Loving Ammah

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Chapter 2

Ammah’s POV


I groan as my alarm clock blast in the room.

“Oh Allah na!” I groan as I lazily drag my feet to the bathroom. I take a long hot shower before wearing my blue and white bubu. I pack my hair with my black hair ruffle as i tie my head tie.

Grabbing my white veil, versace handbag and phone. I rush downstairs only to meet Humaira eating a bowl of cereal, Adda admiring her gucci bag and mama reading the news paper.

“mama inna kwana good morning" I greet as I kneel in front of her. She removed her glasses and gave me a warm smile.

“Ammah. Lafia Alhamdulilah, an tashi lafia?”

“Lafia Alhmadulilah. Adda good morning, hummy morn” I chirped

“Morning! I thought you don’t have lectures today?” hummy asked, adda barely spare me a look and i sigh.

“I don’t. I’m going to Safiya’s house.” i said and adda hiss

“That’s your job, going to people’s house. Can’t you stay at your home? Aikin banza!” she scold


What is this woman’s problem?!

Why does she hate me so much?!

I ignore her by walking inside the kitchen. When my eyes landed on the flask of the gruel, I beamed. I let the hot substance roll down my throat as my stomach moan in happiness.

I wash my cup and join the others by the car. Mama drove Humaira to school, adda to work and me at safiya’s.

“I’ll ask abba to pick you up by three, Is that okay?” she asked

“Yes. Bye” I said as I watch her drive to work. Being a doctor isn’t easy. I thought as i entered Safiya’s house, i stop by to greet her step mother aunty Asmau.

“Salamu alaikum” I say as I enter.

“walaikumu salam. Ammah? Long time” she said as she pulled me into a bone crashing hug

“It’s been a long time. Adnan is nowhere to be found” I say looking for her five year old son

“He just went out with Safa” she replied, Safa is safiya’s sister.

“Okay, I’ll take your leave aunty”

“Thank you for stopping by Ammah, greet your mom”

“I will”

I say one last time before walking out. I entered Safiya’s mom side as i walked to safiya’s room.

“Baby girl” I chirped

“Ammah. You scared me to hell!” she said panting and I stick out my tongue for her

“Bestie I’m in trouble. I’m dead meat!” she said closing the door to her room and windows

“mai ya faru (what happened)” I asked concerned

“hmm. Ammah I’m dead. My family will disown me if they find out what happened” she said now crying

“Please baby girl tell me what happened, I’m scared” I plead moving closer to her. She sniffs a few times and gaps for air.

“I haven’t gotten my period for two months” she blurted

“It happens sometimes” I sigh

“It’s not that” she said frustrated “I was worried so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I informed Khalil and he freaked out and said it was my problem, I told him it was our child and we have to deal with this together but he broke up with me and flew out of the country” she said now crying heavily

“So much happened and you didn’t tell me?” I freaked out “shh, everything will be okay?. Have faith in Allah, we will figure it out” I consoled her

“Nothing will be fine Ammah. If my family finds out they will disown and I’ll die of loneliness. I won’t be able to take it”

“Just stop thinking negatively. First we will go meet a doctor so he can give you a checkup. Secondly we will tell someone elderly who can help us and then we will see how things go from there”

“Your a genius!” she said smiling

“I know. now get you lazy butt and car keys we’ve got no time to waste” I said and she roll her eyes. She freshened up and we walk to her car, apparently her mom wasn’t home.

As we reached Garki hospital, a doctor gave Safiya a checkup and confirmed she was pregnant which made her cry more. The doctor prescribed some medicines for her and ordered her to rest cause the first three months of pregnancy is a pain in the ass.

“Thanks for coming over girl-friend. Allah ya barmun ke” Safiya said as ya abba informed me he was here.

“Anytime. Rest and keep the act together, we don’t want anyone to get suspicious”

“Yup. Take care”


I say as I walk outside, ya abba was waiting in the car talking on his phone once again.

“muje ko? Shall we?” he asked when he finished his call

“yes please”

“We are going to take a quick stop at Faisal’s house, I left something in his bag” he said and I nod my head not bothering to ask who the hell Faisal was. He might be his friend.

“What’s up cupcake?” he asked sensing my sadness.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“I promise, what is it?”

“Safiya is pregnant and her boyfriend flew out of the country on hearing this, i don’t know what to do”

“I see” he sigh “she should tell her mom” he suggest

“Are you serious?” I asked

“Yes. If it was you I’m sure mama will be the first you will tell besides she is her mother it’s obvious she will be mad and disappointed but she is still her mom and I’m sure she will figure out a way to get her out of this mess”

“Wow. Thank you so much”

“Your welcome” he said as he drive inside a huge house.

“Wait, this is Dahiru Ringim’s house, what the hell are we doing here?” I asked shocked and he chuckled

“I guess I didn’t tell you Faisal is Dahiru Ringim’s son”

“No way!”

“Yes way. Come on, let’s go in”

“Your kidding”

“Fine, rot here”

“No, I’m coming”

We enter inside to be greeted by the house maid, the house was silent and beautiful. It’s like a palace.

“Dude!” I hear a voice say as my eyes meet an unknown eyes. The guy was wearing a pair of ash sweat pants and blsck t shirt that hugged his torso.

“Maza, yane? How far?” ya abba replied as they did the bro hand shake.

“Lafia fine” he replied as his gaze tirned to me “Hi” he said showing his dimples.

He is so cute!!

“Hello” I casually replied

“This is Ammah, my youngest sister” ya abba said.

“I figured that out. I’m Faisal” he replied

“I guess you already know my name” i said blushing and he smiled. He hand ya abba something in a box and he shoved it in his pocket

“We better get going” ya abba said

“So soon?” Faisal agrued

“We will stop by some other time, mama must be really worried”

“Okay then. Goodbye Ammah” he said as he flashed me a genie smile.

“Bye” I say as we walk out to ya abba’s car.

“...And then she starts blushing” ya abba sing.

Oh Allah na.

I’m in trouble!

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