Loving Ammah

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Chapter 18

Ahmad's POV


We just finished writing mathematics exams and Alhamdulilah I bet something good will come out from it, all thanks to Ammah for tutoring me.

I watch as she wave at me smiling and I wave back. I really, really like her. I like her smile, the way she talks and act like a baby, the way her eyes glimmer when she talks about something she is fond of. Yeah I'm that mad over her.

"What?!" she demand as she cross her hands across her chest. I try not to let my eyes roam around her body but instead focus on her face.

"I like the way you bend like say you want to greet your mummy" I sing 'do like that' by Korede Bello and she laugh

"You bend like say you want to pack your money, and just bend like say you want to kneel for daddy and just bend like say you no send anybody" I sing on as we walk to the cafeteria.

"Why gon' do like that?" she sing along in her sweet voice "Why you gon' keep that thing from me?"

"I'm not keeping anything from you princess" I stated and she smack me on my head. Ow, that hurt Allah.

"Why you gon' act like you don't know" she continues as we grab our lunch and walk to a table.

"Baby, don't do like that. Baby, don't tell me you don't know that you're beautiful" I completed and she blush.

"So how was the exams?" she asked as we eat

"Fine, Alhamdulilah" I answered and her phone ring-

"It's ya abba, he is outside. I'll see you tomorrow" she rushed.

"Till then princess" I wave as she frown but run towards the exit... Your mine Ammah Rabiu Alkali... Your mine.

Ammah's POV


"Hop on!" Ya abba command and I enter his car quickly.

"Where are we going?" I asked, he had called me earlier when I was in the cafeteria with Ahmad.

"Yesmin's mom and aunties are on their way to our home" he said driving faster than usual

"What? Why?!" I asked confused.

"Gyaran gidan amarya. (arranging of bride's home)"

"Oh. But then why are they coming to our house?"

"To greet mama and collect the house keys"

"Where do I come in?"

"You have to take them to the house, they don't know where the house is" he explained

"Why can't you go?" I asked

"Cause I'm shy dummy" He said and I groan

"Ya abba you know I'm not well and I'm extremely tired today"

"Your just on your period, your not on drip or something" he said rolling his eyes

"Define period" I shot annoyed.

"Uterus wants baby, person doesn't have baby and then uterus wants revenge" he said smirking and I close my eyes.

"Okay stop it" I whine and he laugh parking in front of our house. They were many cars parked in our parking lot as we decide to go through the back door.

"I'll freshen up asap!" I inform ya abba

"Fast. I'll be downstairs"


I throw my self inside the shower and quickly freshen up, I change into my pep lone blouse and skirt then tie my head tie. I grab my gele and spray my perfume hopping downstairs.

"Assalam Alikum" I greet to all the ladies in the living room. Woah that's a lot of people.

"Walaikumu salam" they all chorused.

"Inna wunin ku. (Good afternoon all)" I greet squatting.

"Lafia. Iyee so this is the Ammah everybody has been gisting us about" a lady said and I blush. I walk over to mama and sit by her side while ya abba was seated on her other side. Hummy is still not back from school.

"This is your brother's mother in law to be" mama introduce me to the lady who talked earlier.


"Yauwa dai Ammah. So finally we've since the Ammah Abba has been talking about.." she said and I blush looking at ya abba.

"She is indeed beautiful Ma Sha Allah" another lady said.

"kina da aure ne? (are you married?)" another asked

"A'a no" I simply replied

"Not yet" mama chimed in and I see ya abba frown on the talk of my marriage, I pout at him simply uninterested in this marriage talk, I am still young for crying out loud.

"Your of marriageable age ai" the same lady spoke and I fidget with the bracelet Faisal gave me.

"Rihane kenan. Even this girl you must pressure her to get married" ya abba's mother in law said

"I'm not pressuring her, I'm just saying I have someone in mind for her" she said and my heart beats fast. No, no, noooo! Oh Allah what is this woman's problem? She barley knows me and she has a proposal for me? We are talking about my brother's wedding here not mine.

"Well then we will talk later about it" mama said to her and they exchanged numbers. I look at ya abba and he gave me the reassuring look.

After that I followed all the aunties and co to ya abba's house which was a few minutes away from mama's. The house is a bungalow only them in their big compound, it has four rooms, living room, kitchen, movie room and gym room. The lawn is beautifully decorated with flowers as the aunties gaze around the house muttering Alhamdulilah.

"Baban gida ne Ma sha Allah (it's a big house)" that Rihane spoke

"Gaskia kam, Allah ya sanya Alhairi"

"Allah ya basu zaman lafia"

"Yasmin tayi sa'a wallahi"

"Gidan gwanin shawa"

"Sai mufara gyaran gidan yanzu koo?"

"Oya everybody get to work"

They spoke in hausa among themselves and I inform them I was leaving and they thanked me hugging me. I drive home and immediately grab something to eat, munching on chocolate donuts mama made for the guests and her famous Zobo (hibiscus drink)

"Your back?" ya abba asked hopping downstairs.

"We need to talk" I said as he jump on the couch beside me, I lay my head on his lap and face him.

"What's up?" he asked playing with my hair

"That Rihane woman" I whined and he sigh

"I don't like her also but then she is Yasmin's aunty"

"I don't care" I said angrily "she has no right to find me the love of my life"

"I know"

"They exchanged numbers with mama fah" I cried "I don't want to get married, at least not now!" I wipe my tears with the back of my hand as I sniff.

"Don't cry, your not getting married now okay?" he wipe my tears away

"I won't marry who ever the hell she choose for me" I said angrily and he smile

"You won't" he agreed and I smile at him.

"Hey you know what will make you feel better?" he asked and I shake my head sideways "Ice cream" he said

"Mama won't agree besides my stomach will ache later" I said sadly

"Don't be a party pooper. Mama won't know and about the pain you will have medicine and I'll be right by your side" he said and I squeal standing up, I grabbed my veil from the couch and wrap my hand around him tightly.

"I love you" I whispered

"I love you more autan mama"


It has been a hectic week with Yasmin aunties in town and that Rihane and mama keeping in touch, it annoyed the hell out of me but I still didn't say anything to mama but complained to ya abba who assured everything will be fine. He said I should let the two plan and dream but then in the end they would need my answer which will be no and then they can do nothing about it. Ta darrrr!

Today is one of the best days of my life cause we have finished exams, that Rihane woman is going back to the village she popped out from in the first place, I'm off my period so I can eat all the candy in the world. Yeyyyyy! And all in all cause it's exactly one week, three days until Faisal returns. And until ya abba gets married. I am super excited. Mama and I have been on craze alert all week shopping for stuffs for the marriage, Humaira sometimes join us but then she has school most of the times.

To add to that, ya abba got a transfer from work to Abuja. He know works in NEPA, he is the manger in the Abuja head office which is super cool cause we don't have to pay for nepa bills anymore and they won't be a day we don't have light.

"Ammah, are you even listening to me?" Safiya asked through the phone.

"I am so sorry, what were you saying?" I asked and she sigh. My best friend is now six months pregnant Alhamdulilah and she and Faruk are off to a new start Insha Allah, if she comes for ya abba's wedding she will tell her parents about him and then if they agree they will get married cause he loves her and her unborn child.

"I said have you brought a dress your wearing on the day Faisal arrives"

"I don't need to buy a dress, I'll just wear on of my English gowns" I said

"Are you mad?! You have to buy a dress my dear. This is huge, Faisal is coming after so long and then your going to express your feelings to him it has to be special and perfect" she yelled

"It's no biggy keh" I lied. Hell yes it's a big BIGGY!

"Lie to your self joorh, for all I know it's a big freaking biggy" she stressed on her words.

"Toh malama, I'll buy a dress"



"I'll buy a dress for you online and I'll have it delivered to your place"

"What difference will it make if I buy it?"

"It will make a lot of difference dummy" she said and I roll my eyes hearing mama call me down for dinner

"I'll talk later, mama is calling me down for dinner" I said

"Okay my love take care, I'll order the dress"

"Tohm Janeem. (my love in Turkey)"

"Bye Jaan. (My love in India)

She said and I end the call laughing, I skip downstairs to join my family have dinner.

"Mama is adda coming for ya abba's wedding?" Humaira asked

"Yes, Insha Allah" she replied

"When?" I asked excited

"On Sunday"

"And we are leaving for Kano on Wednesday" ya abba said and I turn to face him.

"But Faisal is coming back on Wednesday" I frowned confused.

"I know, that's why you will stay and come with him" he said and I smile "You both are coming on Thursday ranan walima. Then Friday is dinner, On Saturday daura aure (marriage conduction) and yinin biki. And then marriage over"

"Isn't someone excited huh?" Humaira smirked and I laugh

"We come back to Abuja on Tuesday" mama add and ya abba nod.

Wayoooo Allah! I am so excited.

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