Loving Ammah

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Chapter 31

Ammah's POV


The next day was pretty much exciting cause I get to see London. I step out from the shower and heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked

"Room service ma'am" a voice replied

"Maybe later please"


The voice replied walking away. I sight heavily as I quickly dress up, yesterday as promised Adda booked for my stay in this hotel inc two streets away from her home.

I grabbed my phone and WhatsApp called Humaira since I haven't bought a sim yet.

"Hey bitch. How's London?" She asked

"London is fine. Inna mama na (where is my mom?)"

"Toh autan mama! (Okay mummy's last born) your momma is in the kitchen making lunch"

"Go give her the phone joorh"

"Naji DanAllah. Anyways send me the pics of adda's house ASAP"

"I will give the phone to mama first"

"Blah blah... Here you go"

"Hello mama"

"Ammah. How are you? Have you reached safely? Have you eaten? How was the trip?" She bombarded me with questions

Oh mother!

"I'm fine mama but I'm missing you so much" I hiccupped, I've never been away from mama for this long.

"I'm missing you too love"

"its just been one day guys, ONE day!" I hear humaira yell and mama scold her for yelling in her ear. I miss them.. God.

"I'll talk to you both later, bye"

"Bye enjoy and behave" mama warned before ending the call. I exhale a deep breath and blink away the tear in my eyes.

I did my makeup and leave for Adda's house. The weather was cold and nice as I hug my jacket close to my body, it has been snowing all night which was pretty cool since I don't get to see snow in Nigeria.

I arrived at Adda's doorstep with the help of the GPS, Alhamdulilah for my phone oo.

I knocked and behold a man wearing a white v-neck t shirt and black sweat pants opened the door. His hair was wet dripping on his forehead as he smirked at me.

"A picture will last better" he said and I instantly feel ashamed for staring at Ahmad too long.

"Haha very funny" I replied sarcastically pushing him and walking inside the house. I removed my jacket and hang in the hanger behind the door.

"Adda" I called

"Kitchen" she replied and I walk to meet her

"Good morning.. Hows my baby doing?" I asked gesturing at her stomach.

"He is doing good" she replied smiling "now eat breakfast and then we will explore London" she said as I drool over the pancakes with syrup, lasagna and coffee with whipped cream.

"Abdalla made the pancakes btw"

"I know you always burn the ones you make" I laugh eating the goodies in front of me. I almost felt bad for eating this cute adorable pancakes, keyword: almost.

"Hmm what smells good in here?" Ahmad asked entering the kitchen, Adda look at me giving me the assuring eyes and I smile.

"Breakfast" she said setting the table for him.

"Hey Ammah"


"You look good" he said and I grin. I'm wearing a black long sleeve body hug t shirt with my matching jeans.

"Thanks. You don't look bad yourself either" I said noticing his hair I dried now

"Says the girl drooling over me before" he muttered and I glared at him.

"Now you both I'll go get ready then we leave for our fun day" Adda said

"We?" I asked

"Yeah Ahmad is going with us" she said smiling "now come I have to fix your makeup" she drag me out of the kitchen to her bedroom.

"Ammah please"

"No. Why do you do this to me?"

"We can't leave him alone that will be rude besides that's what Abdalla agreed to"

"Then you both can go I'm not going"

"Haba Ammah me haka? (What is this?)" she asked and I glared at her

"Just leave me alone"

"Walahi mama ta shagwabaki (mama has pampered you a lot" she said and I stick out my tongue for her.

"Only one person can get some sense into your coconut head" she said grabbing her laptop and I know she is face timing ya Abba. Not even ya Abba can change my mind, Mwahaha! I watched her tell him everything and he sigh looking at me.

"Baby Ammah" he called

"No sweet talk will change my mind so please don't try" I said

"I miss you" he said out of the blue

"I miss you too" I cried

"Don't cry shhh"

"Ya Abbaaaaaa"


"I want to come home"

"Lol" Adda exclaimed "see this girl so if you get married that's how you will cry and say you want to come home after an hour. Lalle Allah ya shirye ki!" she said

"Ya abba talk to her" I pouted

"Afra leave her"

"I'm not holding her ai"

"Please leave the room for us"

"Haan. Abeg this is my room and I want to dress up"

"Afra now" he commanded and she drag her feet out of the room muttering something about me and my house.

"She will never change" he huffed "Ammah listen to me you went to London to have fun but you are there ruining your fun because of a boy? I think I taught you better. Please go and have fun with your sister and don't let anyone ruin your chances of having the best time of your life" he finished and I nod my head cleaning my tears.

"I hate you" I laugh

"And why is that?" He asked with an evil grin hands plopped under his chin.

"Cause you just made me change my mind"

"Aww sweetheart I love you too"

"I love you too a loads" I replied smiling.

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