Loving Ammah

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Chapter 21

Ammah's POV


Today is ya abba's wedding dinner and he is still not talking to me. I had tried many times to talk to him but he shut me out which hurts. A lot. I had given up and ran errands around the house with red puffy eyes and dark eyes, I lacked sleep and wasn't in the mood of anything except cuddling with Faisal when I get the chance.

Everyone has put on lalle (henna) yesterday except me cause I was grumpy and still sad of the fact ya abba is mad at me.

"Ammah" Ameera yelled making me snap out of my thoughts.

"Yes baby" I said picking her up in my hands.

"Your brother is calling you" she informed

"Wait my brother?" I asked surprised "Or your brother?" I asked unsure and she thinks for a while.

"Your brother" she exclaimed "Ya abba" she add and I smile widely dropping her safely on her feet, I kiss her on her cheek and quickly rushed to his room. He was sitting on the bed and I clear my throat to make my presence noticeable.

"I am sorry" he said as he hugged me and I hugged back crying.

"No, I'm sorry" I hiccupped

"I'm elder than you I should have been more matured to forgive you but instead I let you cry for forgiveness" he said pulling away "Please forgive me?"

"I love you please don't ever shut me out" I cried and he wipe my tears

"I won't" he said and I smile against my tears. "Why didn't you put on henna?" he frowned

"I don't want to at least when we are not on good terms" I said and he frown

"Your putting it now"

"Okay" I said kissing him on his cheek.

"Faisal's a good man he will keep you happy" he said and I blush

"I know"

"Go put henna and don't return until It's dried. I don't want any stain in my room" he said rolling his eyes and I laugh.

I walked to the bathroom and washed my face then proceed to the living room where the henna artist was designing mama's hand, she didn't have time to put it yesterday so she is putting it now.

"Ammah are you doing lalle ne?" Humaira asked

"No I'm here to drink liquor" I said sarcastically and adda hit my mouth.

"It was just a simple question moody pants" Hummy roll her eyes

"Yes I am putting lalle any prob?"

"It means your on good terms with ya abba" she stated smirking

"I knew he won't stay mad at you for long" Safa buzzed in

"Your lalle must not be finer than mine though" Safinat said and I stick out my tongue for her

"Mine will be the most beautiful one ai" I joked and the henna artist laughed

"You have slender fingers so it will look good on you" the henna artist compliment and I smile sweetly at her.

"This is good pancakes, you have to try some of this" Safiya said and I watch her eat like a munger she is.

"I'm hungry, come feed me"

"Do I look like your boyfriend?" she rolled her eyes.

"Someone call Faisal" adda teased and I blush.

"Who is looking for me?" we heard a voice and we snapped our heads towards the door to see Faisal standing. Mama had walked off to her room to take a nap while they henna dries off her hand. The henna artist has already start designing my hands

"Ammah is" Safa smirked and I blushed

"Why?" he asked wiggling his eyes brows at me and I blush.

"She wants you to feed her" Amnat said

"Is that so babe?" he asked and they all awed.

"Don't call me that in front of everybody" I warned and he laugh.

"Babe" he teased



"Haba Faisal" I whined as he walk closer

"Say haba baby na then I won't call you babe" he said

"In front of them?" I asked pointing to all the girls in the living room whose eyes were on us.

"Are we not people" Safinat rolled her eyes

"Shine ai, just say it" Humaira said

"Ammah say it!" Safiya demand laughing.

"Babe I'm waiting" Faisal said and I blush.

"Haba baby na" I said and they all 'awed' while Faisal smiled

"I'll grab some pancakes for you" he said and I nod my head watching him walk to the kitchen.

"Aww, you guys are so cute" adda said

"Shut up" I blushed as Faisal returned with a plate of pancakes and blueberry syrup. He fed me as the henna artist covered both my hands with lalle.

"You lover boy" ya abba yelled "Come on we have to go to the tailor to collect our clothes" he add and Faisal stand up

"Let's go" he said and bend down to kiss me on my cheek. "Bye babe" he whispered in my ear and I smile.

"Bye baby na" I whispered back

"Awwwwwwwww!" everybody chorused and for a minute I thought we were alone.

"Don't kiss her in front me" ya abba scowled at him and he chuckle. I watch them leave and the girls start teasing me.

"Girls I need one of you to escort Khalifa to go collect the gold bangles we are gifting Yasmin today from the bank" aunty Umma said.

"I'll go!" Amnat quickly said and we laugh as Khalifa appear in the living room.

"Who am I going with mama?" he asked his mom as he put on his watch.

"Your going with Amnat" she replied and he look up and smile.

"Okay, let's go" he said and she jump up following him.

"Khalifa wait!" Humaira yelled following him, she whispered something in his ear and he blush as they walk away.

"My work here is done" she said dusting of her hands and I laugh at her.


"Where are my shoes!"

"Oooh I love your dress"

"Ameera leave me alone, go play with your Ipad or something"

"Girls let's go"

"Toh Where is the groom?"

"Ammah, get your brother"

The house was crazy as we all stand by the cars waiting for ya abba and Faisal. I quickly enter the house and hop upstairs to ya abba's room.

"Ya ab-" I called but stopped mid way when I see Faisal knocking on the bathroom door.

"Finally, come and speak to your brother" Faisal sigh and I walk closer to the bathroom.

"What's going on?" I asked confused

"He won't leave the bathroom he says he is nervous" he explained and I knock on the door softly.

"Ya abba" I called but silence. "Please open the door" Again silence. "Didn't we promise to tell each other everything then why are you breaking your promise" I cried, again silence.

"You promised you will never shut me out then why are you breaking your promise? Won't you listen to your fave?" I cried as Faisal hug me from behind hands palmed in my waist. "Fine. Don't come out" I hiccupped stepping backwards slowly.

"Sweetheart" Faisal wipe my tears away but it was of no use they kept pouring. I hugged him tightly as he rub circles on my back. It hurts so much to be pushed out from someone's life, someone you love.

"Stop crying beautiful, you will ruin your makeup" he consoled as the door to the bathroom open. Ya abba was standing eyes red and puffy, I ran to him and embraced him.

"I'm sorry" he said

"It hurts when you push me out" I cried

"Sorry baby, I'm just scared. You won't understand"

"Then make me understand" I said frustrated giving him a little space and he raked a hand through his hair.

"Do you know how hard it is to have a responsibility on you? I grew up early, I didn't enjoy my childhood that much like everyone did. I didn't break the rules go to parties or anything a teenager would have done instead I studied hard for my family. When baba died you all became my responsibilities and I had to set good examples to my younger siblings in other for them to become people baba would have been proud of if he was alive. I made sure you never lacked everything and then today your asking me to take another responsibility? Yes, I love Yasmin but then it's all so scared to have to take care of someone besides you guys. I feel like I'm gonna suffocate" he cried as he sit by his bed with his head in his hands. I was speechless, I didn't know what to say to make him feel better. We all we're selfish for depending on ya abba too much, he is stressed but the he doesn't show it to us. Or maybe it's visible on his face but we were to caught up in life to never notice. Should I apologize? Or should I cry along with him? I don't know what to do.

By now my makeup is ruined and I don't care all I care right now is my brother. I run downstairs to where everyone was dressed up and ready to go to the dinner venue. They looked happy and excited but then the groom is sad, he needs consoling and love from his family members.

"Ammah? Why are you crying?!" aunty Hawwau who noticed me first asked and everyone look at me.

"What's wrong?!" Auntu Umma asked worried

"Where is abba?" Mama asked.

"Adda" I cried and she walks to me

"Yes baby, menene? What is it?"

"Come" I dragged her with me as we walk upstairs. Faisal had stopped everyone from coming upstairs saying we need space. Oh my responsible man.

"Ya abba" adda cried as she say him crying, she knelt in front of him asking him questions but he didn't say anything.

"Why is he crying?" adda asked me when he refused to answer her.

"He is scared about getting married cause he will have more responsibilities on his shoulders. We were selfish, we kept depending on him for everything not worrying what's his going through" I said sitting beside him on the bed and dropping my head on his shoulder.

"We are so sorry our dearest yaya. You know what, Yasmin and You are made for each other. She is a nice girl and I know she will keep you happy and never ever be selfish like we were" adda said silently.

"Sorry" I said hugging him and kissing him on his cheek and he smile

"Never call your selves selfish" he said

"Do you forgive us toh?" adda asked and he hug her

"I was never mad at you in the first place to forgive you guys"

"But still say you forgive us" I pout

"I forgive you" he said and I smile watching him with so much adoration. Someone knock on the door and we see mama.

"What is going on here?!" she demand

"Nothing can't a guy talk with his sisters mama?" ya abba covered up hiding his face from her.

"Look at me abba" she said sternly

"Mama I'm fine, I'll just change go downstairs" he pushed away as he back her.

"Don't push her out, please talk to her" I begged and he sigh heavily turning around to face her.

"If your father was alive he would have been so proud of you for taking care of your siblings and now completing half of your deen" she said, one look and she knows what's up.

"I love you" he kiss her hands

"Enough of this emotional stuffs, ya abba change. Ammah re touch your makeup, mama lets go downstairs" adda ordered and we did as told.

We finally arrived at the dinner and the place was amazing. Yasmin was gorgeous too as everyone danced around and have fun. Someone drag me by my hand and I turn around to see Faisal. He picked me up in a bridal style and I struggle to get out from his grip but he is too strong.

"Leave me" I whined

"No" he simply said as we walk to his car and he open the door.

"Where are we going?" I asked as he dropped me safely on the passenger's seat.

"Somewhere private" he simply answered as he close the door and enter the driver's seat.

"Faisal people must be looking for me" I said as he drive.

"I don't care seriously I've been patience for too long to have you to myself, not anymore" he said annoyed.

"Haba baby na you know I love you" I said stroking his cheek

"I know but then I need you" he said frustrated and I feel guilty for never having his time.

"I'm sorry, you know I've been so caught up in the wedding" I said and he smile.

"It's okay"

"Aren't you the best?"

"Aren't you the prettiest?"

"Where are we?" I asked as he park

"The cliff" he replied as he open my door and I got out "for a candle light picnic" he add as I watch a carpet lay with candle lights shinning the place and a picnic basket.

"Baby you didn't have to through so much trouble" I said as we walk towards the goods.

"Your dating thee Faisal Ringim get ready for surprises, gifts and goodies cause I earn only for my boo and spend money only on her" he said winking and I smile.

"You don't work" I remind

"But baba does and he gives me allowance every month, hundred thousand so yeah I work baby" he rolled his eyes

"Define work"

"Work is when you follow you father's wish even though you like it or not" he said and I laugh. He open the basket and brought out Shawarma, box of pizza, Ice lollies, candy and chicken pies.

"This is heaven" I muttered eating the chicken pie, it's so good.

"No boo, this is heaven" he said placing his hand on mine "having a candle light picnic with the prettiest girl in the whole wide world is heaven" he add and I blush.

"I love you mine" I said

"I love you too" he said and I lean forward and place my lips on his soft ones. The kiss was not like the first one, this one was rough and fast and his hand linger around my body caressing it. He picked me up and place me on his laps as he grind our hips together, he pulled away so we could catch our breaths and he smile at me.

"Hey can you twerk?" he asked and I look at him as if he was crazy

"Wtf baby!"

"It's just a question"

"No" I quickly say "maybe, I've never tried it"

"Boo twerk for me" he pleaded

"No" I blushed covering my face shyly.

"Come on baby" he said giving me the puppy eyes and he looked cute that I didn't know when I said okay. I stand up and he hit the picnic basket.

"Go Ammah, go Ammah. Go baby na" he sang and I laugh. I place my butt in front of him and then twerked while he Wolfe whistle.

"Okay I'm done" I said throwing my hands up.

"That was not bad, your just need a little practice" he said eating some skittles.

"Your freaking not serious" I said sitting on his lap his bulge touching my lower abdomen.

"I am muffin" he said feeding me some skittles.

"Okay gimme a lap dance?" he asked

"No too much for tonight"


"Nope" I said and he stand up, I watch him put work by Rihanna and drag me up dancing and grinding our hips together.

"So my boyfriend can dance? Iyee" I teased dancing along with him

"Yesoo. Gimme a lap dance now" he pout

"Baby na" I said placing my head on his shoulder as I play with his hair. So soft.

"Don't do that" he said

"What?" I asked

"My hair"

"Buh it's so soft" I whined

"Thank you, I inherited it from my grand dad" he said and I laugh.

"Enough of dancing, let's go eat" I said

"Lap dance?" he asked

"Some other time" I said sitting on the mat.

"Promise?" he asked

"I promishee" I said in a babyish voice and he laugh walking to me.


"Hey" I greet as I enter Faisal's room, today is the yinin biki and Alhamdulilah, the dauren aure went well which means they are officially married.

"Sweesh heart" he replied hugging me and brushing our nose together.

"I brought lunch for us" I said as I feed him the basmati fried rice.

"Thank you" he said as he fed me also.

"Your welcome" I replied as we keep eating in turns until we were done.

"I have five minutes before someone comes looking for me, I wan rest" I said laying flatly on the bed.

"Why can't they leave you alone for goodness sake? Ammah do this, Ammah do that.. Do they want to kill my love ne?!" he asked laying his head on my stomach and I laugh.

"My stomach, don't lay on it I'm full" I said

"Your chest toh?" he asked

"Your crazy"

"Your where do you want me to lay on then?" he asked rolling his eyes

"My side"

"I want your body darling" he said and I giggle as he lay on my lap.

"Ya abba looks happy with Yasmin, what do you think?" I asked

"I think they are both madly in love" he said and I smile "Hey baby my lap dance" he remind jumping up from the bed

"You won't give up koo"

"Never. Now do it please, you promised yesterday" he said and I stand up seeing I have no choice but to do it. I grind my butt on his bulge and gave him what he asked for.

"AMMAH!!!!!!" someone yelled from downstairs.

"Yes?" I yelled back

"COME HERE" the person yelled and I sigh while Faisal frown.

"I was just having the best day of my life" he whined and I kiss him on his cheek.

"Sorry, I have to go"

"Let's elope"

"Let's do the Indian style" I joked

"Really?" he asked

"Just joking" I said and he frown

"AMMAH!!!" The same person yelled

"Coming" I yelled back and look at Faisal apologetically.

"Let's go see who the fuck is calling you nikam" he said

"What if it's your mom?"

"She knows we are together she won't disturb us" he shrugged as we walk downstairs.

"Your shameless" I laughed

"She is my mom she has the right to know my girl" he defend

"I haven't told mama"


"Cause my mom's not cool like yours" I said and he laugh.

"Yauwwa you are here, I have good news for you Ammah" the same voice spoke and I looked up to see that Rihane woman. What is she doing here?! And what is this good news?! I looked around to see mama smiling at me and aunty Umma too. Ya abba's face spoke worried as all the girls were present watching confusedly.

"I've found the perfect groom for you" she said and I feel Faisal eyes bore into hers. My eyes start to water and I clench my fists angry. Who is she to tell me who the fuck to marry!?

"And they guys name is Ahmad" she said smiling widely

"What a coincidence, he is Abdallah's brother" mama said excited and I instantly metaphorically faint.

This. cannot. be. happening.

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