Loving Ammah

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Chapter 26

Ammah's POV

There is this moment in your life when you want to sleep for hundred years, the time where you want to go on a holiday in a deserted island with only you and yourself.

Aunty Hawwau, the person who is like my mother, the woman who is always happy and carefree. The one who loves people and her children, who looked out for me like her own flesh is now gone?!

Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun.

I watch as Khalifa try to separate Amnat and her mother's corpse. She held her body tightly crying silently, Safinat on the other hand denied the fact that she is dead which makes me worry about her.

Faisal my heartbeat was devastated. He only came once and when he saw his mother's corpse he left the place instantly and drove away with his car. I hope he is okay. Their relatives had come immediately paying their condolences but her husband: Dahiru Ringim didn't even show his face once. Rumors have it he is in London with his other wife.

"Ammah take the twins to their room, it's time to take their mom away for her burial" mama said and I slowly stand up with my hijab trailing behind me. I try to separate Amnat from Aunty Hawwau's corpse but her grip on her is too strong. Khalifs carried her up in a bridal style and she hit him on his chest angrily, but he didn't flinch instead he held her closer to his body were she broke down.

I helped Safinat up who was staring at her mom in shock. Ya Allahu! We walked the twins to their rooms and I stay with them for a while until I was informed their mother was taken away.

After two hours of endless crying the twins were finally asleep. I enter the toilet and performed ablution then prayed magrib. Upon hearing my stomach grumble I made my way downstairs to the kitchen.

I helped my self with some fried rice and decide on eating it on the kitchen counter when I lock eyes with Faisal. He is standing by the kitchen door watching me intensely, his eyes are bloodshot and he has eye bags with a plumped pink lips. For the first time he is dressed all black, with his dark hood making him look mysterious.

It's been one good week without him yet it feels all new. I didn't know what to do.. Should I hug him? I play with my spoon my gaze fixed on the food in front of me.

In one moment I feel his hand sneak around my waist. Tears stream down my face, I hate to see him so broken like this. I missed him, his touch and his scent. He bit my ear teasingly panting heavily.

"She is gone.. Forever" he cried making me cry more. No I can't cry, I have to be his pillar, his support.

"No baby you can't break down, at least not yet" I whispered.

"Ameera. I have no idea what to tell her if she comes back from Paris"

"I'll handle her, please just concentrate on the twins. They need you more" I said and in a swift second he spin me around so I was facing him, he captured my lips in his and kissed me hungrily muttering 'I'm sorry' I tangle my hands around his neck crying against his face.

His hand sneak inside my cloth making me shriek. He palmed one of my boob and I try to push him away.

"Faisal.. Please stop!" I plead but he didn't pay heed to me instead he kissed me more.

"Were in the kitchen anyone might show up- plea-se stop!" I plead more as his fingers dig into my breast hurting me. I couldn't take the pain anymore so I used all the strength left in me to push him away. His eyes are darker than usual and he growled at me. I place my hand on my chest trying to calm down my breathing, this Is not my Faisal. What is wrong with him?!

"Faisal what's wrong with you? This is not YOU please snap out of it for goodness sake" I reasoned moving closer to him, I placed my hand on his arm but he pushed me so hard I hit my head on the counter blood was gushing out.

The pain didn't hurt that much but what really hurt is Faisal leaving without sparing me a glance, without waiting to check if I'm okay or not.

I fall on the ground hugging my knees to my chest. I don't know what on earth to do so I just sit there helplessly crying my heart out until someone decide to show up in the kitchen.

"Ammah?!" Khalifa called shocked "fuck your bleeding! How? Are you okay?" He bombarded me with questions sitting on the floor with me. He pulled me into a hug and let me cry before waiting for me to give him answers.

"Faisal....." And that's how I told him everything. He was furious, all he wanted to do was to find Faisal and skin him alive for touching his sister that way but I stopped him. He threatened on telling ya Abba about this if I don't do something about the situation, maybe stay away from him until he calms down and I promised but I'm sorry Khalifa, I have to help my boyfriend.

He got the first aid box and dressed my wound it was just a small cut on my forehead but he was insisting it's a deep cut and that we should go to the hospital.

"Remember if anyone asks, I tripped in the kitchen and hit my head on the counter" I remind him clearing the mess we made, he sigh heavily at me giving me the 'I hate this' look.

"I hate seeing you in this condition. I can't take it anymore" he said making two cups of tea for me and him.

"Please for me?" I pouted

"Fine but if he does something like this ever again I swear I'll tell ya Abba or take matters into my hand" he said handing me a mug and I smile at him.

"Agreed. Thank you"

"Anytime sister" he threw me a kiss and I chuckle at him pretending to catch the kiss and throwing it in the waste basket.

"Ouch! Be lucky I threw you a kiss not everyone is lucky enough to get my kisses" he said and I roll my eyes at him

"I don't want you to throw me a kiss, I want you to kiss me" I said and he move towards me and kiss me on my cheek

"Happy?" He asked

"Happiest" I lied..

Ya Allah please guide my Faisal to the right path and protect him, Ameen!


I stare at myself in the mirror looking at the scars Faisal left the day before yesterday. I haven't seen him since that day and today is officially the third day since aunty Hawwau left us. Nothing has been the same without here, life felt so useless and unfunny suddenly. But we plan our lives and Allah plans his own and surely his is the best of planners.

"We belong to Allah and to him we shall return"

The quote seems so right.. So true. The twins are coping really good with Hummy, Khalifa, Mama, ya Abba, Yesmin and my help. Mama believes we have to be by their side so we all stay with them in their home except for mama who stays alone at home and the couple at their house.

"Ammah come out from the bathroom fast!" Humaira yelled from outside and I put on my bathrobe quickly rushing out to see her on the bed jumping like a maniac and holding her phone in her hand.

"Hummy what is it? You scared me" I hissed angrily.

"Rubbish kawai, it's a good news" she said

"I doubt anything you say will make me happy" I mumbled

"I heard that and trust me when I tell you will he over the world"

"Just tell me already" I said the least interested

"Your a mother" she said and I stare at her as if she is mad.

"Okay you need help wait lemme call mama" I said searching for my phone

"Idiot! Your a mother.. Safiya ta aihu (has given birth)" she said and I stare at her in shock.

"What?!" I asked surprised

"You heard right girl, she has given birth to a bubbly baby boy" she adda and I jump on her hugging her.

"Oh my God! Alhamdulilah. Show me the baby's picture.. My baby" I said collecting her phone and behold I see the pic of the must cutest baby alive. He looks like Safiya but he inherited his dark curly hair from who knows who, he has pink lips and he is so chubby to be real.

"He is so cute Ma Sha Allah" I gushed and Hummy collected the phone gazing at the pic too.

"I know right, come on let's face time her" she said eagerly calling and she answers after three rings.

"Hello maaama bear" I greet and she laughed

"I gave birth to a human being not a bear"

"Whatever. How are you feeling?"

"Good Alhamdulilah no complications at all, it was a normal delivery."

"That great news"

"Chee!" Humaira yelled "congratulations my regards to our baby boo" she add

"Thank you so much love" Safiya replied

"When are you coming to Abuja so we can see the baby?" I asked and she kept mute.

"Kin manta mai baba ya che? (Have you forgotten what baba said?" She asked in a low voice.

"Haba dai! I'm sure he will change his mind when he sees this cutie pie, look how cute and innocent he is fah" I reasoned

"I hope so. Anyways I've gotta rest, talk to you girls later"

"Bye" I wave

"Greet our kinder joy" hummy add and she smile cutting the call.

Maybe life isn't so bad after all.

Who knows maybe the baby will change our ways of living?

Maybe he will bring happiness into our family?

We've lost someone and got someone in return.

Rightly Allah has a reason behind everything he does and it's for the better.

Only one thing is left to do:

Mission one; Bring my Faisal back.

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