Loving Ammah

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Chapter 34

Faisal's POV


I watch as she walk away probably to Afra's house.

Damn she slaps hard. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and groan in pain, my mouth is swollen I need to stop the fucking blood.

I walk back home and Ree opened the door inquiring about my swollen mouth.

"How many times will I tell you not to get into fights but no you won't listen see how swollen your mouth is now" she ranted getting the first aid box while I sit on the couch helplessly.

Ree is the caretaker of our house here in London, its a three story building well furnished by Amma. She is a widow with no children, family or soul. She still believes in love and her husband will come back on day. Little I know about her husband from her is that he is the sweetest man alive, he took care of her with the little he had and could lay down his life for her, he died in a plane crash which left Ree in shock and trauma.

"I love her Ree, so much" I said despite the pain in my mouth.

"I know you do sweetie but you will have to fight for her" she said. I told her everything about me and baby Ammah.

"Even if I keep coming back with swollen mouths?" I joke

"Yes and I will keep scolding you and treating your wound" she laughed

"Thanks. Now I have to go get Ameera"

"Where is she?"

"With Ammah"

"Okay be safe and do not come home with a swollen mouth again"

"No promises my love is a fighter you know" I laughed walking out of the house.

Ammah's POV


"Hmm the cupcakes are really delicious Ahmad. Abdalla how come you don't know how to bake one of this!" Adda said as she sits with her legs opened and the plate of cupcakes in between her legs.

"Cause he took classes after he finished his secondary school before getting admission and I didn't" he replied as he eat one

"Haba adda stop being selfish give us the cupcakes now" I whined and Ameera giggled stuffing the cupcake in her mouth. Adda is refusing to give me and Ahmad the cupcakes to eat because in her words 'it won't be enough cause she is eating for two'

How the heck does that concern me? And how does that allow Abdalla and Ameera to eat?

'Cause they are not mungers like you guys, one is enough for them each'

She had replied. This makes no sense to me.

"No. It's remaining only two. One for me and the other i'm giving Ameera" she replied

"But I baked twenty cupcakes, how on earth did you manage to finish them?" Ahmad said confused as hell

"Cause I'm eating for two how many times I'm I going to tell you two?!" She said clearly pissed.

"Iskancin banza. both you and your child are Mungers." I hissed leaving the room.

I enter the kitchen and lick the bowl then cake mixture was in minutes ago. The door room the kitchen opened and Ameera runs to me and hand me her half eaten cupcake.

"Here Ammah, this is for you" she said her dimples taking their spot on both her cheeks

"Aww baby. You can have it"

"Don't worry. I have another one" she said showing me and I smile taking the cupcake she offered and ate it. Ahhhhhh, delicious.

"Ammah tell me where my amma is, you promised" she said pouting and I carry her up and place her on the counter.

Here we go.

Ya Allah make this easy for me and this little girl. She deserves to know the truth even though she is still young. Its her right.

"Do you know where my daddy is?" I asked in a small voice. Thinking about it, Ameera and I have so much in common.. I have an elder brother who loves me more than anything in the world (just like her), I'm the last born (so is she) let's just come to conclusion, I lost my dad when I was her age and she lost her mom recently.

"Your dad? amma told me he is dead" she said as tears full my eye. Talking about my dad makes me so emotional and realization hits how much I missed him.

"Exactly. When people die where do they go to?"

"They got back to our lord, Allah" she answers smartly.

"Yes baby I know but there is a specific place dead people stay where is that?" I asked and she think for a minute.

"The gremyad"

"Graveyard" I correct.

"Yes, graveyard. Safinat told me they dig a hole and burry them inside"

"Its true. Now you have your answer"


"Sweetheart I just told you" I said as a tear roll down her eye.

"No stop lying to me. My amma is not dead. She is not in the graveyard. No body buried her into the ground. Its a lie. Your a liar!" she cried hitting against my shoulders. I let the tears roll down my eyes too not stopping her from beating me. If that will calm her down then I don't mind her small hand folded into fists and hitting my body.

Ahmad enters the kitchen worriedly and picked her up from the counter as she cry more and more into his grip.

All the memories of when I found out my dad was dead came running into my head. The pain, the hole in my heart, the tears, the yells.. Everything! I run out of the kitchen to adda's room and lock myself in there crying my heart until I fall asleep.


I feel a hand wrap my waist and I opened my eyes to see Ameera cuddled into my chest. Her eyes are swollen and her lips too. the veins in her neck and forehead pop out as she breathe heavily. I kissed her on her forehead and slowly leave the bed making sure I don't wake her up.

I checked the time on my phone and it's nine pm. Great, now I cannot sleep through out the night. I debate on calling Faisal but then again I don't mind if Ameera spends the night with me.

I enter the bathroom and take a quick shower and some pain reliever to lessen my headache then I hop downstairs. Seems like I'm not going back to the hotel room.

"Hey hey" Ahmad grin as I enter the kitchen

"Hey" I replied grabbing a sandwich from the plate of sandwiches in Ahmad's front.

"Thanks for being there for Ameera" I said taking a bite of my snack.

"Oh, its okay, really."

"I don't know what got into me, I just broke down when she really needed me. I was actually thinking about my dad.. and you know the time he left us.. It's just so..-"

"Ammah!" He cut me off and I stare into his eyes. "It's okay" he add and I smile walking closer to him and hugging him so tightly before realising how weird this is then I pull back quickly.

"I'm sorry" I muttered embarrassed and he pull me back into his warm embrace.

"Ammah?!" Faisal whispered disgusted and I quickly pull away from Ahmad watching his knuckles turn white, and his eyes blazing with anger.

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