Loving Ammah

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Chapter 22

Ammah's POV


"But I don't want to get married now" I cried after a long silence.

"Iskanci kawai! (Nonsense!)" Rihane exclaimed "If you wait for a year no one will marry you, no one marries an old woman" she said eyeing me up and down, I glare at her and turn my attention to mama.

"Mama I don wanna marry especially to Ahmad" I hiccupped "Ya abba tell her" I add and he walk to me and hugged me tightly.

"Mama please, let her be she is still young" he reasoned.

"Enough! I've watched you pamper her all her life but not anymore." mama said sternly standing up "The wedding preparations will start when we go home" she add and leave the living room.

The Rihane woman stood up and left while I cried in ya abba's embrace. I heard everyone trying to console me but I didn't pay attention to what they were saying.

"Faisal needs you baby, go explain to him" ya abba whispered in my ear and I look around for him in the living room.

"Where is he?" I asked

"His room, he won't let any one in" Amnat replied and I nod my head walking upstairs to his room.

"Baby na" I called softly and the door opens.

"Hey" he said his eyes red

"I'm sorry you had to see that" I whispered hugging him.

"Who the fuck is she!?" he asked

"One of Yasmin's aunties. Ever since I met her she's been trying to get me married" I replied stroking his chin.

"I don't like her!" he scowled

"Me too baby. Did you see how mama scolded me and ya abba?"

"She said something about wedding preps, I don wanna lose you to anybody" he cried and I hug him tightly.

"You won't Insha Allah. I'm yours and only yours" I assured as we stay in that position for a while before laying on the bed, my head on his lap as we both got lost in our thoughts. I hit my legs on the bed as he rub my back soothingly.

"Babe can I ask you something?" he asked

"Warris it?" I asked

"Who is Ahmad?" he asked and I stop hitting my legs. Ahmad is a guy who is crushing on me.. No I can't tell my boyfriend that.

"He is Abdallah's brother" I simply replied and he muttered a hmmm probably knowing there is more to the story. The door opens and in came Ameera, she jumped on Faisal and kiss him on his cheek

"Won't you gimme a kiss baby?" I asked pouting and she lean in and kissed me.

"Ammaaaahhhh" she dragged excitedly.

"Yes Ameera" I answered and she giggle.

"What are you doing here with my brother?" she asked confused and I laugh.

"She is here to cuddle with me like your here" Faisal replied and I blush

"How do you know?" she asked as he tickled her tummy.

"I know everything" he joked and she laugh falling on his chest.

"Ya Faisal I want ice cream" she mumbled

"You will have ice cream after your nap princess" he replied kissing her on her forehead and I watch her fall asleep easily, poor girl must be so tired from playing around with Adnan.

"Awww she is so cute" I said removing the hair that covered her face, I tugged it behind her ear and watch her sleep peacefully on her brother.

"She is starting to get heavy though" he laughed

"Why won't she get heavy when you guys feed her junk all the time" I caressed her chubby cheeks

"It's not my fault she is the last born and she gets what she wants" He joked and I smile.

"I'll go change, my clothes is soaked up with tears" I said standing up

"Okay" he said falling asleep and I smile walking to my room.

"Ever since you stared dating we don't get to see you much jaan" Safiya said and I blush hugging her

"Janeem I'm sorry"

"Hows you feeling?"

"About the marriage thing" I muttered sadly

"Ya abba will talk to mama, don worry" adda buzzed in

"But then again, I've never since mama so determinate do you think she will hear him out?" Humaira asked

"I don't know" I replied honestly.

"Besides ya abba is occupied with his new wife" Safa said

"I don't want to worry him Allah" I said grabbing a pair of as sweat pants and hoodie.

"Let's just pray for the best" Safinat said and I smile.

"Hey where is Amnat?" I asked

"With Khalifa" Hummy smirked

"That reminds me I have to talk to Khalifa about the admission from Nile university he got"

"You haven't told him yet?" Hummy asked surprised.

"I forgot" I replied sheepishly

"He is moving back to Abuja?" Safinat asked wide eyes.

"Yeah, he will be staying with us until he finishes university" I replied

"We're doomed, Amnat's gonna be at your house all the time" she replied and we all laugh. I enter the bathroom and quickly take a shower, I change into my hoodie and sweat pants and put my hair in a bun. I hop downstairs to find Khalifa and Amnat in the kitchen

"Watchu' doin?" I asked swinging on the counter.

"Hey baby" Khalifa winked hugging me

"Hey fish head" I replied ruffling his hair.

"Sowie about what happened earlier with mama and co, Amnat told me about it" he said

"It's okay" I replied.

"Hows ya Faisal?" Amnat asked

"He is fine I think" I replied

"Where is he?" Khalifa asked

"Asleep with Ameera" I informed and he nod his head "anyways I have good news for you" I add jumping off the counter.

"What?" he asked as I steal a grape from Amnat's hand and eat it.

"You got an admission in Nile Uniiiiii" I sang

"What?!" he asked shocked

"Yeah fish head" I said and he jump on me hugging me and I hugged back.

"So your saying he is moving to Abuja?" Amnat asked and I nod my head.

"Congrats, I'll be right back" she said running off probably to inform the girls who already know about it.

"You know she likes you koo?" I asked Khalifa and he blush

"I like her too" he replied and I smile

"Awww our child don grow he is having a crush" I teased

"Shurrup! I'll go tell everyone the good news"

"Kk btw you owe me ice cream" I stuck out my tongue for him

"What's with babies and Ice cream?" he rolled his eyes "Even Ameera bugged me to buy Ice cream for her yesterday and I had to buy a tub" he said and I laugh.

"Ice cream is bae" I danced and walk to the living room where adda was watching a film.

"Whatevz, brb" he quickly said and walk away, I sit beside adda as we continue to watch this hausa film: babban yarinya. I'm not a fan of hausa film buh then this is interesting.

"I can't believe she turned into a man" I laughed as the 'Zainab girl' tried to explain to her father it's her 'Zee baby'.

"Lmao" adda said as we laugh

"Ewww, Hausa film?!" Safa exclaimed as she sit down.

"Bad choice niggas" Hummy add

"Hey is this babban yarinya?" Safiya asked

"You know the movie?" I asked

"Yes, Faruk and I watched it one time. It's very funny Allah" she laughed

"Ikr" adda agreed. The movie quickly finished and Humaira put the movie Annabelle.

"It's a horror movie oo" Amnat warned

"Have you watched it?" I asked

"Yes actually I started watching it but got scared" she explained

"We watched it one night with ya Faisal but we were to scared too see it from the beginning to the end" Safinat buzzed in.

"But then you missed the best part" a voice completed and the voice belongs to my one and only baby na.

"It was too scary" Amnat whined

"Let's watch it now" Safa said rewinding it to the beginning.

"Pause the movie, dips on making popcorn" adda said and everybody ran to the kitchen to help make popcorn. Faisal ordered pizza, ice cream, lollipops, smoothies, Chapman and chocolate donuts. The goodies oooo! We all snuggled up in the living room with blankets and pillows. My pillow is the fluffiest cause it was Faisal, My head was on his chest as he rest his head on the couch. Amnat's head was on Khalifa's lap which I found cute but Faisal eyed them. The rest were seated on the floor cuddled with each other as the movie start.

Every time we were at a scary scene I would hide my face in the crook of Faisal's neck and hug him tightly while he laughed at me. I munch on the popcorn we made earlier as I concentrate on the movie, we've already finished eating three large box of pizza and we were on the last one. Pizza is life..

"I want" I whined whisper on Faisal's ear and he remove the lollipop from his mouth and gave me to suck.

"Let's ditch this losers baby" Faisal whispered and I smile

"Don't call them losers" I rolled my eyes

"Let's go, quietly" he said and I nod my head. I stand up quietly and leave the parlour on my tip toes, Faisal did the same and we went to the balcony and enjoyed the soft breeze of the young night.

"Facts about you angel" Faisal said and I laugh.

"Okay. Umm, I love watching Sponge Bob square pants" I said

"Noticed that already" he said and I smile.

"I love making desserts and basically cooking"

"Baby make me that chocolate crumble thing you made, I really enjoyed it" he said

"Anything you want" I replied "I love ya abba so much, more than anything in the whole wide world" I said and he laugh

"Copy that" he joked

"Ice cream is bae. Lollipop is life, pizza, shawarma... Kai all the goodies"

"I noticed that one" he said dropping his head on my lap.

"I love music, and talking to you" I blushed

"What else do you like bout me?" he winked

"I love cuddling with you, I love your soft hair, I love your personality, I love how you pamper me and call me babe" I blushed speaking and he watch me in awe "I love everything about you but most especially I love it when you kiss me" I whispered.

"Your wish is my command" he whispered huskily and he captured my lips in his. He kiss said so many thing of how much he loved me as me press me closer to his body. I wrap my hands around his neck an played with his hair while he cupped my butt and place me on his laps, I wrap my legs tightly on his waist as he fasten up the kiss my tongue dancing with his. I pulled back as we both catch our breaths.

"I love you babe" he whispered

"I love you too" I smiled as his hand caressed my upper arm teasingly, he moved closer and lick my face and I wipe it disgustingly.

"Ewww, Faisal!" I yelled and he laugh.

"I wanna taste you"

"Don't ever do that it's disgusting"

"It's cute and I make no promises" he whistle and I hit his mouth.

"Ouchies, what was that for?" he asked

"Revenge for licking my face" I replied smirking

"You call that revenge?" he asked laughing "your so naive"

"No I'm not" I defend

"Prove it" he challenged and I smirk muttering an okay. There is no way I'm losing this challenge Allah, I can't believe what I'm about to do but then I can do anything to win.

"Loser's not gonna kiss or touch winner for a week" I challenge my voice coming out horse, why is it suddenly hot in here?!

"Too bad cause your losing" he chuckle and I smile. Oh we will see Mr Faisal, we will see.

I move closer on his lap as my hands trail on his chest, his breath hitched and his breathing increased rapidly as I kiss his cheek. I kissed his nose lightly and his eye lids, perfect he is in my trap. Then I stand up from his lap laughing at his figure who is waiting for me to give him more. Not happening dude!

What the hell?" he growled standing up when he noticed I was laughing and standing by the door.

"I win, uhuh. Go me! I winnnn" I danced

"You cheated"

"No I didn't " I said and he walk past me inside the house. Is he mad at me? Oh Allah na, I was just joking around. I followed him to his room and lock the door.

"Faisal I was just joking" I reasoned

"I'm not mad" he yelled

"Yes you are, I'm sorry"

"Just go"

"Haba mana dai"

"Ammah, go!" he said not looking at me the whole time.

"Not until you forgive me"

"Wallahi I'm not mad at you"

"Then look at me"

"I can't" he said "If I look at you I will end up doing something we both will regret" he add and I blush.

"Oh" I simply replied

"I need a cold shower" he groaned

"Meet me downstairs when you get rid of your temptations baby" I smirked and leave his room. I walked downstairs and all of them were asleep with the movie still going on, Faisal was right they are all a bunch of losers. I trip over to a half asleep, half awake Khalifa and tap him on his cheek.

"Hey you!" I whispered

"Menene what is it?" he mumbled

"Are you and Amnat dating?" I whispered again and he flick his eyes open, he motioned me to keep shut and gently remove her off his lap. We walk to the kitchen and both sit on the counter.

"Spill" I said

"Her bro is gonna kill me if I date her" he said and I laugh

"You scary cat" I teased

"Shurrup rubbish kawai. Do you know what the guy is capable of?"

"Watch your tongue mister, that's my boyfriend were talking about" I joked

"Iyee, your already over protective of him" he teased and I hit him, I lay my head on his lap and stretch my legs on the cold counter.

"Do you want to break my lap ne?" he whined

"Why didn't you complain when Amnat lay on them?" I smirked

"Cause Amna is bae and your a goat"

"Shut up. Ask her out toh if she is bae"

"I will but then talk to your pig of you boyfriend about it" he said and I glare at him.

"Call him pig again and you will no longer be on this earth" I warn

"Geez calm D"

"Khalifaaa I'm bored" I whined getting off his lap

"Go to your bf, or is he asleep already?"

"He needs to cool his fuck down tukuna, he is tempted" I said laughing

"Give him what he wants mana" he smirked and I gasp

"You naughty child"

"Le's go to ma room niggarh" he said and I follow him, I jump on the bed beside him and we talk about random things, gush how much I missed hanging out with this guy? My human dairy.

"Is it weird that I know a girl who her mom stopped bathing her last year?" he asked snapping me outta my thoughts.

"Yeah it's weird" I yawned. "I'm gonna crash here for the night"

"Eww I'm not sleeping with you"

"Suits you well chicken, sleep on the couch I don't care" I mumbled closing my eyes.

"Goodnight butt head" I hear him whisper before closing my eyes...

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