Loving Ammah

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Chapter 23

Ammah's POV


"Ammah, Khalifa wake up idiots!" someone yelled hitting me with a pillow. That hurt.

"Leave me" I mumbled eyes still close.

"I would love you to tell mama that cause she asked me to wake up both up" the voice yelled lemme guess it's Hummy.. Argh!

"Why DanAllah?!" I asked frustrated as I open my eyes to see a sleeping Khalifa by my side.

"I don't know cause maybe is two o'clock" she rolled her eyes and I fall on the bed.

"Khalifa wake up" I said shaking him but he made no attempt to wake up.

"I'm getting aunty Umma" Humaira said frustrated as she walk away, I lazily walked to our room and take a shower. I changed into my atampa flower pattern gown and walk downstairs. I enter the kitchen and help myself with some spaghetti and sauce with hot cup of coffee, seriously I need it.

"Babe" Faisal called pulling me into a big bear hug, I inhale his scent and hug him back as he kissed me on my head.

"Baby na, you smell of almonds and lavender" I said and he laugh.

"And you smell of strawberry" he replied as we walked to the living room, Amnat was watching a fashion show so I sit beside her.

"Amna scoot" Faisal said

"Why?" she asked

"Cause I want to sit next to Ammah but then this couch will not be enough for the three of us" he explained and she frown at him.

"But Ya Faisal you met me here" she said

"Amnat I'm going to pick you if you don't move" he warned

"You won't dare"

"I'll seize you Ipad for a year" he threatened and I gasp.

"Faisal DanAllah leave her" I plead

"I even have talks with her daman, I was waiting for us to go home but I guess I have to do it here" he barked at her

"My room now!" he said and leave the parlour.

"Ammah please save me, he's gonna talk about Khalifa" Amnat plead

"Nothing will happen, let's go together" I consoled and she nod her head, I drop my food and we walk to his room. He was sitting on his bed hands clenched.

"Baby na" I whispered getting on my knees and cupping his cheeks.

"Listen to me if two people like each other then who are you to stop love" I reasoned and he face me.

"She is still young" he replied

"She is freaking finishing secondary school this year" I rolled my eyes.

"She won't date" he said

"Please, it's not like they will be doing something bad. You can keep an eye on them"

"You won't understand what if he cheats on her? Who the hell will she come to crying? That's right, me. And I can't bear to see any of my sisters crying"

"Khalifa won't cheat on her, I know my cousin and he likes her a lot" I said and Amnat fall on him crying, she hugged him and he hugged back.

"I promise I won't date if you don't want me too" she hiccupped

"Faisal Please.." I pled and he sigh heavily.

"No" he shut his eyes and say and I stand up defeated.

"Fine" I simply replied and leave the room. Why is he being so stubborn? I get he is overprotective of her but the it's not fair, and she loves him so much to agree to what ever he says. I stomp my feet to Khalifa's room and he was listening to music and changing the sheets.

"Is now you remember you have to tidy the bed you slept on koo" he rolled his eyes.

"Amnat needs you" I said and he stops what he is doing.

"Why? What happened to her?!" he asked

"Faisal refuse to let you both date and she is crying"

"Did you try talking to him?"

"I didn't he just won't change his mind, he is so stubborn"

"Tell her to meet me on the balcony, please" he said

"Ok" I replied and walk to our room where she was crying on Safinat's lap, everyone was trying to console her but she just kept on crying.

"Amnat, Khalifa said you should meet him on the balcony" I said

"I don't want to meet him" she cried

"Go mana, one last time" Humaira plead.

"Okay, fine" she said as she walk to the bathroom and wash her face, she left the room and I fall on the bed feeling so bad.

"Why is your brother so stubborn please?" I asked Safinat annoyed

"He is over protective of us" She shrugged

"He is being an asshole. What if ya abba said I won't date him he would have been devastated ai" I shot as my phone ringed, the ID said baby na but I rejected the call, two can play the game.

It ringed again and I reject it while Safiya rolled her eyes at me.

"What are you up to baby girl?" she asked

"I'm not talking to him, someone should tell him that" I replied as Safinat's phone rang.

"It's ya Faisal" she said

"Put it on speaker and tell him what I said earlier" I inform and she nod her head doing so.

"Hey" she greet

"Where is Ammah?" he asked

"She is here, why?"

"Ask her why the fuck isn't she answering my calls" he said and I frown.

"She said she is not talking to you" Safinat replied

"It's because of Amnat case koo" he asked

"Yeah" She replied

"Okay, bye" he said

"Love you"

"Love you too baby" and with that he end the call, I hid my face with a pillow and groan several times, Faisal is being so hard to reason. Amnat returned and we all face her ready to hear what happened.

"We decided it will be for the best if we don't ever talk again" she whispered and I hugged her.

"I'm so sorry, I feel useless" I said

"It's not your doing" she replied

"Sorry Amnaaa" Hummy said hugging her also.

"It's fine and please go after Khalifa" she said, aww she still cares about him.

"Ammah let's go" Hummy dragged me and I nod my head. He was on the balcony sitting by the edge and gazing at their beautiful porch.

"Khalifaa" Hummy dragged sitting by him and I sit by his other side.

"What?" he asked and I lay my head on his lap.

"Sorry" I replied and he laugh.

"Baaba it hurts to be rejected!" he said as a tear escape his eye.

"You were not rejected" Hummy reasoned dropping her head on his shoulder.

"Fuck I was" he scowled.

"A girl crying for a boy it's normal but if a boy cries of a girl, trust me no one can love her more than him" I said and he wipe his tears.

"I'm fine" he defend

"Don't lie to us" Hummy said and he laugh

"You guys want to kill me, one is on my lap and the other my shoulder" he said and I smack him.

"Idiot" I joked and he pout

"I wan eat cookies Allah" he said all of a sudden.

"Cookies, really? Is that all you want?" I rolled my eyes

"Yes. Now you elephants should get off me, I'm driving to the supermarket to go buy some" he said

"Why buy when we can make it at home?" Humaira said standing up.

"Yes it will be so much fun" I jumped up

"On one condition" Khalifa said standing too.


"If it's chocolate cookies"


"I'll inform the girls" Hummy skipped away.

"I'll buy the ingredients asap" Khalifa said and I kiss him on his cheek.

"You ever need anyone I'm here" I said and he smile.

"I know butt face" He said hopping away, he will always be Khalifa. Idiot.


"Okay we have icing sugar, cream butter, flavour, chocolate, flour, egg and basically all the ingredients we need to make cookies" adda said as we all put our aprons.

"Let's get baking!" Safa yelled and we all laugh.

"Khalifa knead the dough" Safiya ordered eating lays by the stool.

"All you do is command big stomach" he rolled his eyes.

"Hey I'm pregnant, I can't bake" she defend

"But you can eat" he muttered and I laugh. I watch as Amnat and Khalifa bum into one another in the kitchen and they will quickly apologize and get far away from each other. Poor kids...

"Ameera do you want to finish all the chocolates?" Humaira scold and she laugh

"Sowie" she said and I coot over her

"Aww your so cute" I said kissing her on her cheek and she laugh kissing me too.

"Ammaahhh!" she exclaimed hugging me, she was sitting on the counter watching everyone bake around.

"Hi darling!" I replied pinching her cheek.

"Look" she said pointing to something behind me

"What?" I frowned

"Look is balloons and cake" she squealed and I turn around to see Faisal holding a heart shaped balloon and cake just like Ameera said, I turn my attention away from him and looked at Ameera.

"I'll go help Safinat cut the shapes of the cookies" I said

"But ya Faisal brought you a cake collect it" she argued

"Baby the cake is not for me it's for you" I lied and her eyes glimmer

"Really?" she asked

"Really, really. Now go meet your brother" I said helping her down and she ran to him. I help Safinat cut the shapes as we put them in the oven.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" I yelled as I feel a substance roll down my back.

"Fooooodddd figgghhhhtt!!!" I hear someone yell and I turn around to see Faisal smiling sheepishly, oh he did not just throw an egg at me did he?

Amnat threw another egg at me and I instantly felt like dying. Do I look like a freaking chicken that people will throw eggs at me!? I pick an egg and shot it at Faisal who dodge it. Frustrated, I pick a bag of flour and pour it on his head. He wrap his hand on my waist and crashed my body with his.

"Did you pour flour on me?" he growled

"And what are you gonna do about it?" I asked annoyed and before I knew it he cracked an egg on my head. Ewwww.

"The fuck! Do I look like a goddamn chicken ma niggah?!" I yelled

"Can I say yes?" he asked stupidly laughing and I free from his grip, by now everybody has stopped the stupid food fight and were looking us.

"Do you think I'm a cute ass puppy that you will be laughing at me?" I questioned and he move closer

"No babe I think your the most feistiest and prettiest girl in the whole wide world" he whispered and before I could defend my self he sealed my lips with his and kissed me lovingly. The kiss made me forgot that I was even mad at him in the first place, it made me forgot there is an egg on my head and in my back, it made me forgot they were people watching us and also Ameera- wait what?! I quickly pushed him back and blushed as everybody awed. I just kissed Faisal in front of everybody! Ameera start to cry and we all turn to look at her.

"Ya Faisal is mean he wants to eat Ammah!" she cried and we all laugh

"I'll tell amma you hurt her, Ya Faisal bad" she cried more and ran.

"Ameera wait baby, I can explain" Faisal ran as he tried to catch her.

"Ammah snap out of it, we have to clean this place before aunty Umma and mama come home" Humaira said and we all start cleaning. After cleaning the kitchen, we took turns in taking our baths and praying asr. Our cookies were done and delicious as we all sit in the mini parlour upstairs eating.

"I'm so bored" Safa whined

"Let's play a game" Safiya suggest

"Truth or dare" Humaira smirked

"No" Amnat said

"Why it will be fun" Safinat said

"I'm not in the mood" she simply replied as she look at Khalifa for a minute as quickly shift her gaze.

"Yeah I'm not playing either" Khalifa said and I pout.

"Pleaseeeeeee" I plead "Haba fish head, you know I love you. Won't you play for me?" I pat my eye lashes.

"Okay fine, only if Amna will play" he sigh and I turn to Amnat giving her my puppy eyes and she throw her hands up in surrender.

"I'll go first" Adda said spinning the bottle and it land on Me.

"Truth or dare?" she asked

"Umm truth" I said and she frown.

"Have you and Faisal ever gotten sexual?" she asked smirking.

"Temptation" Khalifa sing laughing and I glare at him.

"I choose dare" I said

"Well I dare you to answer my question" she replied

"Okay fine, yes" I said closing my eyes and I hear everyone laugh. I spin the bottle and it land on Safiya.

"Truth" she answered

"What's the worst thing you did when you were a teenager?" I asked and she rolled her eyes

"Ain't it obvious?" She asked pointing to her tummy.

"It was a mistake" I glared at her angrily.

"My baby is not a mistake" she yelled wrapping her hands around her tummy protectively.

"He is going to grow and have a good life" she add her eyes brimming with tears.

"I never said his not going to grow" I defend

"Ammah stop it already" adda scold and I watch Sadiya stand up and leave.

"I did nothing for goodness sake"

"You had to bring that up didn't you?" Adda scold more and she hissed walking away. I angrily stand up and walk over to our room where Safiya was crying and adda was trying to console her. I picked up my phone and leave the room if there is anything I know how to do in this world is cheering my best friend up.

I made a flip with both our pictures. Her own with her big tummy, the one she is eating like a foodie she is, and many cute one of us together. I put the song Rocabye hearing the song matches the situation and when it's finally ready to watch and I stroll back to the room to see Safiya with the girls sitting down and talking. I pass her my phone and play the video and she watch in awe.

"I love you best friend and I'm sorry if I hurt you just so you know this baby is not yours it's ours. Your not the only one who have a right over him, I have a right over him as equally as you do. I'll follow you wherever you go in this world, whatever shit your in count me in, and this baby is not just a baby he is the luckiest baby in the whole wide world cause he does not have a mother like normal babies do but he have two Mothers who love him even before he is born. I was just trying to protect him and nothing else, I'm sorry. Please forgive your baby's other mother" I said pouting and she pull me into a hug.

"I forgive you my baby's other Maama!" She said and I laugh kissing her big tummy.

"Anytime from now Insha Allah" I whispered placing my hand on her stomach and the baby kicked agreeing with me.

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