Loving Ammah

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Chapter 48

Ammah's POV


Three weeks has passed in a blur with Aunty Umma and mama with the rest of my aunties going gaga shopping like crazy.

Adda branched to Dubai on her way to Nigeria to buy some furniture and kitchen wares. They had bugged me asking which colour I want my kitchen to be, my living room and bed room.

"Ammah wakeup Aaliya will be here in ten minutes" Humaira said and I lazily wake up. Aaliya is a woman who came from Bauchi last week for my skin treatment. Geyran jiki, they call it. After the treatment session which takes place for two hours, my body becomes soft as a baby's butt and I seem to glow more and more everyday. I really like the geyran jiki session cause Aaliya is so fun to work with even though she is a talkative.

"Hello Amarya" Yesmin said as she enters my room with a plate of delicious pancakes with blueberry syrup. A look at her you will know she is pregnant cause she glows even though she kind of looks pale and is always throwing up.

"Hey sister in law" I chirped

"Eat fast before Aaliya shows up" she said giving me the plate.

"Too late, I'm here" a voice said and Aaliya entered

"Haba give our amarya some minutes to eat we don't want her to fall sick"

"Only if you insist darling Yesmin" she said while I dig on the amazing creations in my front. After making sure I cleared my plate, Aaliya began her magic chattering away.

"Ayyah Ammah this is our last geyran jiki, I'll miss you" Aaliya said

"I'll miss you too, but you have to attend all my wedding events"

"I wish I can but I'll be going back to Bauchi tomorrow, another bride is waiting for me" she pouted

"Haba Aaliya manaaa" I whined

"I am sorry but I wish you a very happied marriage life in advance"

"Thank you" I replied as she continue her job.


"Amarya kinsha kamshi!" Aunty Umma said as she enter my room. Today is my bridal shower and I was dressed in a pink heavy embroidery dress with a gold head gear, Binta's touch has just finished dolling my face up and she left few minutes ago telling me to have fun.

"Thank you my dearest aunty Umma" I said hugging her. My friends were dressed in a maroon fitted gown as we enter the car taking us to the hall the event will take place. Adda and Safiya were in charge of the bridals shower and I can't wait to see what they had planned.

As we step out from the car Gorge Okoro started capturing the moment. We walk inside the hall were I saw a huge three stepped cake in bold written 'Soon to be Mrs Faisal' another was written, I'm getting married while the last cake was written I'm leaving home.

The last cake made me emotional that I didn't know when I started crying and clutching onto Adda with her big bump getting in the way.

"Hey what's wrong?" She asked

"The last cake" I said and she looked at it and frown.

"Don't cry baby sis, you will spoil your makeup and about the cake I'll throw it in the dustbin no worries" she said

"No don't throw it, we will use it for cake fight after the pictures session and dancing" Humaira smirked and I chuckle. Amnat touch my makeup. Yes the twins decide they will attend the wedding from both sides.

"Okay now enough of crying more smiling" Gorge Okoro said handing me the banner that says bride to be. while my friends carry random banners.

Amnat carried the one that said, I'm next and I laugh. Her brother is not letting her date talking of getting married any time soon. After taking pictures we dance and dance until we got tired and ate before having the cake fight as Hummy predicted.


"Ammah. Which kind of bride sleeps up till two o'clock. Wakeup!!!!" Adda yelled banging inside my room. Yesterday we didn't come home until 3am and before we slept it took us one and a half hour to settle into bed.

"Five more minute, pleaseee" I groaned sinking into my bedcover.

"No. The makeup artist is already here, will you stand up or should I get mama?"

"No, I'm up" I said "what event are we having today seff?" I asked and she shake her head.

"Ya Allahu. you don't even know"

"If you won't tell me shikenan, me I'm tired of all this events I just want to get married and be with the love of my life" I said angrily.

"Iyee su love of your life manya. Today is your kamu \ sakun lale (putting of henna)" she said as I entered my bathroom. I take a long refreshing shower with the soaps Aaliya gave me as a wedding present. It smells so nice of strawberry and almonds and it makes my body so soft.

I step out from the bathroom and change into a green and cream asobi. the make up artist dolled my face up and tied my green beading head tie. I wear my high heeled cream shoes and put my green beading shawl on my shoulder.

"Amaryan Nigeria (Nigerian brides) Keenan, kun iya African time (you guys know how to do African time)" Aunty Asmau complained entering my room. "The event is suppose to start by three and now it's to five." she add and I pout.

"Aye it's not my fault, if I dress anyhow you guys will scold me, if I take my time you will also scold me. Me I'm tired gaskia, this events are not necessary fah, I just want a simple wedding but no you guys want a grand wedding cause I'm mama's auta. I just want to be with my Faisal soon, and I'm tired of dressing up and taking pictures and smiling. Ughhh" I complained as I cry and she hug me.

"Kai Ammah don't spoil your makeup. It's the wedding jitters, I get it. besides you know it has to be a grand wedding cause you are mama's auta, the apple of her eyes, the key to her heart. Did you see her go overboard during Afra or Abba's wedding? No but she is going gaga over your wedding cause you are her last born and she loves you so much, more than the rest. And about wanting to get married to Faisal baby you have the rest of your life with him what's the rush?" She chuckled and I smile.

"I know mama is doing this cause she loves me dearly but I think all this is too much and I'm tired, I wanna sleep"

"Silly girl, people are excited to get married and here you are complaining cause you wanna sleep. Touch your makeup and let's go, Abba is waiting outside to take us to the event, your friends are waiting downstairs while everyone has left already"

"Okay" I simply replied doing as told. My friends are dressed in a matching atampha and they all look breathtaking. We arrive at the garden the event was holding and ya Abba left cause this is an all girls event.

"Finally your here" Adda sigh as she informs the MC. He makes announcement that the bride has arrived and asked the DJ to give us a song to welcome us. My friends open the floor by dancing and I follow behind walking slowly. Godddd why are all eyes on me?!

After dancing the henna artist started designing my palms as everyone eats food.

"What is the name of the groom" Halima, the henna artist asked

"Faisal" I replied and my silly friends awwed and she writes his name on my palm. After the henna dries, we dance and eat and dance, dance and dance.

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