Loving Ammah

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Chapter 35

Faisal's POV


I was on my way to Afra's house to pick Ameera when my phone buzzed, I didn't bother checking the ID so I just answered.

"Holy shit. Faisal Dahiru you are officially the worst friend in the entire universe" a high pitched voice cursed and I instantly recognize Nina's voice.

"You are in fucking London and you didn't feel the need to inform me. I was just going back home from work when I decided to stop by and greet Ree and she told me your in town"

"I'm sorry" was all I could say.

"Well save that shit for your self jerk. Where are you right now?" She said being Nina.

"I'm close to Starbucks"

"Great, I'll be there in five"


"No buts, wait, I'm coming"

"Ni-" and before I could continue she ended the call. Some things never change. I walk down to Starbucks and decide to wait for her drinking a cup of coffee. After about fifteen minutes she arrived.

"F bear!!!" She literally screamed wrapping her hands around me gaining attention from few costumers.

"You won't stop with the nick name will you?" I rudely shrug her off my body as she sits across me.

"Still rude huh?" She said and I gave her half a smile. I watch as she removed her small waist bag and keep it on the table. She flipped her hair over her shoulders smiling widely.

"I've missed you so much. Wow, look at you, you've grown skinnier" she grinned.

"Me too" I admit ignoring about her 'skinnier' comment.

"What are you doing in London?"

ummm, chasing my ex girlfriend? I don't know dude my life is just so fucked up.

"Visiting" I simply said.

"Well its nice to see you. I heard about amma, sorry about that. How are the twins coping? Ameera? And you?" She asked softly.

"Don't be its not your fault" I said and she smile drinking my coffee and I roll my eyes at her.

"Order your own" I scowled amd she laugh calling the waiter

"How is work?"

"Ahh. Work is great, treating people is now my hobby" she said and I nearly choke.

"What the hell does photography has to do with treating people?"

"I'm not a photographer Faisal" she said in barely a whisper I hardly heard her.


"Dad always wanted me to be a doctor remember?" She said shaking her head and sipping her coffee.

"And you dropped photography because of him?" I asked annoyed. She is a really good photographer.. Or was.

"He is my dad Faisal, I had no option besides if I didn't become a doctor he would have married me off" she said her eyes now glossy.

What the?!

"Shit. I didn't know about all this.. I'm so sorry" I reached over and hold her hand

"Its fine." she smile holding my hand tighter.

"What happened to your dream to travel around the world snapping pictures, capture weddings, events. Keep time going and capture the moment.."

"Its all gone. I flushed it away. Burned everything. And broke my life" she said

"You broke your camera?" I gasped

"Yeah I did" she said grabbing a napkin and dabbing her eyes.

"Nina why?" I literally begged

"Faisal please"

"I'm sorry, it's just so selfish of him not to see your passion and love for photography. I really hope things turned out better"

"Me too. Now enough of me and my boring life.. Lets talk about you and what shit has been going on in your life" she said laughing and immediately I started telling her about Ammah.


Its been a long evening with Nina and I walking around London and talking about life and good times we had. Her phone buzzed around nine something when her mom was asking where the hell she was and then we said goodbyes promising to hang out tomorrow.

I walk to Afra's house and surprisingly the door was open. I heard voices from the kitchen and opened the door to see fucking Ahmad and Ammah hugging each other. What the fucking hell?!

"Ammah?!" I said venom lacing from my voice. she jumped away from him as her gaze was fixed on me.

"Faisal" she said as if confirming if I'm real. Fucking Ahmad walks past me out of the kitchen and it takes every living cell in my body not to fucking rip his skull off his fucking body. Fucking dude!

"Are you okay?" She asked in barely a whisper.

Well I just found fucking Ahmad hugging you so close to his shitty body with your tits pressed to his chest.. Yes I think I'm fine.

"Yeah" I decided to go with that.


"Where is Ameera?"

"Sleeping. I told her about aunty Hawwau"

"How she did take the news?"

"Okay. She cried, like a lot" she said and my heart aches at the thought of my baby sister crying. God I hate it when any of my sisters cry.

"But she will be okay" she assured me.

"Where is she?"

"Upstairs, sleeping"

"Well it's getting late we better leave" I said and she lead me upstairs. Ameera was cuddled on the bed, eyes swollen and lips pink. my heart just feels like its been ripped from my body and shattered into uncountable pieces. She doesn't deserve this. The twins don't deserve this either, neither do I. I pick her up gently and hug her tightly into my body. She stirs a little in my hand then her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and I have this urge to kiss away her confusion but I just can't. I kissed her on her forehead before facing Ammah who was watching awe.

"Thank you for everything. I really appreciate you being here for my sister even though we are not together anymore" I say the last part quietly.

"I told you earlier already" she said angry "I knew Ameera before I started dating you and I love her so much that my heart aches to know she is going through a lot and I'm not able to take all the pain away from her" she said on the verge of crying. "Faisal please don't ever say that, it burns my soul to hear you say that. Just because we are not together any more doesn't mean my love for you or your sisters will change." she continued crying.

Did she just admit she still loves me?

"Come here" I said opening one arm and holding Ameera with the other. She looked at me unsure of what to do "please.." I add and she walks slowly to me and nudge her face in my neck.

God I've missed her so much. She wrap her hands tightly around my torso crying into my chest.

"Don't cry please.. I hate it when you cry, you know that" I whispered into her ear and she sniff pulling away from the hug and wiping her face with the back of her hand.

"Stay for dinner?" She asked

"Some other time, I promise" I vowed. I do not want to meet fucking Ahmad.. Not today at least.

"Okay" she said and we walk downstairs. Luckily no one was there, she escorts me to the door and before I leave she tells me something I didn't expect to hear from her.

"Can I call you.. I mean if that's okay with you.. When you get home.. And you know settle down.." She rambled.

"Yeah, it's fine" I smiled and she smiled back closing the door while I walk home with a grin on my face.

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