone keep quiet looking at the bride and whispering Masha Allah, she looks beautiful, I love her dress etc. Mama walked to her and kissed both her cheeks as she gestured her to sit beside Abdalla and she did. The photographer was clicking away with his camera as music was loud making kids dance in joy. Humaira dragged everyone one to the dance floor as we dance to the song being played. After then it was time for adda and Abdalla to exchange the rings.

His dad hand him adda's ring and he take her hand and slip the ring after saying bismillah. Everyone clapped and ya abba hand adda a ring and she slip the ring also saying bismillah. We all clapped again everyone muttering congratulations to each other, after clicking a few pictures it was time to eat. Alhamdulilah, the engagement is concluded remaining the wedding..


"Yes, Alhamdulilah" Adda muttered against the tears as the Imaam asked her for the third time if she takes Abdalla to be her husband.

"Congratulations, the wedding had been concluded"the Imaam said and everyone applause congratulating one another, ya abba wipe adda's tears away muttering soothing words into her ear and she smile. I walk to both of them and hug adda tightly ya abba joining the hug.

"Congratulations" I whispered in her ear as a tear escape my eye, I can't believe she will be gone far away from all of us in a few days.

"Thank you" she whispered back as I pull away from the hug

"See my baby sis all grown up" Ya abba teased pinching her cheek and she laugh

"I wish baba was here" she said in a serious tone as she place her head on ya abba's shoulder

"He is in a better place Insha Allah" he muttered patting her head

"Insha Allah" we chorused "I-I need to g-go, the guests" I stammered and quickly rush out of Abdalla's living room where the wedding took place before they could see the tears threatening to spill down from my eyes.

I walk outside as I try to calm down. I wish baba was here ...and Faisal. The thought of never getting my wishes fulfilled makes me want to kill myself slowly and painfully.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn around to see Ahmad smiling at me.

"Hey. Don't cry, just because your sister is going far away doesn't mean you won't still keep in touch" he said and I smile gratefully.

"Look even I'm gonna miss Abdalla" he said quietly "He is my best friend but every good thing comes to an end and we can't be selfish to keep our close ones with us forever" he explain and I digest what he is trying to tell me. I can't believe I'm gonna say this but he is right.

"So there really is something up there" I said pointing at his brain and he laughed

"Yeah there is, now come on be happy for her" he said and I smile

"Thank you"

"Your welcome" he replied smiling as he hold his eyes with mine for a while before shrugging off and walking back to the living room.

What was that all about?

The staring?

The smiling?

The comforting?

The always magically showing up when I'm alone?

Ya Allah? Is it what I think it is?!


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