Loving Ammah

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Chapter 36

Ammah's POV


"Were homeee" Adda sing

"And we brought pizza" Abdalla add.

"Yey!" I shrieked grabbing the two boxes of pizza from Abdalla while adda put away my clothes.

After Faisal left, adda and Abdalla went to get my stuffs from the hotel and checkout.

We finished eating pizza with cocktails Ahmad made making plans for the next day.

"I'm going for checkup tomorrow, Ammah you wanna escort me?" She asked taking her fifth slice, woah she eats a lot.

"Yeah, I would love to see my little peanut" I purred smiling

"Great then. Ahmad will you like to tag along?"

"Nah, I'm following ya Abdalla to his office apparently I have to learn some things in other to get a good job" he said quoting his hand in the air.

"Okay" she replied

"I'm gonna go to bed, goodnight" I said standing up.

"Goodnight" everyone replied and I walk to my temporary room. I take a quick hot shower and change into my comfy pj's before jumping on the bed. I grab my phone from the night stand and call Faisal. He answered after two rings and his sweet voice full my ear.


"Hi" I replied "how is Ameera? Is she awake yet?"

"Yeah. She woke up, cried, took two scoops of ice cream. Vanilla and strawberry to be precised" he said and we both laughed "then cried again and went back to sleep in my arms" he concluded and I laugh

"Aww. Make sure to give her paracetamol when she wakes up, he head must be throbbing right now"

"Okay. I'll keep that in mind"

"Also recite duas on her and blow it all over her body. Then tug her into your arms and sleep, if she wakes up in the night, pat her hair slowly whispering comforting words in her ear until she falls back asleep" I said my eyes glossy as I remember the time ya abba used to do that you me after baba's death.

"Sure" he replied

"Make sure to tell her it's only a dream"

"I will, thanks for the advice"

"Your welcome"

"Abba told me you passed with first class, congratulations" he said changing the topic

"Thank you. The graduation is in three days when I return to Nigeria"

"Oh that's nice"

"Do you think you can make it?" I asked but then regret it after hearing myself. Oh Gosh, this is so embarrassing.

"That's if you want me to"

"Yes, I do" I said and after few seconds I start laughing.

"What's so funny?" He asked

"I just said I do" I said laughing more

"So?" He asked

"Like I do, you get? I do.. Do!" I said laughing and he join me when he gets the joke.

"Wow I haven't laughed like that in a while" he said catching his breath

"Well you should more often"

"I'm so sorry" he said after moments of silence

"For what?" I asked


"Its okay really"

"You always say that but It's really not okay. I keep messing up and you end up forgiving me. Honestly I don't deserve you" he said I could practically feel him breaking down.

"Faisal" I called out but he didn't reply only his heavy breathing could be heard.

"Baby na" I said softly and I imagine his eyes lite up, dimples taking their position and his smile so wide I fear his face will tear off.

"I love you" I said "please don't ever feel self conscious. We are both equal, no one is higher than the other, everyone is leveled. I really don't know what I did in my life too to deserve you but I'm glad I have you in my life." I said feeling my cheek heat up at our deep conversation. I guess that's what we needed in the first place, communication. We just need to learn how to talk to each other about our problems, feelings and emotions.

"I love you too. I wish things turned out better between us" he said and I smile muttering a 'me too'.

"Well it too late now" he said and all hopes I had we will ever get back together fall to ground and die.

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