Loving Ammah

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Chapter 33

Ammah's POV


"Hey there. You okay you've been in there for almost four hours" adda said as I step out from the bathroom, I walk to her and hug her so tight

"Ayy so tell me"

"I'm over him" I grinned

"Don't lie to me kiddo"

"I'll make him suffer for leaving me all this days"

"I don't think-"

"I've cried and cried and cried but its enough now"

"Well then I support you in every decision of yours"

"Thank you"

"Hey pretty girl" Ahmad chirped entering the living room with Abdalla behind him, look like they just did some grocery shopping.

"Well they are two pretty girls in the living room who are you referring to?" Adda played batting her eyelashes and he laugh

"Its obviously Ammah babe" her hubby replied and she pouted

"Ouch!" She pretend to be hurt "I don't really care though cause my baby daddy thinks I'm the prettiest girl in the whole universe, koo honey?"

"Yes babe you are" he replied

"Eww. Just stop it already I'm going to puke if you guys keep acting all lovey-dovey." I said walking to the front door.

"I know right, lets go for a walk" Ahmad suggest as we walk outside.

"So who was that guy?" He asked and it recall to me Ahmad doesn't know Faisal.

"Faisal, my ex boyfriend" I simply replied and he ended up with a hmm.

"What does he want?"

"He wants us to get back together"

"Are you?-" he hesitated before continuing "getting back together with him?" I look at him and smile

"Why do you care?"

"Exactly I shouldn't care but then I do" he replied as someone yelled my name and before I could register whose voice that was small set of hands wrap around my legs.

"Ameera? Baby I missed you" I said cupping her in my hands and hugging her tightly.

"I missed you too" she said kissing me on my cheek.

"Aww. When did you come back from Paris?"

"Ummmm. I don't remember" she pouted and I laugh

"Ammah can I ask you something? Promise you will tell me the truth" she said holding her pinky finger in front of me

"I promise" I said as we lock our pinkies together.

"Ameera don't go around running off again when I'm on the phone Okay?" Faisal's voice yelled worried.

"Well maybe you should keep an eye on her and quit using your phone" I fumed with anger "what if she had gotten lost? Or injured?"

"She is fine" he exhaled a deep breath rubbing his forehead.

"Sorry ya Faisal" she apologize in a small voice

"Its okay baby"

"What is it you wanted to ask me?" I asked Ameera diverting my attention from Faisal's carelessness to her.

"Do you know where my amma is?" She asked with tears in her eyes "Ammah please tell me. ya Faisal won't say anything to me when I ask him but ya Abba told me she went really far but she will always be in my heart. Ammah I know you will always tell me the truth so please tell me" she cried and I remember she doesn't know anything about her death. I remember the promise I made to Faisal that I'll take care of Ameera while he take care of the twins.

"Baby stop crying. I'll tell you the truth okay? But first please stop crying" I said dropping her on her feet and bending to her level.

"Okay now tell me"

"Nope" I said popping the p.


"Cause you have to come home with me and I'll tell you everything over cookies and milk and hmm do you know Ahmad over here can bake cake?" I said pointing to Ahmad.

"Really?" she asked her eyes twinkling

"Really. I can even bake a red velvet flavoured cake, chocolate and vanilla flavoured cake" Ahmad said proudly also bending for her height.

"Wow. Then will you like to be my friend ya Ahmad?" She asked

"Yes ya Ameera" he said touching her nose and she giggle. He pick her up and they start talking about different flavours of cake, I turn to see Faisal watching me and I tell Ahmad to go home with Ameera I'll meet them there.

"Thank you" He said

"I promised" I replied coldly

"Ammah please hear me out" he said moving closer to me and I step backwards

"Its not because I promised you I'm acting all nice to Ameera it's because I love her and I've all been like this to her even before we started dating so get that in your thick skull"

"I know you will never hurt her" He said moving closer to me again. I step backwards and hit my back with the slide.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to feel your body close to mine. I miss how the electricity pass through my veins when you touch me" he whispered when his lips was two inch from my face.

"Move back!" I demand yet my voice came out horse. Damn my hormones!

"Ammah I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking straight"

"Faisal step away from me" I said through gritted teeth

"I love you babe" he said and I use all my strength to push him back and slap him on his face.

"Don't fucking come close to me!" I yelled as blood gush from his mouth.

"I deserved that" he said spitting out the blood.

"I didn't mean to do that you just got on my last nerve"

"I'm fine don't worry"

"Please leave me alone" I said walking to Adda's house.

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