Loving Ammah

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Chapter 46

Faisal's POV

"Ya Faisal!"

"Ya Faisal!"

"Ya Faisaallll!!" Some one yelled taping me on my cheek.

"Hmm?" I murmured

"Ya Faisal wake up! Daddy is calling you"

"Ameera please let me sleep" I groaned

"But Daddy is calling you"

"Go and tell him I'm sleeping, I'll come when I'm awake"

"But aunty Uwani and the rest of the aunties are here."

"Good for them, now let me sleep"

"Ya Faisal we are going to Ammah's house now, wake up!!" She said and I sit up immediately.

"Wait, Ammah's house?" I asked


"Okay, I'll be there soon, let me take a shower" I said standing up and she run away. I take a quick shower and put on my traditional wear, ash kaftan with matching cap. I almost never wear traditional clothes but since we are going to Ammah's house.. To properly ask for my hand in marriage, I have to dress traditionally. I comb my hair and put the cap.. God! I look weird. I put on my watch and spray my rasasi perfume.

"Ango ya zo fah.." One of my aunties say as I enter the living room. I greet everyone including Dahiru Ringim and they continue to tease me. Ugh.. Annoying people.

"You should be wearing traditional clothes often, you look good" Amnat said straightening my cap.

"Thanks baby sis, but it's uncomfortable honestly"

"Aww look at our handsome brother" Safinat cooed pinching my cheek

"Girl! I'm the elder one here and that hurts" I said and she laughed.

"Faisal call Ammah and tell her we will be coming to bring the kayan lefe tomorrow while you and your father will come today to officially ask for her hand in marriage" Aunty Uwani command

"Yes ma!" I joked going to my room where my phone lay on the bed. I pick up my phone to see ten missed calls. Seven from Ammah and three from Abba. I decide to call back Abba first.

"Hey dude, where have you been?" He asked

"Sleeping.. Then shower.. Then annoying family members teasing me" I said and he laugh

"I saw your missed call at two am, what's up?"

"Oh nothing much. I was having a bad night"

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I'm fine thanks"


"Anyways, I'll talk to you later, besides I'm coming with Dahiru Ringim to officially ask for your sister's hand in marriage"

"Woah. Did you tell Ammah yet?"

"No, I was just going to call her"

"Okay then, see you there" He said and I end the call calling my beautiful fiance.

"Baby na" she said in her sweet melodious voice that melts my heart.

"Baby Ammah" I replied

"How are you?"


"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, but I will still prefer sleeping in your arms"


"I actually called to tell you Dahiru Ringim and I will be coming later in the day and my aunties will bring the kayan lefe tomorrow."

"What? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Ya Allah! I'm still in my pajamas and mama is lazily making pancakes. Humaira is basically having a sleepover with her friends" she panicked

"Calm down babe"

"How the hell can I calm down?"

"Okay we will postpone the date"

"No!" She yells immediately and I smirk

"Well someone is eager to get married huh?" I teased

"I need to go, bye" she said and end the call. I laugh at her and walk to the kitchen to to eat breakfast. I can't wait for the day we will tie our wedding knot.

Ammah's POV


"Safiyaaa!" I yelled hugging her. It's been an hour since I talked to Faisal and we've been running up and down trying to make everything perfect.

"Don't worry baby girl, Safiya is here now" she said throwing her veil and handbag on my bed. She left baby Fahad at home while she came as soon as possible with Safa.

"I'm so damn worried. Have you see our living room? It's a mess, and mama is trying to make snacks while Humaira went to buy drinks apparently we are out of drinks and I don't know what to wear" I freaked out.

"Calm down, I'm here now"

"Faisal is such a big baby, why didn't he tell me earlier"

"Stop complaining and start doing your makeup. Safa will tidy up the living room, I'll find something for you to wear then go and help mama. Everything will go just right"

"Insha Allah" I said as I start doing my makeup. Safiya hand me an ash flowing dress with flowers design all over with a matching ash veil. I even forgot I have this gown. I wear it while the rest take care of things in the kitchen.

I can't believe I'm meeting Dahiru Ringim, thee Dahiru Ringim! La haula! I am so nervous, what if he doesn't like me? Or he doesn't approve of our wedding?!

"Autan mama" a voice said entering my room.

"Ya Abba" I said hugging him


"Do you think he will like me?" I asked nervously

"Who?" He asked confused

"Faisal's dad" I said and he chuckle

"He will Insha Allah."

"Ya Abba.. I'm I crazy for wanting to get married now? I mean I just graduated few days ago and now I'm getting married"

"No your not. Some people get married immediately after secondary school and you like Faisal right?"

"Yes" I blushed and he chuckle.

"Sorry to ruin your aww moment but Ammah your in-law is here" Hummy inform

"Stay calm and don't panic" ya Abba said leaving the room and I bite my lips.

"Ammah, they are asking for you" Safiya said entering my room ten minutes later. I stand up slowly and she give me an assuming nod.

"I'm not trying to scare you or make you more nervous but Faisal's dad name is a man of authority and elegance" she whispered in my ear as we walk downstairs. I shot her the 'that really helped a lot thanks' look and she muttered sorry.

"Ammah is here" mama announced as I look up to see a man dressed in a well tailored white Baban Riga (traditional attire) with a golden Ulysee Nardin wristwatch and his Incan Dessence men perfume filling my nostrils. God!!! He's look yells 'money' and his face yelled 'Let's get over with this, I ain't got time'

"Inna wuni" I greeted squatting down - a sign of respect.

"Lafia" his voice is deep and authoritative sending shivers to my body.

"How are you?" He asked

"Fine, thank you for asking" I said playing with the tip of my veil.

"Have you finished school?"

"Yes, I graduated few days ago"

"What are you planning on doing after marriage?" He asked

"I always dreamt of opening a bakery" I admit shyly.

"Then consider that dreams of your fulfilled" he said and I look up to meet his eyes surprised.

"But.. I-" I stammer and he cut me off

"Anything for my daughter in law. Welcome to the family"

"Thank you" I said shyly and he nod his head in return. After a while of asking me questions about my likes and dislikes. Mama suggest I go and talk with Faisal while they discuss the marriage date and whatnot.

"Baby, Cutie pie, Honey bunny, My one and only love, My other half?" Faisal called holding my hand in his. Ohh God!

only the mere sight of him brings butterflies to my stomach talk less of him calling me this romantic names.

"What is my queen thinking about?"

"Nothing. Now Dahiru Ringim isn't that bad as I expected him to be. Baby na you kind of explained him as if he was a villain from a movie" I giggled

"Oh please.. He was just being nice to you cause he cares so much about his reputation." he scoffed

"Baby he is helping me make my dreams come true even before were married" I pouted

"I didn't know you wanted to open a bakery I could have opened it for you, we don't need his help your husband is quite rich you know?" He said frowning.

"Awwn my jealous fiance" I purred "it's all the same, it's still his money"

"You really have to remind me every time?" he frowned taking a step backwards from me

"I didn't mean in an offensive way" I tried to reason.

"It's a job baa? Don't worry, I'll get one and it won't be any way related to Dahiru Ringim"

"I don't care whether you work for your father or someone all that matters is that I'm here for you and your here for me always"

"I know but this isn't about you only, it's also about me. All my life I've lived on my father's money I think it's time to start making my own money don't you think?"

"Anything you say, I'll respect and support you in anything you do"

"I love you"

"I love you too soon to be hubby" I said kissing him on his cheek.

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