Loving Ammah

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Chapter 19

Ammah's POV


Today is the day.

The day I've been waiting for.

The day my Faisal will be back.

The day my other half will come home.

The day the guy who makes me smile will return.

The one who makes me laugh even when I'm sad will return to me.

He will return to his family and hometown.

"Meet me under the lights of a thousand stars"

I remember when he sang as the stars shine on his face showing his perfect five o'clock shadow.

"First august, midnight we shall meet" he add

How time flies O Allah!

Tonight Insha Allah I will tell Faisal how much I love him. I will tell him I can't leave without him and that he should never leave me alone what so ever.

I can't imagine what it would be like if he sees me, will he cry tears of joy? Will he hug me tightly until I ran out of breathe? Will he touch me countless time to see if I'm real. The question of all is Did he miss me? Did Faisal miss me as much as I did?!

Mama, ya abba, adda and Humaira had travel to Kano earlier today. Ya abba insisted I stay in Faisal's home and their mom was more that happy to have me so was the kids. I was currently in Amnat and Safinat's room dressed in a halter neck crystals red backless mermaid court train. I had freaked out yesterday when the dress Safiya ordered was delivered, the back was naked for heaven's sake. Adda and Humaira had to convince me the dress is beautiful and okay for a romantic night.

Sure it was beautiful but then it shows my curves and it bring out my breasts. It was revealing. Amnat finished doing my makeup, smoky eyes, red painted lips, mascaraed eyes and perfectly shaped eyebrows. I thanked her as she tie my matching raw silk and hand me the shawl the dress came with, I warp it on my naked back and slip my high heels on.

"Wow" Safinat who was reading a novel the whole time said.

"You look beautiful Ammah" she said

"Aww thanks" I blushed

"O My God my brother is so done for Allah" Amnat nudged me on my arm and I shake my head side ways laughing.

"He will be mad over you" Safinat chimed in

"You guys stop, your making me blush" I said covering my face as they laughed. It is currently 11pm and it will take thirty minutes or so to arrive cause Red chillies is a little bit far from their home.

"Oya tohm go! If not you will be late" they pushed me out of the room.

"Bye girls, thank you for your help" I yell

"Don't mention. Have fun!" they chorused and I smile walking to the living room, I bumped into aunty Hawwau who gasped loudly making me self conscious.

"SubhanAllah! You look gorgeous" she said kissing me on my cheek

"Thank you aunty Hawwau"

"Eya my poor son he won't know what will hit him today kam" she joked and I chuckle. "Go have fun"

"See you later" I said then walked to their BMW where the driver was waiting for me, Amnat had already informed him where he is to take me so he just drive away while I play with the bracelet given to me by Faisal. God I am so nervous. My phone rings and the ID showed Safiya, oh my Janeem.

"Hey bestfrenn" I chirped


"I am nervous, what if he didn't miss me as much as I missed him? What if he doesn't show up" I said my voice croaked at the end.

"Shh darling everything will go well. I am hundred percent sure he missed you as much as you missed him, maybe even more. About showing up kuma, I'm sure he will be there since his mom told you so, right?"

"She did"

"So calm down"

"Thank you, I wish you were here Allah"

"Don't mention babe and even though I'm not there I'll always be by your side just so you know"

"Awww. I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world"

"Stupid girl kawai, bestest is not a word"

"It is in my vocabulary"

"Tohfah! Keep all the dirty deeds for me oo"

"Nothing such will happen"

"Hmm baby girl keep telling your self that me dai I know the dirtiest things will happen between you two tonight"

"Oh Allah!!!!" I said dramatically and she laugh.

"Bye and please loosen up, have fun"

"I will. Byeeeee" I said and end the call, I look out to see we are already in the restaurant. It's 11:50pm, it's not yet twelve but either ways I went inside the quite restaurant. I am so eager and nervous. The restaurant is quite as a man approached me.

"Ammah?" he asked and I nod my head.

"Please follow me" he said and I did as told, we went outside where a boat was waiting.

"The boat will take you to your final destination Ma'am"

"Thank you" I said wrapping the shawl closer to my body and he smile walking away probably going home cause it's late. I enter the boat and the man sail away for a while that I start to get worried if his kidnapping me.

He stop on the other of the restaurant and I got off standing on the passage to a quite and dark area.

"Wait" I stopped the man as he was about to sail away. "Where is Faisal?" I asked

"I was asked to drop you here ma'am, I know nothing" he said honestly and I nod my head worried. I watch him sail away leaving me alone in the middle of no where. I tried to call someone but then no service here, I stroll down the alley and I see a small table with flowers sprawled on top and a small note. I pick it up and open it to see in perfectly handwriting written:

1- Your beautiful for the sparkle in your eyes, baby you lite up my world like nobody else.

It said and I smile reading it over and over again. I see another table not far from this one and I walk slowly to it, I see another small note and I pick it up reading it.

2- Your beautiful for your ability to make others smile despite you being sad. Baby you are something else.

I smile reading it twice. I walk to another table taking the small note, where does this end Faisal? ...I hope never.

3- No, your not beautiful as something as temporary as your looks. Your beautiful deep down to your soul.

I was dead as I read that one. That's the cutest and nicest thing anybody has every told me. I moved forward and pick the other note.

4- We're a team. Whatever you lack, I've got your back. We will balance each other baby.

I kept on moving forward reading the notes and it melting my heart. Every time the other sweeter that the one I read.

5- Minor setback? Guess what baby we will make a major comeback.

6- Bad day? Well I promise you a better night. You ever need support, I'll be your back bone.

7- I'll keep you motivated and on top always as long as you appreciate me, love me and remain consistence.

8- You don't ever have to doubt my loyalty. You've got me. I've got us.

9- I'll get jealous, I'll get mad, I'll get curious, I'll get worried but that's only cause I love you so much.

Is it me or did Faisal just write he loves me? He freaking loves me thee Ammah Rabiu Alkali?! Me!!!?

10- Baby, your my ride or die.

And right in that spot, I melted. I died and came back alive knowing there is someone out there who can't live without me, who loves every single part of me, who loves me for who I am. Who needs me to breathe.

I snapped out from my thoughts when thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran starts to play. I look around for any sign of Faisal then behold I see a shadow walking towards me.

"So honey now"

The song continue as Faisal was walking closer and my heart beating fast against my chest.

"Take me into your loving arms"

My breath hitched as I Faisal's face was visible. He was looking handsome as ever. Dressed in a sweat pants and T-shirt that hugged him showing off his packs and muscles.

"Kiss me under the lights of a thousand stars"

He moved closer as I study his face. He has grown a beard which shown he hasn't shaved in a while. His lips is full and pink as usual as his lips smile widely.

"Place your head on my beating heart"

He was one inch away from me as I stare at him in awe. A lone tear escaping my left eye as I couldn't believe my Faisal is standing right in front of me.

"I'm thinking out loud"

His fingers brush my tear away as I breathe his name out. I wrap my hands around his neck hugging him tightly as I cried. He is real.

"Maybe we found love right were we are"

The song was long forgotten as Faisal hugged me back in his warm embrace.

"Baby Ammah" he said and I smile pulling away as I watch him lovingly.

"I missed you" I said wiping away my tears, thank God my mascara is water proof.

"I missed you too baby, more than you could ever imagine"

"Please don't ever leave me" I plead and he smile sweetly.

"I promise, I won't" he vowed. "Look up" he said and I looked at him as if he is growing two heads.

"Look up baby girl, I'll be right back" he said letting go off my hand

"No. Don't leave me"

"I will be right back beauty" he said and I nod my head watching him walk away. When he was out of sight, I look up at the sky as the song changed to 'Never Forget You' by Zara Alison.

"I'll never forget you,

"You will always be by my side,

From the day that I met you,

I knew that I would love you til the day I die,

And I'll never want much more,

And in my heart I'll always be sure,

I'll never forget you,

You'll always be by my side,

Til the day I die...."

It stops there and immediately fireworks start in the sky in bold written.


It says and mad over you by Runtown starts playing.

"Hey baby Ammah?" Faisal yelled over the music and I turn around to see him on his knees holding a ring in his hand.

"Will you please do me the honour and be my girlfriend? Baby girl I can't promise you the moon but I promise to kiss you under the lights of the thousand stars. Your my ride or die, I love you so much baby. Please say yes" he said and I run to him hugging him. He slip the ring on my finger and kiss me on my cheek.

"It's a promise ring" he said as he stand up "A ring that shows I'll always be by your side no matter what" he add

"I love you" I stated and he stare at me shock.

"You love me?" he asked

"Yes Faisal I love you since the first day I lay my eyes on you. I love you so freaking much and I can't imagine the rest of my life without you" I cried and he smile moving closer until our body was one. My shawl was long gone as his warm hands rest on my naked back. He place his lips on mine as our tongues dance together in sync, the kiss was slow and passionate and he asked for permission inside my mouth and I let him in as he explored my mouth. He deepened the kiss pushing me closer to him. My body touching his body like magnets that cannot be separated. He let go of my mouth as we both catch our breaths me blushing profusely.

"I love you" he whispered and pecked my nose.

"I love you more boyfriend" I said and he smile.

That felt good. Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend... Faisal Dahiru Ringim is officially my boyfriend. He is mine peeps!

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