Loving Ammah

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Chapter 17

Ammah's POV


"Ammah dinner" Ya abba yelled from the dinning table.

"Okay" I replied reading through my notes. We have chemistry exams tomorrow and I have to pass with an A, not a B or C an A.

"Ammah!" he yelled again

"Coming" I replied from the living room flipping through my note book. I read the two page essay on the importance of chemistry and flip the next page only to feel the book being collected from my hand.

"Ya Abba!" I yelled sprawling from the couch and watching him with hands crossed across my chest.

"For the last time dinner" he stressed the words.

"But I need to study for my chemistry exams tomorrow" I pout as he keep my book aside and grab my hand.

"No one study on an empty stomach" he said as we walk to the dinning table and he make me sit on my chair.

"Eat you won't eat, do you want to fall sick Ammah?" mama asked stuffing my plate with yam and beef sauce

"I ate" I argued

"What did you eat?" she asked

"I ate two slice of bread in the morning"

"Lunch?" she asked and I keep quiet

"She didn't eat anything" Humaira said and ya abba sigh

"You won't move an inch until you finish your food" he said sternly leaving no room for arguments. I stuff the food in my mouth glaring at him. Why can't my family understand I need to study. Don't they want me to pass with flying colours? Ya abba ignore my glares adding more food to my plate, I eat the food and somehow manage to choke. Mama passed me a glass of water and I drink it trying to breath steadily.

"Eat slowly no need to rush" Ya abba said and I ignore him. Humaira finishes eating and she say goodnight leaving for her room, mama did the same thing after she's done leaving me with ya abba. I stand up to leave too but he stop me.

"Your plate is not empty Ammah" he said rolling his eyes

"But ya Abba!" I cried

"Sit Ammah" he command and I grumpily did as told. I slowly eat the food watching him chat away in his phone smiling.

"Ya abbaaaaaa" I dragged

"Hmm?" he asked his eyes not leaving his phone.

"I'm full, I swear to God I'll puke if I eat more" I said and he look at me before looking at the plate.

"Okay" he said and I stand up

"Ammah wait" he yelled from behind me and I turn around to see him smirking

"I love you" he said

"I hate you" I said walking to the living room and gathering my books to go to my room.

"By the way say hi to my sister in-law and tell her she is marrying a big dummy" I say to him from the living room and he smile

"Will do" he replied and I walk upstairs to my room not before hearing a goodnight from him.

I sit on my study table and start reading and preparing for tomorrow's exams. No sleep tonight..


"Ice cream?" ya abba asked and my mind drifted to Faisal remembering the time we went to have ice cream and his crazy idea for us to go to Jos, and how he grabbed my hand in his fitting perfectly like a missing puzzle. I smile at the memory as I feel a pang in my chest as realization hit me on how much I've missed him.

"I miss him too" ya Abba said snapping me out of my thought and I snap my head at him.

"W-Who?" I asked innocently

"Don't lie to me Ammah. I know you are thinking about him cause your twirling that bracelet" he said and I smile down at the bracelet Faisal gave me that day when he visited me at the hospital.

"He will be back soon. Right?" I asked

"Insha Allah"

"Where in the world is he?" I asked

"Somewhere safe" he simply replied and I look out the window knowing no matter what I do he won't tell me where.

"Hey autan mama" he called "Don't be sad okay? I hate it when your sad, please smile" he plead and I turn to meet him smiling.

I love ya Abba so much and I know he loves me equally and he care about me so much and the last thing I want to see is him being sad cause of me.

"Ice cream!" I answered his earlier question and he smile driving to the parlour.


My phone rings for the hundredth time today and I grumpily pick it up.

"Hey" I greet

"Hi Ammah" a familiar voice chirped

"Um" I pull the phone away from my ear to check the ID, it was unknown. I pin it to my ear again eyebrows furred as I try to recognize the voice.

"It's Ahmad" he laughed and I felt my stomach make an unknown sound.

"Oh, hey" I awkwardly greet and he laugh

"You've said hey before" he remind "anyways, I was wondering if you would like to study for mathematics exams which is on Friday"

"I wish I could but then-" I start to think of an excuse quickly "but ya abba won't let me come over" I complete mentally face palming my face.

Seriously Ammah, that's all I could think of?!

"That's the lamest excuse ever" he stated.


"Don't say No, please. Wallahi I need a tutor cause ban iya maths ba sosai (I don't know maths that much)" he plead

"Okay, come over to my house tomorrow by four" I said as I close my eyes

"Will do, take care" and with that he end the call. I remove the phone from my ear and drop it on my sanity table, I can't believe I just agree to study with Ahmad.. I hope he doesn't think it's a study date.

What have I gotten myself into?

I feel my stomach twist and then a pain shoots making me gasp and clutch to my stomach tightly. Inalilahi! Don't tell me it's my time of the month? Nooooooo, oh God nooooooo!

I manage to walk to my bed and fall flatly as I cry silently cause the pain increased more and more. It feels like someone is poking me with a broken glass cup on my lower abdomen and it hurts so bad.

I shut my lips tight in other not to let out a gasp that may worry everyone to my room, I groan against my tight lips as the pain increased making me roll around the bed. I hate it when I'm on my period, I hate the stupid cramps. It hurts so flipping much.

I let out a loud gasp unknowingly as my hair falls wildly from it bun sprawling on my face, my forehead was pooled with sweat as the door to my room open.

"Ammah!" ya abba yell and I clutch onto his hand tightly.

"T-the pain!" I breathe out

"Humaira get some aspirin" mama ordered as I place ya abba's hand on my stomach as if the pain would reduce if he held it.

"It h-hurts s-so m-uch," I cried

"It's okay baby, I'm right here" he whispered rubbing my stomach soothingly. Mama hand me aspirin and a glass of water and I gulp it down resting my head on ya abba's lap as I cry silently. He rub my back as Humaira went back to sleep and mama got the bathroom ready for me to take my bath.

"Tashi autan mama (stand up mom's last born) go and bath, you will feel much better" she said and I nod my head taking slow steps to the bathroom. I take a hot shower and my body instantly relax as the pain disappear slowly, I change into a pair of clean undies and night gown and walked to my room. Mama was nowhere to be found so I'm guessing ya abba consoled her I'm fine and asked her to go sleep.

I walk to the bed where he sat and lay my head on his lap.

"How are you feeling?" he asked and I close my eyes.

"Better" I replied

"Do you need anything"

"No, I wanna sleep"

"Okay tohm, goodnight"

"Goodnight" I mumbled already asleep.


"I wanna have candy" I threw a tantrum in the kitchen and mama looked at me as if i was growing two heads.

"The pain will increase crazy girl" she scold.

"Buh I'm perfectly alright now" I argued

"You looked as if you would die yesterday" Humaira rolled her eyes and I glare at her to shut the hell up.

"No candy Ammah! Go and study or help me cook, why are you being stubborn?!" mama yelled

"But mama dai am"

"What got on your panties ne nikam? She said no candy for you" Humaira put her stupid mouth inside of our conversation again and she lick her strawberry pin-pop

"Shut up! I wasn't talking to you" I snapped

"You freaking need help" she snapped back rolling her eyes

"And that's freaking none of your flipping business" I gave her my dirtiest glare and walk away.

Hell yes I was moody today and mama was being way too stubborn not giving me any candy while Hummy is annoying the shit out of me. Why doesn't anybody understands me in this house?!

And the door bell ringed and I skipped to open it. Ya abba! The only person that understands me entered with a groceries in his hand.

"I misshed you" I said in a babyish voice

"Awww, misshed you more" he mimicked.

"Mama won't let me have candy" I complained as we reach the kitchen and he drop the bags in his hand

"And why is that?" he asked and mama rolled her eyes at him

"Cause she will have stomach aches later on and then cry like a baby she is" she said and I pout patting my eye lashes at ya abba to please tell her to give me candy.

"But mama she is craving for it, let her have one" he plead

"I expected a lot more than pleading me from you" she said disappointed

"Haba mamana. Let her have one please" he said performing his magic

"Only one" she smiled at him and I squeal grabbing cherry flavoured pin-pop and then walking to the living room where Hummy was watching a film like that.

"Sorry" I muttered sitting beside her

"For what?" she asked

"Snapping at you"

"I've gotten used to your stupid behaviour when your on your period idiot" she laughed

"I'm high Allah, I just get too moody" I groan licking my sweet, oh God heaven!

"Yeah high on fake drugs" she complete and I smack her "Ouchies! You monkey, how dare you?!" she yelled

"Who are you calling monkey you I'll mannered girl? I'm elder than you joorh respect me" I hit her with a pillow at her

"Me and you who is acting matured right now?" she asked and I stick out my tongue for her.

After we watched the movie and everyone prayed while I snooped on the food mama made for dinner, the door bell rings and I knew it was Ahmad. I welcomed him in and he greet mama and Humaira then we walked to my room to study, luckily ya abba is not home if not he would have been sitting on my bed eating popcorn and watching us study basically keep an eye on us but then again Ahmad and I is a big fat NO.

We study for two good hours with Ahmad goofing around and making me laugh which made my stomach ache.

"Let's take a break please, I'm tired!" he said and I agree as she jog downstairs to the kitchen. I grab some cookies from the cookie jar and offered it to Ahmad with a soft drink and candy for him. No candy for me cause my stomach is still aching from the effect of pin-pop, mama did warn me ai.

"Hey Ammah I am something I sold my father's house to buy Iphone 7 for my girlfriend what am I?" Ahmad asked munching on his cookie.

"O-M-G!" I laughed "Your father will kill you that day Allah, don't try it" I said in between laughter as I clutch to my stomach laughing hard.

"What is chemistry?" he asked seriously

"Chemistry is the branch of science concerned with the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reaction and the use of such reactions to form new ones" I answered

"Not that chemistry" he said licking the grape flavoured pin-pop.

"Ummm" I racked my brain "Chemistry is the complex emotional or psychological interaction between people" I answered and he move closer to me until he was two inches away from my face.

"Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire" he whispered his voice low and raspy, my heart was drumming hard against my chest as my lips were suddenly dry. I put my hand on his chest and push him away blushing, why is he having this effect on me? Oh Allah!

"You look cute when you blush" he teased and I throw a pack of skittles at him and he catch it.

"Stop acting like romeo you fool"

"Oh princess" he sigh

"Don't call me that" I frown

"Okay angel"

"Don't call me that either"


"What's wrong with you?" I roll my eyes at him



"Baby Ammah"

"DON'T FUCKING CALL ME THAT!" I yelled my blood boiling against my veins, no one calls me baby Ammah except Faisal. I glare at him and ran up to my room locking the door behind me. Tears stream down from my eyes as memories of Faisal flood in my head. I miss him, I miss him so much. I wish he never left. I wish he was with me right now. I wish he would call me baby Ammah and take me shopping or go have ice cream but then reality hit me heard he is not here, with me, in the country, at my home or my room. Reality hurts so bad.

"Ammah please open the door, I'm sorry I was just joking around and if you don't like me calling you baby Ammah I promise I won't ever call you that" Ahmad yelled behind my closed doors.

"Go away!" I barked

"Please, I am so sorry" he plead

"I am not mad at you, I just want to be alone right now" I say loud enough for him to hear, after a long silence he spoke:

"Bye" he whispered and I hear small steps of him walking away.

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