Loving Ammah

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Chapter 44

Faisal's POV


"Faisal.. Dauka wayanan ka kira Baban ka. (Pick this phone and call your dad)" aunty Uwani commanded.

Aunty Uwani is amma's elder sister. She came to Abuja when I informed her about my marriage and she will be staying until after the wedding.

"Toh" I simply answered. After bickering with Aunty Uwani for an hour, I reluctantly pick the phone to call Dahiru Ringim. In her own term, no matter how angry I am, he will always be my father and he has the right to know everything going on in my life.

After two rings he answer.

"Hello, Faisal?" He asked

Who the hell did he expect it to be? It's my phone.

"Umm... I was wondering... Umm.. If you can come home this week. I have something important to tell you" I said nervously.

"Yes, I'll be in Nigeria tomorrow" he said

"Okay" and before he can say anything I end the call.

"Now was that so hard?" Aunty Uwani rolled her eyes.

"Yes, very hard wallahi" I groaned and she laugh.

"DanAllah je ka yi wani abu (Go and do something), I don't have time for you childishness" she said sending me out of her room "hmm, Ammah ta bani tausayi, zata aura yaro (hmm, I pity Ammah, she is marrying a baby)" she joked

"Haba aunty Uwani" I pouted and she laugh

"Go" she said and I leave her room.

Dahiru Ringim's POV

"Where are you going?" Zaynab, my second wife asked.

"So now I have to tell you where I'm going every time I pack my bag?" I asked irritated

"Yes" she answered

"Who the hell is the boss in this house?" I roared and her body flinch. If anyone knows me and can use one word to describe me the word is short tempered.

"Safe trip" she whispered and leave the room. I picked up my phone and asked my PA to book a flight to Nigeria for me.

How am I going to face my kids in Abuja?

After what I did when they lost their mother I deserve the award for the worst father. I didn't attend my wife's janaiza. I wasn't there to look after my kids when they needed me the most. I threatened to disown my kids and I fought with my son. Ya Allah.

"Daddy where are you going?" Anisa, my seven year old daughter asked, she looked so much like Ameera that I fear that they are twins even though Anisa is older than her with two years.

"I'm going to visit your step siblings"

"But.. Daddy we just found Ya Adil, how can you leave?" She asked innocently. Right before Hawwau's death, I had a fight with her accusing her that her long lost lover kidnapped my Adil little did I know he went to Ohio with his friends without informing anyone. Zaynab has given this kids too much freedom.. That they do anything the want not caring about the consequences.

"He is grounded for six months, remember?"

"Oh yes. Daddy can I come with you to see my step siblings?" She asked and before I could reply Zaynab showed up.

"Anisa you talk too much, go to your room and don't come out until I tell you to do so. And you better remove the idea of meeting those cursed children.. Because you will never meet them as long as i am alive. Now go before I beat the hell out of you" she yelled and i watch my daughter cry and run to her room.

"Zaynab enough is enough, I have put up with you for the past sixteen years but now it's enough. She is my daughter and they are her siblings and no matter what you do nothing will change the fact that they share the same father and same blood flows in their veins"

"Don't you there compare my daughter to those animals-" she didn't complete her sentence because I've landed my hand on her cheek.

"Do not raise your voice on me" I barked and carry my luggage leaving the house.

I won't take it lightly with anyone if he insult my kids. My babies.


"Alhaji we are here" the driver informed opening the door for me. I look up at the house were Hawwau and I built so many memories together. The days when Faisal would be running round the house throwing a tantrum that he won't eat food and Hawwau and I would have to run after him like mad people, Or the time the twins would start crying at once in the middle of the night, or when we watch Faisal bid us goodbye before going to London to complete his studies, or when Ameera's first words were ya Faisal instead of Amma or Daddy. Or the time Faisal would beat any guy that made any of his sisters cry, or we will all go to the movie room and watch a movie laughing and arguing who is the best actor. All these memories are the one that I'll cherish forever.

A tear roll down my cheek as I think about Hawwau. Please forgive me for all the troubles I've cause for you. I miss you so much, May Allah reward such a lovely woman. I promise I'll take care of our kids like I would have if I was given another chance with you. Truly you never realize how important something is to you until you lose it.

"Daddyyyy!!" I heard Ameera yell bring me about of my thoughts.

"My baby" I replied as I watch her run to hug me. I picked her up in my hands and hugged her tightly.

"Daddy, I missed you. Where did you go to?" She said as we enter the house.

"I missed you too my princess and it doesn't matter where I went to, all that matters is that i'm back, forever" I kissed her cheek.

"Promise?" She bought out her pinky finger.

My smart princess.

"I promise" we lock pinkies with her and she hugged me again.

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