Loving Ammah

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Chapter 24

Faisal's POV

I walked to the dinning hall as everyone was already seated waiting for me. Abba's wedding was Alhamdulilah concluded and we all came back home day before yesterday. His house is a short drive from his parent's house so we always hang out although he is caught up with his honeymoon trip and my world revolved around my one and only love: Ammah Rabiu Alkali, My girlfriend.

Ayy, that feels so right.. So purffect.

"Good morning amma, morn twins and baby Meera" I greet kissing all of them one by one.

"Why are you so happy?" Safinat asked eating her pancakes and I rolled my eyes

"Seriously nothing is good about the morning" Amnat mumbled and I ignore her, we are not on the best terms since after the Khalifa case and my answer will always be the same NO until she becomes more matured.

"Can't a guy be happy, amma talk to your girls" I said helping my self with three sausages and an omelet.

"They are right though, share the good news with us now" she joined winking at me and I frown.

"Amma you too baa? Shikenan"

"It's not like that son" she reasoned and I smile.

"I'm happy cause everything in my life is going perfectly well, the last few months without you guys was a nightmare I don't want to ever experience"

"And you will never experience it ever again Insha Allah. Momma is here" she said and I hugged her tightly.

"I love you amma"

"I love you more my king" she kissed my forehead and the girls awed, I didn't let go of amma cause I couldn't help but feel something bad is going to happen to her, something is going to come between us, something that I have no idea about.

"Faisal let me go you can't protect me from the evil eyes of the world by hugging me tightly" she chuckled and I pulled back kneeling in front of her.

"Are you okay?" I asked her as I search her eyes for answers. She looks exhausted with pale skin and large saucer eyes. Strands of black and whitish hair falls on her eyes and I tug it behind her ear. She smiled and I could swear it's a fake smile..

"I'm fine" she replied, she lied. I know she lied about being okay but I didn't push her, she will tell me what's wrong when she is ready. I kiss her knuckles and stand up, I had lost my appetite so I stroll back to my room to read the holy Quran.

Ya Allah, guide and protect my mother from all the evil eyes in this dunya. Ease her pain and shower her life with happiness, and long life. Ameen.


Ammah's POV


I walk into the Dahiru Ringim's mansion as I walk to the living room to greet aunty Hawwau who was oiling Safinat's hair and Amna was chatting while Ameera was watching Sofia the first.

"Inna wuni aunty Hawwau" I greet squatting down

"Ammah darling, ya kike?" she asked pulling me in a warm hug, I hugged her back and inhaled her familiar sweet scent. She always smelt of vanilla candy

"Lafia" I replied pulling back and saying hi to the girls. I sat down and talked with Ameera for a lil while before fidgeting with the bracelet Faisal gave me, yes I'm nervous as hell cause I came to meet Faisal and he is not here and I don wanna ask.

"Your looking for ya Faisal koo?" Amna asked wiggling her eyebrows.

"No" I lied "But I don't mind knowing where he is" I covered up and she laughed with Safinat along.

"He is in his room, he dozed off while reading the Quran" amma said and I smile getting up. I ignored the twins laughter and walk to his room, rephrase that please: run to his room, I was eager to see him cause I miss him even though we met yesterday and talked after subhi today, he always sent me a good morning text with heart emoji and kisses which made my day.

I opened his door to see him laying on his tummy on the bed, he was shirtless as the Qur'an was beside him and he snores quietly. He looked so peaceful and cute sleeping, I gently remove the Qur'an and drop it on the bedside table before falling on his back and wrapping my hands on his naked body. I kissed his ear and I hear him mumble incoherently words under his breath. I teasingly bite his ear and I feel him smile under me.

"Cupcake?" he called

"Baby na" I replied and in one swift moment he switched our positions. I was now beneath him as both his hands were by my side holding his weight so he won't fall on me and kill me

"I missed you" he said kissing my eyelids making me ticklish.

"Missed you more" I giggled as he kiss my nose.

"Tell me how much you missed me muffin" he whispered huskily as I trail my hands up and down his broad chest.

"I missed you so much that I switched off my phone immediately after your goodnight text to prevent my self from calling you and talking to you all night long" I whispered back as he kiss my cheeks, he took his time exploring my face as I continue.

"I missed you so fucking much that I had to take a cold shower three times in two hours" I continued and he smiled making his dimples take their perfect position.

"Your were so freaking tempted" he laughed and I blush "that's so hot and cute" he add hovering on my lips.

"I missed you to the extent I closed the garage door with three padlocks so I won't drive to your house in the middle of the night" I said as he suck my lower lip.

"Did not" he replied

"Did so"

"Your lips taste like strawberries" he said and I laugh.

"Mallam you don finish my lip balm" I rolled my eyes.


"Is okay"

"love me love me, say that you love me" he sings love me by Justin Beiber and my heart melt right in that song due to his singing voice, I could bet he sings the song better than Jusfin Beiber ma seff.

"hug, me hug me, oh how you do it" he continues

"Kiss me, kiss me, say that you miss me. Tell me what I wanna hear, tell me you love me" he complete

"I love you" I chimed

"I love you" he sealed our lips together into a kiss. He pulled back and smile at me before standing up.

"Let me shower then we will go watch a movie or something" he said and I nod my head watching him enter the bathroom.

"Princess?" he called from the bathroom.

"Naaam?" I answered back

"Come bath with me" he said and I gasp, I could sense a wink in his voice as he laughed.

"You and your corrupt mind" I sigh heavily as he turned on the shower. I take time to look at his room, they are pictures of Ameera on the wall, the twins from where they were young playing in the park and there is him sitting on the swing with his hair covering his forehead, he was smiling widely as his dimples show off. His five o'clock shadow stood out with the sun dimly on his face, he looked so cute and happy, happier than I've ever since him.

The door to the bathroom opens and I turn around to see him dressed in a navy blue v neck T-shirt and matching sweat pants. His hair is still wet from the shower as he brush it back with his fingers.

"Baby when was this picture taken?" I asked pointing to his adorable picture on the wall, his face was suddenly emotionless as he scrunch his face.

"Four years ago" he answered blankly

"That a very nice side view of you, the photographer knows his job" I comment.

"Thank you and Nina is not a photographer just a silly hobby she enjoyed doing" he laughed

"Who is Nina?" I asked curiously

"A friend, a close friend" he said and I nod my head

"How come you never mentioned her name?"

"Cause it wasn't important" he said moving closer and wrapping his hand around my waist "Why are you so curios all of a sudden?" He asked

"Just asking" I replied

"Let's go watch a movie" he said and I smile as we walk to the movie room, he turned on the Air conditioner and called for snacks with the telecom. After a few minutes, chocolate donuts arrive with sprinkles and milkshakes. He put on the movie gods of Egypt and we start watching.

"Ya Faisal!!" Someone yelled when we were halfway through the movie. I had already started sleeping on Faisal's shoulder when I jumped up to the worried voice.

"Amna?! What is it? Why are you crying!?" Faisal asked as he hug her, she hiccupped trying to say something but nothing came out from her mouth.

"Goddamit! Amna tell me what is it?" He asked furiously.

"Baba is home, amma fainted, Ameera is crying, Safinat asthma attack. Ya Faisal come soon" she said and every cell in my body collapse. Faisal's eyes turn red suddenly as he clench his fists tightly, he place Amnat's hand in mine and said the unexpected.

"Take care of her and do not step out from here until I ask you both to. Now is not the right time to meet baba" he said and sprawled out from the room leaving a confused me and crying Amna.

One hour..

Two hours..

Three hours..

Six hours.. Thirty minutes and five second and still there is no sign of Faisal, aunty Hawwau or any of the family members. Not a single word was heard but why I'm I surprised we are in the world of movies far away from the living room to know what's happening. I managed to get Amna to sleep after crying and trying to leave the hall which Faisal had forbidden both of us to unless he comes his self.

I was beyond worried. I don't know what going on out there. Why so much commotion just cause their father is home?! Now is not the right time to meet baba. Faisal said earlier but why? Amna fainted? Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun.

Safinat asthma attack?!

Ameera crying!?

What on earth is happening someone needs to explain right now.

The door to the movie room opened revealing a bodyguard.

"I was asked to take you and miss Amnat to Abba Rabiu Alkali's house ma'am" he said

"Where is Faisal?" I asked

"I believe I'm not in the position to say ma'am"

"Tell me" I snap

"In the hospital" he replied

"Why? Is he okay?"

"He had a very big fight with his father. Sir is extremely mad, Mrs Hawau is in ICU, the twin is on oxygen, Ameera is with her nanny" he summarized

"What happened? Explain right now, stop talking in summary do I look like your damn English teacher asking for a summary of five lines from an English passage?!" I yelled my voiced dripping out with anger. I feel hot substance roll down my cheek and I wipe the tears away but to no avail they kept gushing out, If tears were water mine would have been a tsunami.

"From what I know things are not good right now" he simply said. He won't say more. He is too stubborn. I stand on my feet and gently wake Amnat, we follow the man outside to the living room which could also be referred as a jungle right know. It looks like two lions had a battle and trust me you don't want to know how it ended. Stain of blood was everywhere as the living room looks unorganized which Is so not the house I know. Oh Allah, what happened?

We walked to a red SUV and the driver drove to ya Abba's house. Yasmin made us at home and ya Abba just won't tell me what's going on.

"Please ya Abba for the up tenth time tell me what's going on. Everyone has been keeping me in the dark which is so annoying. Why won't you guys just tell me, I'm not a kid I have every right to know what's happening" I yelled frustrated.

"Ammah your making matters worse. Please stay out of this" he plead

"I can't cause Faisal is involved" I reason.

"This is between him and his father"

"Why won't you just tell me in details for crying out loud" I cried and he hugged me.

"Shh autan mama" he whispered rubbing soothing circles on my back.

"Faisal needs me" I cried harder thinking about the fact he is in deep shit and there is nothing I can do to help me out of the shit. I'm not even by his side to hug him and tell him it will be okay even if it won't be, I'm not there to comfort him, to kiss him, to give him hopes, to wipe his tears, to help him whatsoever way I can.

"It's too dangerous" ya Abba said in barely a whisper "his father is furious, now is not the right time to meet him." He add

"What is it about his dad that everyone is sacred of?"

"He is Dahiru Ringim!" He said and those two names are enough to skin me alive.


I wake up in Yasmin's room the following day soaked with tears. I gently walk to her bathroom and freshened up, I wrap myself with an extra bath robe and step out to see her in the room.

"Hello princess" she greet giving me one of her warmest smiles.

"Hi" I answer back

"So I've got you something to wear, take you bath and then we will eat breakfast Kay?"

"Thank you"

"Don't mention" she replied and walk out of the room. I take my bath and change into the mickey mouth knee length gown with a pair of black leggings. Yasmin is not fat nor slim she is somehow just like me so her clothes fit easily.

I walk to the dinning table where ya Abba was seated with her eating breakfast.

"Morning autan mama" he chirped and I hug him tightly.

"How are you?" I asked as he kiss me on my forehead

"I am fine"

"How is he?" I asked sitting down

"He is on his way to see you" he replied and I smile widely already exited to see him. I eat the boiled potatoes and egg sauce and gulped it down with a cup of fresh orange juice.

The door bell rang and I quickly get up to open the door, I opened the door and hug Faisal tightly that I didn't realize when tears stream down my eyes.

"Baby Ammah" he whispered patting my head as I pull away to take a good look at him. He looks lifeless, hurt, like a living ghost, shattered into small pieces and I had no idea what to do or say. He has dark circles under his eye showing he hasn't slept in quite a while. He cracked a small smile to me that didn't reach his eyes and kiss me on my cheek before wiping my tears away and turning his attention to ya Abba who was waiting for answers.

"How is amma doing?" Ya Abba asked

"Not good. I'm losing hope, I'm scared and tired. I have no idea what to do or think, the twins are also driving me crazy by crying, Ameera is on her way to Paris with her nanny she does not need this right now what she needs is Disney land" he said in one breath and ya Abba pull him into a hug.

"Insha Allah everything will be fine. Do not lose hope in Allah SWT" he comforted as they sat down. I didn't know what to do or say so I just stood there watching the two talk. My Faisal is breaking, he is collapsing and there is nothing I can do to save him.

"Ammah sit down, are you okay?" Yasmin asked making the two turn their attention to me.

"I'm fine, I'm just going home" I say

"I'll drive you" Faisal volunteer and I smile at him before grabbing my jacket from the couch, phone and purse. I bid the couple goodbye and follow Faisal to his car. The awkwardness in the car was unbearable, neither Faisal nor I said a word to each other cause his eyes was focused on the road. Why won't he just talk to me about his problems like a normal person would do? Doesn't he trust me?

"Baby na" I called and he turn to look at me with an emotionless face. "You know you can trust me right?" I asked as he park in front of my home.

"One day, I promise" he simply replied and I felt a stab pain in my heart.

He does not trust me.

At least not yet..

My subconscious add. I gave him a small smile and lean forward to kiss him on his lips instead he turn his face to the steer wheel and I end up kissing his cheek.

Did he just reject my kiss?

What is wrong with Faisal?

I open the door to his car and got off, I wave goodbye at him and on a normal day he would throw me a flying kiss but this time he didn't spare me a glance instead he drove off really fast from me.

Does this mean it's over?!

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