Loving Ammah

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Chapter 1

Ammah’s POV


“He is here!”

I yelled as I jumped off the couch. I put on my flip flops and wrap a veil on my head before running to unlock the door.

“Really?” Adda asked as she rushed out from the kitchen with mama trailing behind her.

I opened the door to see ya Abba standing by the door with two luggage by his side. From afar I see a car drive out of the gate and I assume his friend was in the car.

“Welcome home ya Abba” I said hugging him.

"Autan mama (mom’s last born)” he said hugging me back.

“Oh Ammah let him come inside at least” adda sigh and I let him in. We sit on the couch as mama start her never ending welcome home speech.

“Mama let him freshen up first and eat then you can talk all you want” I interrupted noticing Ya abba’s uncomfortable situation.

“Alright!” she simply replied. “It’s a long trip from london to Nigeria, go freshen up and eat then rest for a while” she said and he nod his head.

He walked to his room and I decide to help mama lay the table. Adda is making coffee for ya abba and after half an hour he came downstairs.

“Ya Abba did you bring my tsaraba (gift) that Gucci hand bag” adda said as we were eating

“Kai Afra, let him eat please” mama scolded her

“I know right” he agreed “Where is Humaira?” he asked.

Humaira is my cousin who lives with us ever since she lost her parents in a plane crash years ago.

“School” I replied “Why didn’t your friend stay for lunch?” I asked him

“Why are you interested in my friend?” he asked

“Nothing. It’s just so rude not to invite one to your house especially when he did you a favour by dropping you off. Ko mama?” I said.

“Rightly said” mama agreed

“He was in a hurry to go home besides you will be seeing him often cause he is a really good friend of mine” he replied

“Ya abba when will you open your luggage now! I need that gucci handbag, I wanna show off tomorrow at work” adda said again.

“Ke please don’t disturb me I’ll give you at my own convenient time. See me see girl!” he replied

“Ughhh!” she groaned and I laugh at her.

She is so impatient.


S- Girl-friend! How far?

A- Bestie. I dey woo

S- can you come over tomorrow. Akwai gist.

A- sure. what’s the gist

S- Ammah this is serious matter fah, I can’t tell you over the phone. Kawai till we meet tomorrow.

A- your scaring the crap out of me. Is everything okay dai?

S- Time will tell. Goodnight

A- toh! Goodnight.

I replied the last message to Safiya, my best friend and switched off my phone. I wonder what’s so urgent that she can’t tell me over the phone.

It is past eleven and everyone is asleep. I was feeling kinda thirsty so I decide to go to the kitchen and drink water. I heard someone talking on the phone and it was ya abba. I gave him a questioning look but he shrugged off.

“We will talk later babe. Bye” he said as he end the call.

“Who was that?” I asked

“The important question is what are you doing here late at night?” he asked

“Ruwa (water)” I replied drinking from a glass cup. “do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

“Goodnight Ammah, stop being a detective it doesn’t suit you at all” he said

“Allah ko? Okay then, detective Ammah is on the case” I said playfully as I watched him closely.

“Sleep tight” he said and I yawned

“Detective Ammah will know everything by tomorrow” I said and collapsed into a deep sleep.

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