Loving Ammah

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Chapter 3

“Get out of the way!!” I yelled at ya abba as he stands in front of the TV.

“Ya abba!!” I yelled again but he laughed and spread his arms blocking the TV even more.

I grab the bowl full of popcorn and pour it on his hair.

“looks like someone needs a shower” I said pushing him away from the tv.

“You will pay for this” he threatened and I mocked him in my Falz voice. He walks to his room and I return to watching spongebob.

Call me childish I still love spongebob square pants!

After watching two episodes my phone rings and it was Aminu one of my closest friends.

“Baby Ammah” he chirped

“Aminu kenan” I teased “Egypt is so good that you forgot me”

“Haba Ammah, how can I forget you? You are always in my heart ai” he teased back

“I’ve heard you”


“Okay toh, so how is life?”

“Fine” he replied and we talked for two good hours until I decide to clean up the popcorn I earlier poured on ya abba.

“Ammah, care to make lunch for us” ya abba said as he jogged down the stairs

“Who is us?” i asked curious

“Faisal and I” he replied grabbing the removed and changing the channel.

“Okay but you owe me”

“Whatever he’ll be here soon. Go!”

He ushered me and I walk to the kitchen. I decide to make rice and apple vegetables stir fry with some side snack chickwizz. The door bell rang and I hear the two boys talk between each other while I scooped vanilla and strawberry ice cream into two cups, I finished off with caramel syrup and sprinkles.

I re do my loosened veil wrapped around my head as I lay the dinning table.

“Hi Ammah” Faisal grinned as he saw me

“Hello. Lunch is served” i said

“Finally” ya abba sigh

“You still owe me” i said sticking out my tongue.

“Take a chill pill” he said as the sat down. I helped serve them and sit on the couch to watch ‘me before you’ Oops, I forgot about deserts. I rush to the kitchen and brought out ice creams from the fridge and serve it to them

“Wow Ammah did you cook all this?” Faisal asked

“what happened? You don’t like it?” i asked curiously.

“No. I love it. It’s delicious”

“Thank you”

“Now if you two are done can we please have desert and talk real business” ya abba buzzed in.

“okay achichi (foodie)” Faisal mocked and I chuckle.

Faisal’s POV

I watch as she chuckled and I couldn’t help but smile. At least I made her chuckle. She walks upstairs and we finish the ice cream. It was heaven. Magic. Sweetness. And every other word to describe her cooking. It’s as good as my mom’s cooking.

“Mallam finish this thing or I’ll finish it for you” abba said as I see his bowl by his side. It’s empty. God this man is a munger.

“munger kawai! Please let me enjoy” I said as I eat slowly letting the sweet substance take over my mouth. After I was done we went to his room and I could hear music coming from the opposite door of his room.

“This girl is crazy she won’t even let us talk. I will be right back” abba said as he walked to the room after a while he came back with Ammah behind him she picked his atm card and spin around to leave.

“You won’t know what will hit you” she said looking at abba

“Don’t spend more than twenty thousand” he ordered

“We will see” she said winking and going out. She is so funny.

“Finally we are alone” he sigh

“Baba offered you a job in D and R company” i said

“I’ve already told you, I can’t work in your fathers company” he said frustrated

“Why not?”

“Cause your father has done a lot for me. Paying my education, my transport to London, my food, clothing and allowance. I can’t repay him no matter what i do” he said

“Haba Abba please!”

“Please don’t force me” he said and i sigh giving up

“I’m going for a job interview tomorrow in Kano, I’ve already discussed everything with mama from the interview my uncles will ask for Yesmin’s hand in marriage for me”

“That’s great news. I’m so happy for you”


“Good luck bro”

“Thank you. Now if everything goes as planned we will fix the wedding date..”

“And then my best friend will be a groom!” i complete the sentence for him and he grinned from ear to ear like a fool.

A Big fat fool!

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