Loving Ammah

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Chapter 41

Ammah's POV


"No" I whispered "mama, I can't marry Ahmad" I said and Rihane hissed.

"Iskanci banza! (Exclamation!) What do you mean you can't marry Ahmad?!" She yelled and I pay no heed to her facing mama.

"Mama, I don't want to marry Ahmad. I don't love him more than a friend" I cried falling on my knees.

"Ammah tashi ki tafi. (Stand up and go)" mama spoke like a statue eyes locked on the wall.

"Mama please hear me out, I know I gave you my words but-" she cut me off

"Leave!" She yelled louder and I slowly stand up.

"Go, my dear" aunty Umma said softly and I run out of her room. I bumped into ya Abba who gave me a pitiful smile.

"You knew?" I chocked out

"I'm so sorry, I tried everything in my power to change her mind but she won't budge" he said sadly and I hug him crying. I should be mad at him but I need him and he tried everything he could.

"I'm so sorry baby" he whispered

"I don't want to marry Ahmad"

"You don't have a choice"

"But it's not fair, I'm the one getting married so I'm suppose to have a say in this. Please. Just please let me do what I want just this time" I cried harder

"Stop crying okay. Go and pray to Allah, he will help you through this" he said and I nod my head going to my room. I got a few pity looks as I walk to my room. I enter the bathroom and perform ablution before praying my heart to Allah.

Ya Allah, help me.


"Congratulations baby Ammah!" Faisal said giving me a bouquet of flowers. Today is my graduation ceremony and everyone showed up. The twins, ya Abba, Humaira, Yasmin, Ameera and Khalifa.

"Thank you!" I said smiling brightly and collecting the bouquet. After the ceremony, we snapped pictures and ya Abba's treat, he took us for ice cream.

"Faisal I need to talk to you" I said as everyone gets in the car. we just finished buying our ice cream and on our way home.

"Sure" he said coolly

"Ya Faisal, let's go home. I'm sleepy" Ameera said tugging on his shirt.

"Okay baby. Ammah let's talk later please" he said and I nod my head. Faisal, the twins and Ameera enter their brother's car while the rest and I enter ya abba's car. We bid them adieu and drive home.

"Ammah, mama is calling you" Hummy inform as I just finished taking a shower. I nod my head and put on my long hijab on top of my red towel.

Aunty Umma and her kids left today early in the morning, before leaving she promised to talk to mama about me.

"Assalamu Alaikum" I say entering her room.

"Wa'alaikum Salaam" she answered

"Mama, you sent for me?" I asked

"Yes. Sit down" she said and I sit on the floor by her bed.

"Ammah. I don't know what got in your head when you went to London but wallahi I won't take your shenanigans. I have pampered you all my life because you grew up without a father but now I can see I've given you too much freedom that you have the mouth to say no to my opinion.

Are you not the one that said that you will marry who ever I tell you to marry weeks ago? Na tambaye ki, kuma kin yi shuru. (I'm asking you and your quiet)"

"Yes mama. But mama please hear me out" I said crying.

"Then why are you changing your mind now? Did you meet any boy there in London that changed your head up side down?"

"Mama..." I cried speechless

"Ammah do you want me to tell Ahmad's family that no my daughter won't marry your son because she doesn't feel like and cause problems for your sister's marriage life?" She asked as I hung my head low.

"Ammah, you are going to do as I say. Go and prepare, you are getting married in two months and please don't make this more hard on me than it already is. As you can see I'm very stressed right now" she said and I nod my head slowly standing up.

"Hey, are you okay?" Hummy asked as I enter my room, she was sitting on the bed clearly waiting for me. Her face yelled worried.

"Humaira, I'm getting married" I break down in her hand.


"Where is she?" A voice I know but couldn't recognize asked.

"She is on her bed" Humaira answered.

"Here hold Fahad"

"Aww, he is so cute" Hummy cooed. Who is so cute? And I know that voice. The door to my room opened and I hear someone sigh.

"Best friend" the voice said, Safiya.

"Safiyaaa" I yelled hugging her

"Aww baby."

"When did you come from Jos and where is my baby?"

"I came when Humaira told me how heartbroken you are and Fahad is with Hummy" she explained

"Safiya I'm marrying Ahmad" I said as a tear roll down my cheek.

"But what about Faisal?" She pouted

"I don't know. I haven't even spoke to him yet about all this" and about Tsunami. I want to add but I stop my self, she doesn't know about him and I don't have the energy to narrate the story.

"Shh don't cry. I'm here now, everything will be fine. Now text Faisal and tell him you need to talk to him then freshen up you look sick"

"What will I do without you?" I sigh

"You will die" she joked and I laugh texting Faisal. He text me back almost immediately saying he will come in ten. I quickly throw my self the shower and clean my body. I change into a pair of blue jeans and black top with my polka dots kimono.

"He is here" Safiya inform "Good luck!" She said hugging me.

"Thank you baby girl" I said hugging her back. I walk downstairs were Faisal was seating on the couch, when he saw me his face lit up.

"Hey" he said "you look beautiful"

"Hi, thank you"

"So you wanted to talk. What's up?"

"Can we talk outside"

"Yeah" he said we walked outside. Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. Ya Allah make this easy for me and make Faisal understand everything from my point of view.

"Faisal, I've been keeping a secret from you since the day you told me about your past" I take a deep breath. I notice how he clench and unclench his fist making me more nervous.

"Go on" he barked.

"Tsunami is my uncle" I said and before I can continue I saw blood and Safiya's yelling running to save me.

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