Loving Ammah

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Chapter 37

Ammah's POV


"OMG!" I squealed as we watch adda's baby

"Don't forget you are not to tell anyone the baby's sex" she warned and I nod my head watching the baby move in her tummy.

"Well your baby is doing perfectly fine. And boy you've gained weight from the past five days I've met you" the doctor, Sandra laughed.

"Oops!" Adda said twirling her fingers

"Told ya"

"Don't worry, its a good thing." Doctor Sandra said smiling while wiping the substance off adda's stomach.

"Why you change from the hospital gown and I'll get the prescription ready" she said nicely and Adda walk inside the changing room.

I sit on the chair swinging my legs and chatting with Hummy. She was telling me how ya Abba took her to cold stone last week and she and Yasmin went shopping afterwards and that they missed me.

My phone buzzed indicating a message from Faisal. *hey* it said.

A- Hi

F- Are you at home?

A- No, why?

F- it's Ameera.. She..

A- what happened to her? Is she okay?

F- yes, well no. She's been crying that she wants to meet you

A- oh. I'll be home in fifteen minutes.

F- okay. And do you think fucking Ahmad will be home? She's been craving for his cakes.. I even bought her Carlos bakery cakes but she won't have any of it.

A- no, but he'll be back soon. And why the hell are you calling him fucking Ahmad. Godddd!!! Faisaaalll! *face palm emoji*

F- cause I he fucking sucks. *smirking emoji*

A- *roll eyes emoji*

F- *heart emoji*

F- sorry

F- I don't know why I sent that

A- *heart emoji*

And with that I dismiss my phone into my hand bag as adda step out from the room.

"Muje koo? Shall we?" She asked and I nod my head.

She collected her medicines and I tell her about Faisal coming over with Ameera and she shrugged her shoulder off.

"I don't care what you guys do just don't disturb me. I need to sleep" she said as we drive home

"Yeah whatever"

"So what's going on between you and Faisal?" She asked curiously.

"I don't know either. I guess we are just friends for now" I replied. Are we friends? I don't know. Do I even want us to be friends?!

"You can never be friends with the person you once were in love with."

"I know" I sigh "it's just so complicated. I feel like he doesn't want to be with me anymore." I confess

"Have you seen the guy? He sure as hell loves you like I said his he is letting ego get the best of him"

"I guess" I mutter slumping into my seat and closing my eyes clearing not wanting to have this discussion any further.

We get home couple of minutes later and I quickly take a shower and change into sweat pants and Navy blue body hug. I don't know what Ameera even wants to meet me. I thought she was mad at me.

The door bell rings cutting my thoughts off and I open revealing a cute Ameera dressed in pink leggings and white with black hearts top. She pouted and I notice her hair roughly packed.

"Don't comment about her hair, she won't stay still" Faisal said grumpily and I hold back my laughter letting them in.

"Hi Ameera"

"Ammah" she said hugging me and I hugged her back.

"How are you sweetheart?"

"I miss amma" she said and I kissed her on her cheek hugging her closer to my body.

"It will be fine okay?"

"I want to meet daddy" she said and I see Faisal knuckles turn white.

"I told you already goddammit Ameera...." Faisal snapped and I hold up my hand to stop him from continuing.

"Faisal, go wait in the kitchen" I said "pleaseee" I add and he walk away slowly.

"Do you want to meet your daddy?" I asked and she nod her head "then you'll meet him"


"Yes sweetheart. Now watch sofia the first while I go talk to your brother"

"Okay" she agreed while I enter the kitchen

"No. Hell no Ammah, don't even talk to me about whatever the hell you want to talk about. We are not meeting that man and that's final" he snapped

"He is your father" I snap back

"A father can never kill his wife" he said and I gasp

"What?.. What is that suppose to mean?"

"Yes you heard me. Dahiru Ringim killed my mother" he whispered harshly as his eyes turn red.

"Faisal can you even hear your self?" I asked shaking my head. "That is unbelievable and unacceptable" I add

"Follow me" he said leaving the kitchen and banging the door behind him. I drink a cup of water and follow him to the living room where Ameera was sleeping on the couch and Faisal grabbed his jacket and I grabbed mine then we leave the house.

"Where are we going?" I asked as we enter his car but I got no response so I decided to keep quite. After about an hour of driving, I was getting impatient.

"Faisal where are we going?" I gritted my teeth emphasizing on every word I said.

"We are almost there" he said in barely a whisper. His eyes are blazing red and knuckles white, I've never seen him like this. After about ten minutes, he park in a quite, devastated area and got off. I follow him not caring where we are, I know I should be scared but I can't help but feel safe with him.

He walks to stand by the river and he sits on a rock tapping the space in between his leg. I take slow steps to him and sit between his legs, he scoops closer, his manhood brushing me for a second then he adjusts.

"Its time I tell you the whole story" he said as his breath fan my face.

"You don't have to" I said almost brushing his lips with mine, we are so close I could practically feel the electricity passing through our veins.

"No I want to" he said "remember the time I was kidnapped?" He asked and memories flash in my head, I nod my head afraid to speak. "When I came to the hospital and you asked why they kidnapped me and I told you I'll tell you some other time?" He asked and I nod my head remembering every single word he said.

"The day is here. You don't know the real me baby, you only know the Faisal Dahiru people talk about. I want you to know me. I want you to feel my soul and pain. I'm tired of masking my fears and pains. Baby Ammah please promise me something.." He said crying and his tears mix with mine. "Promise me you won't judge me after hearing everything. Promise nothing will change between the two of us, and that your love for me won't change a bit. Don't pity me hell don't even feel sorry for me. Just listen okay.. I need to let it all out. I need to get rid of my stupid ego. Please.. hear me out" he said kissing me on my forehead.

"I promise" I said my voice cracked out from crying.

"Thank you. Hear it goes then................"

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