Loving Ammah

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Chapter 42

Ammah's POV


"Ammah. Ina lilahi waina ilaihi rajiun" Safiya yelled. All I saw was blood, I don't know if I'm the one bleeding or him.

"I'm sorry. I know I should have told you earlier but I just couldn't. Please hear me out" I begged

"Tell me every goddamn thing your hiding from me" he growled

"I'm getting married in two months" I hiccupped

"What?" He asked hurt as tears roll down his cheek. "To who?" He whispered

"Ahmad" I breathe and he shake his head moving backwards.

"This is what I get for falling in love. For trusting you. For opening up to you. Ammah this is what you do to me after everything I've done to you. Yes I know I hurt you but I made it up to you and apologized. Baby girl you know I love you, I love you so much please don't do this to me" he literally begged falling on his knees. I close my mouth with my hand crying.

"You want to get married huh? I'll marry you. Right here, right now. Just please don't don't do this to me. I can't bare seeing you with someone"

"It's not me Faisal, please try and understand"

"Who? Abba? I'll talk to him, he is my best friend, he will understand"

"It's not ya Abba"

"Who is it then?"

"Mama" I whispered and he stand up.

"I'll talk to her"

"Faisal please don't. I'm already marrying Ahmad and it's final, they've already fixed the date and nothing you will do can change her mind. Just please leave" I couldn't believe my words.

"You want me to leave?" He asked "To leave like your life?" He asked when I was quiet.

I don't want him to leave.

But I have no choice.

"I'm going to go and talk to mama about us, if you feel like you don't want me in your life anymore then fine, I'll leave" he said walking inside the house leaving me drowning in my thoughts.

"Faisal wait!" I yelled but I'm too late he has already entered mama's room. I followed him inside where he was already talking to mama.

Faisal's POV

To say I'm hurt would be an understatement. First she hid something big from me and secondly she is getting married in two months. And to top it she is marrying fucking Ahmad.

I salamed and entered her mother's room.

"Faisal. I didn't know you were coming. How are you?" She asked

"Mama I'm here to ask you for something that Insha Allah, I'm sure you won't stop me from having it"

"I hope everything is okay. And auzubilahi, why is your knuckle bleeding? I really hope I have what you want"

"Everything is fine. And yes, you have what I want" I said and just in cue Ammah run inside the room breathing heavily.

"Are you okay? What is going on in this house?" Mama asked Ammah. I got on my knees in front of mama and the room goes dead silence.

"Mama.. I'm here to ask for Ammah's hand in marriage. I really, really love her and I'm ready to get married to her right here, right now if that's possible." I said and I hear Ammah intake a sharp breath.

"Toh" mama said then pause for a long time. "I think you are not aware Ammah is getting married in two months" she said and I feel my heart shatter into pieces.

"I am, actually. I think it will be in both me and Ahmad's favour if we let Ammah decide who she wants to marry"

"You both may go now. I need time to decide" she said sternly.

"I hope you make the right decision. I'll be on my way now" I said standing up

"I'll call Ahmad and tell him to come her tomorrow by seven, you do the same too" mama said before I exit her room and I nod my head.

"I'll make you mine forever baby. Just please choose me" I whispered to Ammah and she hugged me.

"Please forgive me" she whispered

"If it's about Tsunami then I've forgiven you"

"What if it's not about Tsunami"

"You know it depends on what you do right?"

"I know" she said kissing me on my cheek and running inside her room.


I have never been more nervous to go to Abba's house than I am today. My palms are sweaty and my heart is beating fast against my rib cage.

What if Ammah doesn't choose me?

No, of course she will. I have faith in her and in our love. I really love Ammah and I can't live my life without her, she has become my life. Without her I'm useless.

"Ya Faisal" Ameera called as she opened her eyes.

"Yes baby" I replied putting on my Rolex watch.

"Where are you going?" She pouted, ever since she learned about amma she hasn't been able to sleep alone so she sleeps with me.

"I'm going to go and bring a wife home"

"Who? Ammah?" She asked excitedly

"Yes, Insha Allah"

"Will she be staying with us?"

"Yeah" I reply.

"Yeyyyy!" She yelled jumping up and down and I laugh at her. I carry her up in my hands and tug her in Amnat's bed telling her to go back to sleep with her sister.

"Where are you going? It's so early" Amnat mumble eyes closed

"I'll be home soon, take care of Ameera" I replied and she nod her head while I leave.

Ya Allah! Help me.

I park in front of Ammah's home at exactly seven on the dot. Humaira let me in and we talk for a while before Ahmad shows up at seven twenty. Is this how you want to marry my baby Ammah by coming late?! Fucking Ahmad. Hummy inform mama that Ahmad has arrived and she comes to the living room.

"Mama, inna kwana (good morning)" we both greet.

"Lafia. Ahmad you are twenty minutes late" mama scold

"I'm sorry, I over slept that's why"

"Please next time, be punctual"

Wait.. Which next time?

"Insha Allah" he replied while I just roll my eyes. He is not even serious, phff. Mama summoned for Ammah and she comes in wearing a long Hijab. Her eyes were swollen as she slowly sits down.

"Ammah, no body is going to force you or tell you who to marry. It's your choice my baby, I know I have been very distant and strict for the past few days and I'm sorry for that, I don't know what entered me. But now you have the right to chose the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's your life. And I'll gladly support and respect your decision" mama said as Ammah cry.

I had this urge to kiss her tears away and hug her telling her it will be okay but I stop myself from doing that. Not in front of her mother.

"Tell me, who do you want?" Mama asked again and she look at me before moving her eyes to Ahmad.

"Please forgive me" she whispered

No. Ammah don't do this to me! To us!

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