Loving Ammah

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Chapter 28

Ammah's POV


I'm lost,

I'm broken,

I'm shattered into thousand pieces and I'm not sure if anyone can get me back together.

He broke up with me.. He asked me not to ever meet him or speak to him. He distant his self from and it hurts so bad.

Today was just one of the bad days were I lock my self in my room and cry my self to sleep or read the Quran to sleep. Ya Abba opened the door to my room smiling sheepishly..

"Guess whose baby girl's results are out" he said and I look at him surprised

"Inalilahi! How could I forget, today is the day ya Abba" I jumped

"I know, I collected your results it's downstairs with mama" he said and I look at him worriedly.

"How did I do?" I asked scared

"Well we haven't opened it yet mama said I should call you" he said and I follow him downstairs where mama was sitting on the couch. She is holding a white envelope in her hand and I sit next to her with ya Abba across us.

"Before I open your results just know I'm proud of you and even if you don't do well I believe in you my daughter" mama said

"Thank you mama"

"Now, Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim" she said opening it, I watch as she read it with an emotionless face. After she is done she watched me then ya Abba, she hand the result to him and he read it too handing it to me.

"I knew it, I failed you guys. I'm so sorry" I cried holding the letter in my hand.

"Silly girl read it first" ya Abba laughed and I opened it with teary eyes.

Statement of results

This is to clarify that:


Having completed an approved course of study and passed the prescribed examinations has, under the authority of the senate, been awarded the

Bachelor of science (Economics)

With first class honours

8th September, 2017.

I read smiling triumphantly. Alhamdulilah.

"Congratulations my angel, I know you will never disappoint me in life. You passed with flying colours Alhamdulilah" mama cried hugging me.

"Thank you"

"Congratulations autan mama, you surely deserve a treat just name it" ya Abba said and I laughed

"Anything you give me" I grinned and he nod his head.

"I'll go pray nafila" I inform the two as I stand up and go to my room, I performed ablution and prayed two rakaas. I thanked Allah for my good results as for without him this wouldn't have been possible. I prayed to him to protect my Faisal and get him on the right track, who knows maybe as he said us breaking is for the better.

After I was done my phone ringed and I check the ID to see Ahmad. I didn't hesitate on picking up cause today is a good day and I would like to hear how he did.

"Hey" I greet

"Well isn't someone in a good mood" he teased

"I passed, what of you?" I asked eagerly

"Alhamdulilah. I'm officially a bachelor of science in political science with first class honours" he said and I smiled


"I owe it all to you" he said and I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion.

"Me? What did I do?" I asked

"You helped me with my maths and I'm grateful, without you I wouldn't have made it" he said and I laugh

"Seriously I did nothing"

"Uh yes you did. Anyways can I please take you out for dinner today, to celebrate our achievement" he plead

"I don't know..."

"Please?" He plead and I close my eyes thinking, I should just forget about my problems for today and have a normal dinner like the old me would have done.

"Okay fine"

"Great! I'll pick you up by 8"

"Bye" I bid and end the call, I hop on my bed deciding to take a five minutes nap since I didn't get enough sleep last night just I was about to close my eyes the door to my room opened and the twins, Khalifa and Humaira jumped on me.

"Congrats beloved sister, ya Abba told us the good news" Khalifa said

"Thank you guys"

"Now we deserve a treat" Amnat said

"I was just about to take a nap" I whined

"No nap for you we are going out and your paying" Hummy said

"Arghhh" I groaned dragging my feet to the bathroom. I take a quick shower and change into my floral flower printed evening gown, my makeup was nude and I spray my perfume before meeting the rest downstairs.

"Let's go exhaust your credit card!"


I was all dressed in my skinny jeans and hug me top with my matching jacket. It's the first time in a very long time I'm finally being me. I lined my eyes and pumped my lips with different shades of lipstick before spraying my perfume. My phone flashed indicating a message from Ahmad saying waiting by the gate.

I grab my pink pearls beanie and walk downstairs, I've already informed ya Abba who was adamant to stay here until I come home before he leaves for his own house.

"Don't forget wherever you are be back by ten" he remind taking a mouth spoon of ice cream from Hummy's bowl.

"And you leave here immediately I'm back Yesmin is all alone"

"I just checked on her, she is safe" he said holding up his phone and I smile walking out to be greeted by the cold breeze. I spot Ahmad leaning against his car and when he see me his face lite up.

"Hey you" he greet


"You look amazing"

"You don't look bad yourself either" I replied feeling awkward about the conversation, I hope he doesn't mistake this dinner for a date. He sense my uncomfortable situation so he opens the door to the passengers seat and I get in, I watch him enter the driver's seat and he start driving.

The atmosphere was thick and silence so I turn on the radio to be hit by I'm yours by Alessia Cara. In a few minutes we arrive at Hangout garden, it's beautiful with different kind of flowers surrounding the place, the place is quite a fun place with music blaring and people having fun.

"Shall we?" He asked

"We shall" I grinned following him inside the cool environment. We sit and order our foods and decide to talk about school, and our further education.

"So what are you planning to do next?" I ask as we dig on our food.

"Well mom wants to get me married" he starts "–but Abdallah wants me to come stay with him in London for a few weeks and dad well wants me to get a job and settle first"

"Uhm. What do you really want to do?" I ask

"I just want go with the flow you know and spend more time with you" he replied and I feel my body stiffen. I twirl around with my fork eyes fixed on the chicken salad in from of me.

"Excuse me for a second will you? I need to use the rest room" I say standing up

"Sure" he replied and I rush to the restroom washing my face and wiping it with a tissue before exiting and behold I make contact with my ex.


He was wearing all black with a hood over his head. His eyes were red as he clench his fist knuckles turning white.

"I see you've moved on pretty fast Miss Ammah" he spoke and every cell in my body collapse.

"It's not what you think it is" I spat angrily.

"You guys make a great couple.." He continues ignoring how annoyed I am.

"Ahmad and I are just friends!"

"Friends with benefits huh?"

"Shut the fuck up! What is wrong with you?!" I yelled gaining attention from the nearby staffs and customers.

"Listen Faisal you are misunderstanding the situation, we are just here –"

"–on a date" he interrupted

"Dinner" I correct

"I'm not five" he rolled his eyes "It's great how some people show their true colours.. Just great!" He said turning around leaving me standing like a lost puppy

After gaining the courage to meet Ahmad, I walk back to him.

"Are you okay? You've been gone for almost thirty minutes. Gosh do you know how worried I was? I was starting to think something bad happened to you, wait why are your eyes red?" He blabbered.

"It's nothing. I just want to go home, I'm exhausted"

"Yeah let's get you home" he agree paying the bills and we walk to his car, the ride home was boring until the song stitches by Shawn Mendes starts playing:

I thought that I've been hurt before..

But no one's ever left me quite this sore

And all my encounter with Faisal starts replaying in my head.

Your words cut deeper than a knife

Now I need someone to bring me back to life

Got a feeling that I'm going under

But I know that I'll make it out alive

If I quit calling you my lover,

Move on

You watch me bleed until I can't breath

Shaking fighting onto my knees

And know that I'm without your kisses

I'll be needing stitches...

Tripping over myself, aching begging you to come help

And now that I'm without your kisses,

I'll be needing stitches

I didn't know I was crying until I feel Ahmad's thumb on my face wiping away the hot substance.

"Pretty girls don't cry.. They go shopping" he said and I laugh wiping my tears with the back of my hand.

"Thanks for the night, it was amazing" I said getting off.

"Your welcome. Goodnight"

"Goodnight" and with that I enter the house with a smile on my face.

He sure knows how to lighten up ones mood.

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