Loving Ammah

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Chapter 29

Ammah's POV


"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!" Humaira yelled jumping up and down

"OMG! Omg!! Omgg!!" She continued hugging ya Abba.

"You bought me a freaking IPhone X!! Ya Abba your the best" she said holding the phone like a diamond in her hand

"We made a deal" he said grinning and I remember the time he promised her the phone only for her to go to Jos with Faisal and I.

"Abba show Ammah what you've got for us" Yesmin nudged him

"Oh yeah." He said bring out two matching kimono's. It's a customised kimono written behind sisters and the other one written In-laws.

"O Allah! Ya Abba customized kimono's?" I asked shocked wearing the one with in-laws while Yesmin wore the one with sisters.

"I promised" he said smiling

"Thank you so much"

"Your welcome. Now I've got you a gift to celebrate your achievement" he said going through his wallet.

"Enough with the gifts, you've already got a lot lately" I argue and Yesmin and Hummy roll their eyes at me.

"Gifts are never enough!" They both chorus I keep shut if not the next thing you will see will be my corpse.

"Close your eyes and place your hand forward" he command and I did as told, I feel something on my palm and open my eyes at his command.

"What is this?" I asked motioning to the ticket on my hand.

"Free ticket to magic land" he laughed and I frown.

"Thank you but I'm not two"

"Hey age doesn't matter think about the amazing rides there" Humaira defend trying to set up her new phone.

"I was joking. It's a two weeks ticket to London" he said and I instantly freeze, I look at him then the ticket again.

"Ya Allahu! I love you so much" I jumped on him

"I love you more" he replied "but there will be some rules and regulations sweetheart. You will be going abroad for the first time and that too alone woah! I can't wrap this around my head but you deserve it and your meeting up with Afra and Abdalla so all will be good" he said and I grin feeling excited.

"When do I leave?"

"In two days time" he replied

"Omgeee! Ya Abba I still can't believe this, this is so exciting" I said panting heavily.

"Calm down Missy" mama said as she comes inside the living room. "I've never objected to any of Abba's gifts and decisions but my baby is going far away from me and that too for two good weeks. Won't you miss me auta na?"

"Haba mamana. You know I'll miss you so much" I said hugging her and kissing her on her cheek.

"Promise me you will have the best time of your life out there and you'll be safe and take care of yourself" she said

"I promise" I vowed.


Going to London alone for two good weeks, that's something I'll never have imagined yet its what's happening.

"Ammah don't forget to video tape every single place you visit for me" Humaira bugged as I pack my last minute clothes.

"Even the restroom?" I ask in a jokingly manner

"Duh" she said cutting me off guard "what don't you understand by every single place you visit?"

"I'm not a weirdo that I'll be video taping the restroom" I roll my eyes.

"Fine apart from the restrooms"

"I'll try" I sigh finally closing my purple middle size travelling box.

"Yauwa" she grinned happily.

"All ready to go?" Mama asked popping her head inside my room.

"Yeah" I smiled

"Toh zo daki na (come to my room)" she said walking away.

"Get ready for the everyday preaching and rules and regulations" Humaira groan and I smack her on her butt making her yell in pain.

I enter mama's room and seated with her is ya Abba.

"Ammah listen to me very carefully and attentively. In our tradition its not good to let a woman travel alone into a foreign country without her maharam or any relation but since your brother here have already planned everything without even informing me earlier I guess I have no choice but to let you go.

Do not forget to carry your family's name everywhere you go. Do not tarnish your name or our family's name, country or any relation whatsoever.

You know how they live their life there in London is different from ours please my baby do not pick up their negative behaviors. Always remember that if we don't see you Allah (SWT) will definitely see you.

Most importantly have fun and don't forget your staying in the same house with your sister and her husband, dress properly." She concluded and I nod my head.

"Kinji ko? (Have you heard?)"

"Yes" I answered, she hugged me and kiss me before ya Abba starts talking.

After ya Abba's rules and regulations we finally left for the airport. He changed some Nairas into dollars and handed it to me with my boarding pass, ATM card and passport.

In an hour or so we arrived, I hugged ya Abba and Yesmin who escorted him one last time before turning around for the best two weeks of my life.

This is the only way to get my mind off Faisal and our break up.

I am not going to let any boy ruin this trip for me. I vowed with an unsure heart, Ya Allah help me.


Faisal's POV



My one and only baby, gosh I miss her so fucking much. I sleep with her on my mind ever day and wake up with her. I see her face on the maids face and when I realize its the maid I'm hugging I fire them one by one. I miss her scent, her lips, her body, her voice, her tantrums, her hugs, her texts I miss every single thing about her even her tears.

The twins had bugged me one night that they want to go buy this grilled fish from hangout garden so I took them and when they went back to the car to wait for me to pay the bills something caught my eye, Ammah with a guy and I realize its that Ahmad guy her mom wants her to marry.

She was twirling her fork and the way he was looking at her just makes me want to go up to him and punch his face so hard he will never look at anybody's girl ever again. She went inside the restroom and when she came out we met.

I wasn't thinking straight cause after so long she was finally in front of me. I wanted to hug her, kiss her until we both ran out of breath, tell her how much I missed her, tell her I love her so much and I cannot live my life without her but then I said otherwise, I said mean stuffs that annoyed the hell out of her.

I left her alone. Again! And I hate myself for doing that.

"Guess who is homeeee?" Someone said closing my eyes with their small palms.

God Ameera is coming home today.

"Princess" I squealed and she laugh falling into my arms.

"How did you know it was me?" She asked surprised as I tickle her stomach making her laugh.

"How won't I know its you?" I asked and she laugh more. "How was Paris tell me" I urged as she catch her breath.

"Paris was fun, and Disney land. I saw Cinderella, and Elsa they were so nice and I took some pictures. Then we went to the water park. I had so much fun" she talked jumping up and down.

"I'm glad you had fun baby" I kissed her cheek

"Me too. Ya Faisal where is amma? I want to tell her about my trip" she asked and it recall to me Ameera does not know about amma's death. My body stiffen looking at the her as she wait for me to tell her 'she went out', 'she's taking a nap', 'she's in the kitchen' or something but instead I say nothing. I keep staring at her and she ask me the same question over and over again until she starts to cry.

"Tell me where is my amma?" She cried and right on time Abba came in.

"Hey baby! You wanna know where your amma is right?" He asked dropping to one knees so he was her height.

"Yes" she hiccupped

"Okay stop crying first" he said wiping away her tears.

"Your amma went really far away but she will always be in your heart" he said softly and she looked at him with confusion written all over her face.

"But will she be back?" She asked

"Your amma is a strong woman she will surely win the game and come home"


"Yes really. Now stop crying"

"Thank you ya Abba" she giggled kissing his cheek

"Your welcome angel" he replied and she ran off. Abba sigh heavily and turned to face me.

"That was a close one" he said standing up straight "Faisal you've got to get your self together and tell her the truth, she ought to know we can't keep lying" he continued

"Ammah promised she'll take care of Ameera now where is your sister?" I asked

"London" he replied

"What?" I asked surprised

"Yeah, she passed with first class honour so as a gift she is going to London" he explained

"Oh, with who?"

"Alone.. Anyways I'm not here to talk about Ammah" he said trying to change the topic.

"I can't deal with Ameera, Ammah needs to keep her promise"

"But she is not here man"

"Then we will follow her wherever she is"

"Don't tell me your thinking about what I'm thinking your thinking"

"Oh yes I am" I said and he groan.

London here I come.

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