Loving Ammah

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Chapter 30

Ammah's POV


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to London flight 3600 from Nigeria. Enjoy your stay" the air hostess said as we landed

I smiled widely as I inhale the air of London. Feels good to be abroad for the first time, I grinned.

I walked to the arrivals gate after receiving my luggage and look for Adda. She was to pick me from the airport her and Abdalla.

"Ammah!" Someone yelled "over here" the person add and I see Adda waving profusely. I walked to her and gasp when I saw her baby bump.

"What the.." I say staring at her stomach.

"I was going to inform you guys but then I decided on it" she said nervously. "Your gonna be an aunt in eight months" she blushed and I hugged her.

"OmG! Can this trip get any better?" I yelled excited gaining a few attention from people.

"Maybe it can" she grinned as we walk to her car "Abdalla says his apologies since he couldn't come with me to pick you up, something urgent came up at work"

"Its okay I'm just so surprised and overwhelmed I can't believe your pregnant and you didn't tell anyone" I pouted as we got in her car and she drives away from the airport.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know how to tell you guys it felt weird, I mean I'm indirectly telling you guys I had sex" she said and I laugh

"Your married and it's normal"

"It ain't normal to me" she said and I laugh more. "Anyways welcome to London baby" she increased her speed and roll the windows down music blaring our ears.


Adda's house is a three story building and well furnished inside making me excited and eager to see the whole of London.

"This is your room, freshen up and come eat before we plan our adventure" she said showing me a plain white room.

"Kay!" I replied closing the door as she leave. I enter the bathroom and take a long

refreshing shower before changing into my black leggings navy blue t shirt with my cozy furry jacket. I tie my hair in a bun and put on my beanie.

It was snowing as I walk to the kitchen where Adda was drinking slush.

"You look hot surprisingly" she comment and I roll my eyes. I settle on the dinning table in the kitchen and eat while she watch me.

"What?" I asked

"Did you by any chance know your not the only one coming to London for holiday?" She asked


"Apparently Ahmad is coming tomorrow"

"Double what?!"

"And he is staying here"

"Hell triple what?!"

"On then bright side we're gonna have some much fun"

"Again. what?!!!!!!!!" I yelled

"Do not yell" she hissed "my baby is sleeping"

"Sorry but that means I cannot stay here"

"Ammah stop it already"

"I came here to London to escape any boy drama and when the drama is coming to me your telling me to stay?" I cried

"Sweetheart that's not what I mean"

"You know nothing so please stay out of my life. You have no idea how much pain I endure when it comes to boys" I chocked my words out. She slowly walks to me and pulls me into a hug allowing me to cry on her shoulder. After getting myself together she pulls away

"Listen I can't tell Ahmad not to stay here cause this house belongs to his brother" she says softly "And you also can stay here cause its your sister house but if your not comfortable you can stay in a hotel, I'll pay just please don't cry"

"Faisal broke up with me"

"So that's what all this is about" she huffed.

"Go seat on the couch in the living room I'll make coffee and you will tell me everything" she said and I nod my head. We sit sipping coffee and I tell her everything, like literally every single thing.

"Woah! So much happened to my baby sis and no one told me"

"I'm sorry"

"Its okay. Sha I don't see why you cannot date Ahmad when you guys are not together anymore, its stupid."

"I know but I still love Faisal"

"And I know he loves you too he just needs to figure out his self first"

"On the other hand mama wants you to marry Ahmad and you promised to marry whoever she wants you to marry. Are you that stupid?" She asked annoyed

"I can't say no to mama"

"That's how you will ruin your life stupid girl" she hit my head making me groan in pain.

"Tell mama you can't marry him cause you don't want to. I can swear she won't force you into marrying someone you don't like"


"Now do you want to stay here or in a hotel?" She asked with a concerned face.

"Hotel please" I said and she pouted sadly

"Okay fine" she groaned "I was hoping you will stay here though" she said sincerely

"No babe I prefer hotel" I grinned thinking about how much I missed Adda.

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