Loving Ammah

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Chapter 20

Ammah's POV


"Babe" Faisal called and I turn around to face him as he was currently driving.

"Naam Faisal" I answered

"Just Faisal? Call me baby" he whined

"Baby na" I called blushing and he kiss my knuckles focussing on the road. We are on our way to Kano right now while his mom, the twins and Ameera are coming by plane.

"I love it when you call me that" he said and I laugh licking my lollipop. "Hey I want that" he add

"Oh I didn't know you would like one, I've finished all except this" I said apologetically.

"I want yours" he said pouting and he looked so cute, I remove my lollipop from my mouth put it in his mouth watching him suck it.

"It tastes like you" he said letting go

"Ewww, stop it" I said and he laugh while I enjoy heaven.

"We are here, I can't wait to meet angon mu (our groom)" he grinned and I squealed. He enter Aunty Umma's compound, remember aunty Umma that came for adda's wedding? Yeah that's her.

He park the car and I immediately jump from out rushing to the front door. Faisal was by my side smiling as I press the door bell. The door was opened by Khalifa (her youngest son) and I hug him.

"Ammah!" he squealed

"Khalifa!" I said in the same excitement in his voice. I pull away and see Faisal watching him with anger in his eyes, he eyed my hands holding his and it hits me. Faisal have never met Khalifa so he thinks he is somebody else.. Oh God this jealous pants.

"Faisal meet Khalifa my cousin" I stressed on cousin and he instantly relax shaking hands with him.

"Are you guys going to stay by the door all day?!" aunty Umma yelled from inside and I run to hug her.

"Autan mamanta." she hugged back

"Aunty Umma na, I missed you sosai"

"I missed you more, where is the guy you came with?"

"His name is Faisal and he is with Khalifa"

"Right Faisal, call him inside I'll go inform your mom your both here" she said and I nod my head. I walked to the boys and I saw ya abba and Faisal talking, best friends huff.

"You didn't missh me ko ya abba?" I frown and he turn around to meet me.

"I misshed you baby" he said hugging me and I hugged back

"How are you?" he asked pulling away

"I am fine our groom" I said and he smile pinching my lips.

"Don't call me that" he command

"Ango (groom)" I teased







"Surprise" a group choruses and we all turn around to see aunty Hawwau, the twins and Ameera. Mama and aunty Umma had just arrived in the living room and we all talked among our selves all ready in the wedding vibe.

"Show Faisal his room" Aunty Umma inform me and I nod my head grabbing his hand. We walked upstairs and I show him the guestroom.

"Darling sleep with me" he said and I stare at him.

"Your mad" I laugh locking the door behind us.

"Haba mana" he whined


"Please" he plead moving closer and kissing me on my forehead.

"I can't you know that" I said and he nod his head.

"Abba will kill me" he laugh and I join him as we fall on the bed both staring at the ceiling.

"I better go every one most be looking for me" I said and he frown

"Please stay for a while" he said and I smile snuggling into his hand.

"Okay just five minutes"

"As you say love"


"You guys kissed?!" Safiya yelled and I nod my head shyly. Safiya and her family had arrived few hours ago and we were currently in the room we will be staying changing into our nighties.

"I totally ship you guys" Humaira chirped me as she undress

"Malama there is something called bathroom go change in there" I said rolling my eyes

"Safa is using the bathroom besides we're all girls here" she said shrugging off.

"Anyways in short Faisal and I are dating" I said and they squealed doing their crazy dance.

"I knew there was something going on between you two in the first place" adda said as she chat away with Abdallah on her phone.

"You guys are so cute Allah" Amnat chimed in.

"I can't believe ya Faisal did all those note thing-y, that's romantic" Safinat gushed

"Me too" I agreed as Safa step out from the bathroom, I enter and quickly take a shower then change into my night gown. I brush my hair and braid it stepping out.

"Keh you know they are boys in the house right?" adda asked Humaira who wore a bum short and tank top.

"They are all older than me ai and they are my brothers" she argued

"Mama will kill you if you step out like that" I laughed

"Khalifa is your mate joorh" Safiya said

"He is my cousin" she rolled her eyes

"Wear something longer" Safa muttered

"You guys are unbelievable" she said annoyed as she change into a longer comfy trousers.

"How old is Khalifa by the way?" Amnat asked

"Why do you wanna know?" Safinat asked

"I think he is cute" she said and I laugh

"He is older than you with six months" Hummy said wiggling her eyebrows.

"Does he have a girl friend?" she asked

"Dips on telling your brother" Safa joked

"Please don't. He will say I'm not ready to date and seize my phone for a month" she plead and I smile.

"He won't dare" I say

"Did you know what ya Faisal did when he found out Amnat was meeting boys after school?" Safinat asked and we all turn our attention to her eager to hear what's next.

"Don't say it tweenie I feel like crying if I remember it" Amnat said putting her head on her lap which I found cute.

"Haba say it" Safiya said

"Argh. Okay fine" Amnat groan and Safinat clear her throat.

"He didn't report her to amma he called her to his room and then scolded her until she started crying. He seized her phone, laptop, Ipad and her Atm card. She was not allowed to go anywhere except school even outings fah" Safinat start and I stare at her as she continue

"...her punishment was that he won't talk to her for two months. Amnat cried that day, she slept by his door begging him to talk to her but he didn't" she concluded.

"But he didn't go two months without talking to me, he talked to me on the second week which he took me Dominos" Amnat added and we all laugh

"You guys" she said embarrassed as she cover her face. Someone knock on the door and we all snap our heads to the door.

"Come in" adda called and the door slowly open revealing ya abba.

"Ammah my room now!" he said sternly and leave the room.

"Your dead, I've never since him this mad" Humaira said

"What did you do?" Adda asked

"I don't know wallahi"

"Just go, I know ya abba he won't do anything to you. Your his fave" Safiya said and I nod my head walking to his room. The door was lightly open and I close it behind me.

"Hey" I greet

"Don't hey me" he scowled

"Did I do anything wrong?" I asked confused.

"Is it true your dating Faisal?" he asked

"Aswear I wanted to tell you but then I never got the chance, I'm sorry"

"So it's true" he said hurt as he stand up

"Ya abba it's not like that" I plead

"I thought we tell each other everything?"

"We do"

"Not anymore. I didn't expect to hear this news from a stranger"

"Please listen to me" I cried

"Go away!" he barked

"Ya abbaaaaa" I stressed

"I said go Ammah. Leave me the fuck alone" he yelled and I didn't argue more. I hurt him. I rush to Faisal's room and cry in his arms. I'm officially the worst sister ever, I hurt my brother on his wedding. I hurt him...


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