Loving Ammah

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Chapter 32

Ammah's POV


London eye, big Ben, tower of London, Buckingham palace, tower bridge, British museum, Trafalgar square, river Thames, the shadow, national gallery and finally regents park, yes we've been to all this places in two days and it was amazing, although Ahmad was being annoying but he it was fun to have him around.

"Abdalla I want ice cream" Adda whined as saw an ice cream truck

"No sweetheart its cold" he replied kissing her on her forehead and I pretend to vomit while Ahmad laugh.

"Come on Yaya" he plead to his brother

"Okay fine but this is the last time we are taking ice cream in a cold weather its not safe for our baby" he said and she clap happily like a child, huff she can be such a baby sometimes.

"Ammah do you want one?" Abdalla asked

"No thanks I'm good"

"That's your own me dai I want" she said dragging him with her

"I'll go get some brb" Ahmad inform and I nod my head.

I look around my environment seeing people walk up and down, this place sure is a lively place. Someone bumped into me hitting me on my shoulder and his phone fall on the floor.


Stupid London people typing and walking around and bumping into innocent people like me.

Well serves him right he just broke his iPhone 7.

"Sorry. Shit! fuck, fuck, no!!!" The person cursed picking up his phone. I know that voice.. Inlilahi, Faisal?!!!

"What are you doing here?" I asked out of nowhere, he looked up to me and gasped when he saw me but then immediately smirked.

"Hi baby Ammah" he said as if it was the normal thing to do on earth after seeing your ex girlfriend in London.

"I-- umm-- you... What?" I stammered and he laughed. Ohh could I be anymore embarrassing?

"Stop laughing" I finally mustered the courage to say.

"Okay but your look is to die for right now" he said smiling showing his perfect dimples "I missed you" he said as low as he can.

"I'm sure you did" I replied sarcastically

"I'm serious"

"I've gotta go" I said pushing him away but he held me by my wrist

"Faisal please" I plead closing my eyes as a tear escape my eye.

"I really, really, did miss you. I promise"


"That's all you have to say? 'okay'"

"What the hell do you want me to say Faisal?" I asked through gritted teeth

"That maybe you missed me?" It came out more like a question. I remove his hand from my wrist and faced him, I am done playing games with him.

"Fine here you go, you really want to hear me say those three letter words then I'll say it. I missed you, I missed you so fucking much Mr Faisal Dahiru Ringim! I had sleepless nights just because of you, I cried my eyes out just because of you, I fought with my sister just because of you, I ignored Ahmad just because of you, I almost stopped living just because of you goddammit. I missed you so much you bastard" I yelled holding him tightly by his collar, by now I was crying and have attracted people's attention but I don't care. For once I'm actually pouring out my heart to him and I won't trade this moment for my life.

"I'm so sorry" he whispered and I wipe my tears laughing hysterically.

"I'm done with you Faisal. I came to London to get over your bullshit and guess what I'm over it"

"Ammah no, please don't do this, I need you. I want you back" he plead crying.

"I think its too late for that Mr Dahiru Ringim. If it was the old Ammah who had feelings for you she would have kissed the hell out of you right now but too bad I'm the Ammah that doesn't have even the tiniest bit of feelings for you" I said my chest rising up and down heavily.

"Ammah please....." He plead falling on his knees.

"You should have come a bit earlier Faisal but sorry you've lost such an amazing girl" I said walking away with sparing him a last look.

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