Loving Ammah

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Chapter 43

Ammah's POV


"I am so sorry Ahmad" I finally say staring into his eyes. Hurt flick in his eyes before he smile.

"It's okay, really" he lied

"I really hope you forgive and nothing gets awkward between us"

"Yes. Congratulations, I am really happy for you Ammah Rabiu Alkali" he said and I smile at him, he bid us adieu and left.

"So I still haven't heard the name of the man you chose?" Mama teased. She obviously knows it's Faisal.

"Faisal" I whisper shyly. I couldn't bring myself to see his expression so I just hung my head low.

"Alhamdulilah." Mama whispered "Faisal we will be waiting for the kayan lefe (clothes given to bride when getting married) then we will fix the date for the wedding" mama add.

"Can I bring it now?" He asked and mama laughed

"So you've already bought everything?" She asked surprised

"No actually before amma died she bought everything" he whispered his voice cracking.

"Oh. I think you should inform your dad and aunties first" mama suggest and that's when I look up to meet his eyes. He clench and unclench his fists when mama mentioned dad.

"Okay" he replied and I smile at him making him relax a little bit.

"I'll leave you both now" Mama said standing up and leaving.

"Wifey" Faisal teased when mama left the living room.

"Mister we are not yet married" I laughed

"Come here" he said opening his hand and I hugged him.

"I love you" I whisper

"I love you too" he replied "you know for a minute I thought you were gonna choose fucking Ahmad" he said when we break the hug.

"Don't call him fucking Ahmad besides it's you I love not Ahmad"

"Baby I can't wait for you to mine and only mine" he said and I blush

"You selfish human being let me go"

"I can't wait to see our babies. Talking of babies how many do you plan on having?" He continued rambling

"Don't talk about babies with me" I frown

"Why not? Your my fiance I can talk about babies with you. Quick question do you want to live in my home or should I buy a different home for us?" He asked

"Faisal I'll live anywhere as long as your there with me"

"I know but I want you to be comfortable and like everything"

"I will like everything you choose or do"

"Hello lovebirds can you please fill us on what the hell is going on in this house?" Humaira and Safiya asked entering the living room. I jump up and hug the tightly.

"I'm getting married" I squealed

"Aww congratulations" Safiya said

"Are you not the one that said you won't get married and you won't leave your dearest mama?" Humaira mocked and that's when reality hit me.

"I'm getting married" I cried.


"Ya Abba" I cried hugging him "I don't want to get married. I don't want to live mama and you guys" I said in between sobs.

"Hey baby don't cry, your not dying okay? I trust Faisal he will take care of you and are you not the one that was jumping hours ago that you are getting married?"

"But I don't want to get married now. I don't want to leave this house. This is where I grew up, I can't just leave all of a sudden"

"Sweetie life moves on. And trust me marriage is a good thing. Now stop crying and eat" he said

"I'll miss you"

"Ammah we are still in the same country and town" he rolled his eyes.

"Still" I pouted

"Okay fine, I'll miss you too. Now eat" he said feeding me "God, at home I have to feed Yasmin and here I have to feed you? Why are you guys so stubborn" he groaned and I stick out my tongue for him.

"Speaking of Yasmin, how is she?" I asked

"Alhamdulilah." he replied "Did you tell your sister you getting married?" He asked

"No, I forgot." I said sheepishly "and I didn't tell everyone that good news" I add

"Call her and tell her ASAP and let's go and tell everyone the good news" he command

"Yes sir!" I joke and he laugh leaving my room. After what feels like ages adda answered. I told her the good news and she was over the moon, she has already started planning who will do my makeup, dresses and whatnot.

"Relax Adda, it's not like Dangote's daughter is getting married" I rolled my eyes.

"Speaking of Dangote's daughter.. Did you see her dress, Omg I'm so jealous"

"Yeah, yeah, everyone saw the pictures, that wedding is definitely the wedding of the century"

"I know right. Lemme go and start stalking dresses on Instagram, and I'm coming a month to the wedding. Everything has to be perfect"

"Okay, I'm leaving everything in your hands"

"You don't have to say it twice. Now I've gotta go, greet everyone"


"I'll send you pictures of the dresses and you will choose the one you want kay?"

"Kay. Love you"

"Love you too" and with that I hang up. I walk to the living room where everyone was sitting. It's clear that ya Abba have already told them adda is expecting cause Humaira was jumping on the couch and mama was saying Alhamdulilah trying to call probably adda on her phone.

"Ammah we are going to be aunties soon.. Isn't that exciting?" Hummy grinned

"Yes, it is" I replied sitting on the couch and changing the channel to Nickelodeon, thank God they are just starting sponge bob square pants.

"Ammah grow up will you?" Ya abba rolled his eyes

"No. Age doesn't matter when it comes to sponge bob" I said sticking out my tongue. He sake his head sideways and walk to the kitchen.

"Munger!" I yelled loud enough for him to hear

"no more pocket money for you"

"Ah.. You wish"

"Dare me"

"No, I'm fine" I said knowing ya Abba he can do that. The door bell ring and Humaira opened the room and the twins, Khalifa and Ameera enter yelling in joy and jumping on me.

"Ya Allah, you guys want to kill me" I groaned trying to get out of the bear huh

"If we kill you ya Faisal will kill us too" Safinat said as she hugged mama greeting her.

"Sister in law" Amnat said video taping me.

"Kai don't put me on Snapchat" I said closing my face.

"Too late" she said walking to mama.

"Ammahhhh" Ameera squealed

"Ameeraaa" I squealed too

"Is it true your marrying my brother?" She asked and I blush

"Yes she is" Khalifa answered "and i'm so happy for her" he add

"Aww, thank you" I replied

"Don't mention"

"Abeg guys let's go and celebrate" Humaira suggest and we nod our heads turning to face ya Abba.

"Ya Abbaaaaaa!!!" We all yelled giving him our puppy eyes

"Oh come on" he said in frustration and we laugh getting ready.

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