Loving Ammah

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Chapter 47

Ammah's POV


"Ammah! Wakeup you fish" Humaira yelled hitting me with a pillow.

"What?" I snap angrily. I was just having this dream that Faisal came with his dad to ask for my hand in marriage and I said yes and they fixed the wedding date which is third June, two months from now. And his aunties were coming today to bring the kayan lefe but Humaira here just had to ruin the moment.

"Faisal's aunties are coming today to bring the kayan lefe so get you butt up and leave the house" she snap back and I wakeup.

"It's not a dream!!!" I yelled hugging her

"Daman fah. Please go and bath you have to leave this house before ten mama's words not mine"

"Arghhh. I don't want to leave can't I just stay in my room until they leave?" I complained standing up

"No you can't!" Aunty Umma said entering my room.

"Aunty Ummaaaaa. When did you come?" I asked excitedly hugging her

"Just now. Now be fast Ammah, yau naga amarya fah" she said shaking her head sideways pushing me inside the bathroom. I take a bath taking my time despite Amani and Safiya yelling for me to get the hell out of the bathroom.

"Finally, I thought you were giving birth to triplets" Safiya rolled her eyes handing me a black jeans and guess T-shirt with a black kimono.

"Noooo quadruplets" I said sarcastically and she roll her eyes at me.

"Ammah you still haven't left?!" Aunty Umma yelled worriedly. Seriously what's the big deal. Ugh!

"I'm leaving now" I said grumpily dressing up. After that I went downstairs only to find our kitchen loaded with different kind of food. Yesmin served me a plate of samosa, meatpie and sausage roll with a cup of coffee.

"Keh be fast!" one of my aunties say walking inside the kitchen. I quickly eat and went to the kitchen to keep my plate.

"Oh, oh Ammah har yanzu?" aunty Asmau (Safiya's step mother) asked

"Aunty Asmau I'm just leaving now" I said "wait, where I'm I even going?" I asked

"You are coming with me" Khalifa answered entering the kitchen.

"Okay" I said and we leave the house. We enter his car and he starts driving.

"Where are we going Khalifa?" I asked annoyed, we have been driving since.

"You will see" he replied driving.

"Mstew. Don't tell me if you like just wake me up if we are there" I hissed sleeping and he chuckle.


"Ammah. Wakeup. We are here. Look!" Someone yelled and I open my eyes.

"What? Where are we?" I asked

"Airport. Now come he must be waiting" he said dragging me out of the car.

"Why? And who is waiting?"

"Shush. You ask too many questions, you will see" he said as we walk to the arrivals gate. I kept giving Khalifa my dirty glares while he just laughed at me, first they pursue me out of the house and now this guy drove me all the way to the airport to pick someone who is not even here yet.

Maybe it's Adda.. No she is not coming until weeks from now.

"Ahh, he is here" Khalifa said and I look up looking for the person we are here for.


"Love of my life!" A voice said, the guy is wearing a ripped jeans white white T-shirt and shades.

"Ummm..." I stammer giving Khalifa the 'who the hell is he' look.

"Don't tell me you don't recognize me, haba Ammah. Me?!" He said removing his shades and that's when it clicked.

"Aminuuu" I yelled

"Don't Aminu me" he said feigning hurt

"Haba Aminu it's not my fault that I didn't recognize you. Did you look at the mirror today. oshey bad boy. Nagode Aminu my one and only."

"Well that I won't argue with, I know I'm handsome and all but please I'm taken and you are getting married too so bad luck for you" he smirked

"Iyeee who is the lucky girl?"

"Rahma is her name" he said and I awwed.

"Wait what are you doing in Nigeria?"

"I wouldn't miss your wedding in a million years and since you didn't tell me, Khalifa did and we planned everything" he said and I turn to look at him.

"Thank you human bear" I cooed

"Anything for you and gosh your such a baby, did you see the look she was giving me? Allah I was so scared you were gonna murder me" he said and they both laugh at me while I just roll my eyes. We walk to the car all the way from Airport to Cold stone we kept talking about everything and nothing.


Hummy- Ammah!!! La haula. Have you seen your kayan lefe?!!

Hummy- chai! Twelve boxes full to the brim with designer outfits. Channel handbags, Gucci dior and Versace shoes. Channel Burberry hermes and Prada!!!!! God!!!! I'm so jealous your one lucky fish.

Hummy- mama said you should come home

Hummy- dips on the blue channel handbag.

I switch off my phone so I don't have to read Humaira's blabbers. So it's now they want me home?

"Time to go guys" I said to the two boys and we leave Ice cream lab, don't ask how we ended up here. Let's just say we exhausted all our atm cards today.

"Amarya!! Kinyi sa'an miji gaskia" Aunty Maimuna said as we step inside the house.

"Thank you" I blushed. The house was full with aunties talking about how lucky I am and that Faisal's family are nice and whatnot.

"Aunty Amarya, oyoyo" Adnan hug me. So now he can talk well.

"Oyoyo Adnan" I said hugging him back.

"Amarya go to your mother's room she is calling you" Safa informed as she collect Adnan. I walk to mama's room where boxes were stored in one place and she was sitting with aunty Umma, Safiya, Yesmin, Hummy, and some of my aunties and cousins.

"Amarya my best friend" Safiya cooed breast feeding Fahad.

"Hey Ummu Fahad" I said kissing his forehead.

"Mama can I open the boxes now for Ammah to see?" Humaira asked excitedly

"Yes, go ahead" mama said as she continue to talk with the rest of my aunties. Humaira opened the boxes and kept showing me this handbag, that handbag, this jewelry, that jewelry. Shoes, laces, perfumes, watches etc. They were all beautiful but I was really exhausted from watching and saying aww, it's nice.

After we were done watching, we went back to my room where Yesmin being the sweetheart she was bought me fried basmatic with kidney sauce and Soda.

"Aww thank you sister in law"

"Your welcome, besides I'm in charge of your health"

"In that case I love being a bride"

"Fish" guess who, Humaira said.

"Keh I swear to God I'm going to beat you, I'm elder than you fah" I said rolling my eyes

"That's only if you can catch me" she said sticking out her tongue for me running and I run after her round the house.

"Aye! Amarya do you want to break your legs?" Someone yelled and I ignored the person following her. Oh she is dead pork when I catch her!


I hope you guys remember Aminu?

Don't you guys just love Nigerian weddings?πŸ˜₯πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸŒΉβ€β€β€ I do!!!! vote, comment and share😘

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