Loving Ammah

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Chapter 39

Ammah's POV


"Tsunami the price of wudil" he cries as the words hit me like a thorn on my body. My heart was beating really fast I feared he might hear.

Should I tell him my part of the story?

No way, I can't tell him that I'm related to his kidnapper, the one who murdered his sister.

"But why?" I asked.

Why is he after Faisal and his family?

"He loves Amma but before he could get the chance to propose, Dahiru Ringim did. According to people, he needs physiologist's help. He is suffering of a disease due to drugs he takes. So when amma married HIM, he went mad and all he wanted was to ruin her family. He envies Dahiru Ringim cause he had everything he wanted in life. A beautiful wife, money, status and what not. So when my sister was born, he kidnapped her when she was three weeks old and right in front of amma he killed her...." He takes a deep breath "amma cried, and cried and cried yet nothing can bring back her baby. He swore to never leave Dahiru Ringim have children. Amma moved to a place where Tsunami didn't know about and she gave birth to me there. She brought me up in this really, really small town where I was home schooled and everything but I never knew why she wouldn't let me escape from her eyes. She was afraid I would disappear just like her first child did." he said as I digest the information.

"One night she gave birth to Amnat and Safinat. They were the apple of her eyes even though I was always her favourite cause I was her only boy and the one who brought light into her dark life. When Uncle Yakubu and Dahiru Ringim made sure the world was safe for us to come out, we moved back to Abuja. After some years, I met Abba and we became best friends by then Dahiru Ringim had two more wives who lived in different countries. Amma was heartbroken but I was always there for her, me and the twins occupied her life.

After six years, Ameera came. I was already in London studying, your brother and I to be specific.

I had been kidnapped by Tsunami once in London. He brutally punished me leaving scars and wounds on my body repeating the word 'never' in my head, drugging me and just as he was about to kill me Uncle Yakubu and his team showed up. I was confused, I didn't know who he was or what I did. That's when amma decided that I should know the truth. Life moved on and I met you" he said smiling at me and holding my hands in his.

"You were my Noor. The light in my life. The reason I was happy. The first day I saw you when you and Abba came to my house is one of the best days of my life cause I met an angel. The smile you flashed me God if I was snow I would have melted. The way you stared at the house in awe was a sight I would love to look at forever and ever. Baby girl you are my life, my WORLD! I loved you from the first time I lay my eyes on you. I knew you were the ONE, the ONLY ONE." he finished and that left me in tears.

"Then Tsunami strikes again. He attacked me on our way back from Jos. He demanded money that time and Dahiru Ringim gave him but he promised he will be back. So Uncle Yakubu and Dahiru Ringim decided I leave the country for some time and I went back to the town I grew up in. You know what happened next. " he said and i nod my head.

"But Amma.. That day" I stammer afraid to ask.

"Dahiru Ringim came home that day because one of his sons from one of his wives was kidnapped. He believes amma asked her long lost lover to kidnap his son cause she is jealous of his other wives. Amma argued with him telling him she would never do that but he was so angry that he slapped her and try to beat her. He was ripping things and ruining everything threatening to divorce amma. I reached the living room in time to save my mother and Dahiru Ringim and I had an argument. He said he would disown me if I talk back to him again and I replied by yelling on top of my voice that I didn't even know he still exist cause he was never home unless I was in shit. He left angrily and amma breathing seized and I rushed her to the hospital. She died after five days and Dahiru Ringim killed her. She was murdered. He didn't show for the jana'iza cause he was busy looking for his beloved son to give one shit about his dead wife and heartbroken kids."

"I'm so sorry you had to go through all this alone." I said hugging him

"It's fine really. But Ameera cannot meet him, he doesn't care about her. He doesn't love her. He killed her mother and he didn't care"

"But Faisal she needs someone to take care of her"

"I'm here for her. The twins are here too.. And you"

"You don't understand. You won't always be there, the twins can't live alone with Ameera in that house with no one to look after them. If they are with your dad they would be surrounded by their step siblings and Ameera won't miss amma cause she will receive motherly love from one of your step mothers" I try to reason.

"But I can't live without them and how sure are you one of my stepmothers will accept them and love them?"

"You can't live with them forever Faisal. They will grow up, get married and go to their husband's home one day and you cannot follow them" I chuckled "As for your step mother's, I am ninety nine percent sure one of them will accept and love them"

"I'll have to think this through. I need time"

"Think about it" I said as we stand up.

"I love you baby girl and I'm sure as hell there is no secrets between us now" he said smiling at me and my heart skip a beat.

I have to tell him about Tsunami.

But I'm afraid I'll ruin the moment.

I smile at him as we walk to his car.

Oh Allah help me.

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